Tony Petrello Shows Application For Nabors Industries Workers Helping Out With Hurricane Harvey

The city of Houston has a long road ahead of itself coming out of the damage of hurricane Harvey with not only the billions of dollars in property destroyed, but also in the effects it’s had on residents. But helping the city on the road to recovery are several companies and their leaders including Nabors Industries and CEO Tony Petrello. Petrello gave over $170,000 matching a fundraiser to help areas that were hit by the storm, and the company’s employees also went out to help with repairs. Petrello even decided to give them compensation for volunteering in the field as well as time to make sure their own homes were alright. A kitchen was even open to cook hot meals for those without power.

Tony Petrello has been leading Nabors Industries in investment strategies and mergers and acquisitions deals since taking over as CEO in 2011. The company has the world’s largest oil drilling land rig fleet and holds a large quantity of offshore modular drilling stations. They also own two advanced M-800 and M-1000 automated rig sets and Petrello has also led a merger with Tesco Corporation which resulted in more rigs now incorporated in the Nabors portfolio.

Tony Petrello was made chief operating officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. Before that he was an attorney who practiced corporate law at Baker & McKenzie for 13 years and was also managing partner of the firm for six years. He studied law at Harvard where he received his JD. Prior to that he graduated with honors with both a BS and a master’s in advanced mathematics from Yale. While attending Yale, he was a top student of mathematics professor Serge Lange. Tony Petrello has several other positions on boards including being a board member of Stewart & Stevenson, Hillcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurology center.

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