Zeco Auriemo: Growing Brazil’s JHSF Participacoes

Zeco Auriemo is the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. This company is the premier real estate development company in Brazil. As the head of the company, Auriemo oversees the development of the company’s operations in hotels, office buildings, and other public developments. He is the one who introduced retail trading in the company. The company has now partnered with top luxury brands in the world such as Valentino, to open stores in the malls they are constructing. Some of the largest projects they have completed include Ponta Negra shopping center located in Manaus, Cidade Jardin Shopping complex and Salvador’s Bela Vista. It is through the visionary leadership and good management skills of Zeco Auriemo that this company has grown rapidly in the past few decades.

Zeco Auriemo joined in 1993 after he graduated from the University. Through his innovativeness and hard work, he created a company known as Parkbem, a parking lot management services provider. One year after creating the service company, Zeco Auriemo got the rights to construct the first shopping complex. The Shopping Santa Cruz was created. After building the first mall, the transformation that took place in the company was huge. More projects were initiated, and the company kept on growing.

Zeco Auriemo introduced the company to Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and other luxury brands. He has collaborated with other luxury brands like Valentino to boost the revenue for the company. It is under his leadership that the company has beaten all other companies in the country to become a leader in embracing sustainability. It has even been recognized for supporting environmental protection in the country. Through the efforts he has applied in running this company, he has also placed himself in a better position to be leading the real estate development industry in the country. His performance as a leader is something to be proud of, check http://www.zeronaldo.com/2017/mariana-e-zeco-auriemo-armam-jantar-chique-para-o-italiano-edoardo-caovilla/.


Krishen Iyer Supports Local Businesses with New Marketing Strategies

Krishen Iyer, founder of Managed Benefit Services, has successfully made a name for himself in both the local and national scene as one of the leading marketing professionals for both the dental and insurance markets. This San Diego State University Alum has taken the local lead generation market by storm by assisting local Carlsbad companies in their endeavors to building a broader audience base and by engaging consumers through his “out of the box” strategies that have proven themselves successful time and time again.


With broad goals of expanding into future niches such as investments, property and consulting, Iyer, two has owned two very successful businesses prior to Managed Benefit Services, has extensive experience that has allowed him to become one of the most insightful minds in marketing to date. His firm passion for the businesses in Carlsbad has made Krishen Iyer not only a well-known name, but one that is well trusted by start-up and well-established businesses alike.


Krishen Iyer has had a proven track record in both consulting and marketing services, assisting both dental and insurance companies in securing new business clientele, allowing them to grow despite economies that seem less than fruitful at the time. As not only an avid personal athlete, but a professional networker, Krishen Iyer is a knock-out for winning over the consumer market through his ability in print and social media techniques.


Iyer is quickly becoming a household name among professionals seeking to expand their markets. His client relations policy is based on finding the best strategy for success for each individual company in Carlsbad and then expanding into regional markets. His ability for technical development and internet-based strategies has secured his name into the top ranking marketing professionals in the state.

Why Equities Holdings Performs Well With Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has gained much notoriety by helping individuals and businesses reach financial goals with stock-based loans and financial advice. Helping people has been a part of the EFH’s mission since its’ start in 2012. EFH makes an assessment of a stock’s value before they determine if the stock can be used as collateral or not. For EFH’s 15-year anniversary, they announced the generation of $1 billion in customers’ transactions over four years.

EFH’s London office completed nearly 700 transactions. The transactions are factor that influenced the expansion to China and Australia. There are more people in different markets that will have stock-based loans available for them. A good example of a stock-based loan is EFH’s second ever loan repayment. CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) Joel Leonoff had a stock-based loan agreement that lasted for three years. At the end of the loan, Leonoff received over 9 million shares .

For details: www.crunchbase.com/organization/equities-first-usa

A Passionate and Compassionate Plastic Surgeon

I have been debating for quite sometime on getting plastic surgery done on my body. Specifically, a Brazilian butt lift. I talked with many of my friends who have undergone the procedure and Dr. Sameer Jejurikar came highly recommended. I went online to do some research on my own about Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and found many positive reviews.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. He focuses on plastic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body and breast. He has extensive knowledge and experience in plastic surgery. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in Dallas, Texas including Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has a diploma from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and received his degree at the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been in practice from eleven to twenty years. His practice is located at 9101 N. Central Expwy. Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75231, and accepts several types of health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield to CIGNA and Great West. They have four fully accredited operating rooms and a hotel to allow patients to recover with a nurse. Many patients are from Dallas, however, there are patients also coming in from all across the country and the world. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is passionate at what he does, and finds satisfaction in providing his services to his patients. He is compassionate forming a deep relationship with his patients. He was honored with the prestigious certificate for the Most Compassionate Doctor in 2012 by Patients’ Choice. Dr. Jejurika also maintains a blog to keep patients up-to-date on news and technology involving plastic surgery.

Moving Up with Upwork

The Best of Upwork

Upwork is a company that was created by an individual who had an innovative idea. Stratis Karamanlakis wanted to be able to create a platform for clients and freelancers to connect. This would be the place where individuals who need a specific service can go in order to find a qualified professional. Upwork is a platform that has allowed millions of individuals to find work on the web . Altogether, Upwork has over 14 million Users in almost 200 countries. This is a company that was created in the late 1990s, and it’s first name was Odesk. Later on, the company changed its name to Upwork, and it continued to grow.

The Latest on Upwork

A recent article by patch.com wrote about the latest advancements in the company. Upwork is now being traded publicly on the NASDAQ. This is an exciting development for this relatively new company. By going public, Upwork is able to continue in its trajectory of success. UPwork is now the largest forum for skilled workers and clients. A client can find anything from an interpreter to a marketing specialist. Upwork has been able to generate over 2 million projects since its inception, and it has made a total of 1.56 billion in sales. Upwork is a company that is completely reliant on freelancers. If the freelancers are not working, then Upwork makes no revenue.

What Upwork Has Coming Up

Upwork has had tremendous growth in the last few years. This growth has shown the potential of the company. Upwork now gives clients, freelancers, and Millions of people are making the shift to work that can be done at home. This is a shift that is only going to grow with time. Since that is the case, Upwork is a platform that is here to stay.

Organo Gold- Helping People to Find Health and Balance

Each year millions of dollars are made selling coffee, the second most popular beverage in the world. There is lots of competition in this space, but few companies have maintained the level of success that Organo Gold has. Created in 2008 by Bernardo T. Chua, Organo Gold is considered an innovator in its space. The company is on a mission to produce products that promote health, balance and well being. With more than a decade in the industry, Organo Gold is impacting the health of the entire world.

Bernardo T. Chua cofounded Organo Gold along with Shane Morand. The two supervise the company’s platform. They use the multimultilevel marketing structure to sell their products through various distributers. They have a number of independent distributors all over the world. Currently the company sells its products in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Jamaica. They have had success selling coffee, personal care products and body management products.

Organo products are mostly centered around ganoderma, a mushroom that is made into a traditional Asian herb. Ganoderma, also known as reishi, is believed to help low cholesterol and also has antiviral qualities. This makes Organo Gold’s coffee healthier than most other coffee’s currently on the market. Outside of coffee, Organo also produces green tea, black tea and hot chocolate, all of which are ganoderma-blended. Their personal product products included premium soap and toothpaste.

Organo Gold has achieved great success. In 2010 they made an estimated thirty-five million dollars in revenue. They continue to sell products across the globe. With a passion for helping others and with a group of employees committed to the company and its values, Organo Gold appears set for much success in the future. Click here

Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto Lead Other InnovaCare Health Employees To Bring Smiles On Clients’ Faces

By now, many people know Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto. These are two senior employees at InnovaCare Health. Since their joining the company in 2015 and 2012 respectively, the two have made InnovaCare Health the number one in the whole of North America. What is behind their success?




Rick Shinto




Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in 2012. Before joining the company, Rick had worked for several healthcare facilities serving in different capacities. He started as an internist and pulmonologist. He later served as a management staff and as a CEO of a company before the company was sold. After his first job, Rick moved on to become a medical management vice president with MedPartners and Cal Optimal Health Plan’s Senior Medical Officer at the company’s headquarters in Orange County. Rick Shinto has also worked for other companies including Pathways Management Company, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc. where he held the positions of CMO and Operations Manager, Senior Medical Management Officer, and the Chief Executive Officer respectively. Check out manta.com





Shortly before joining InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto held the position of the Chief Executive Officer for Aveta Inc. He was the CEO for two years before the company was sold in 2012. After the sale of the company, Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health. A few months after joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was named the 2012 Entrepreneur of The Year for his innovation of medical programs that brought tremendous changes in InnovaCare Health.




Penelope Kokkinides




Penelope Kokkinides is the second person that has created a mark for InnovaCare Health. Her experience dates back 20 years, all spent in the medical field especially in clinical programs that have benefitted many people over the years. Penelope Kokkinides has worked on various projects such as government programs, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. Some of the healthcare companies Penelope Kokkinides include TouchStone Health as the company’s Operations Head, Centerlight HealthCare where she held the position of a Chief Management Officer and as the Corporate Vice President in charge of the Management of Care and Disease among other companies. It should be remembered that this is the second time Penelope Kokkinides is working at InnovaCare Health. Today, Ms. Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer, a position she has held since her second entry in 2015. Check out ziprecruiter.com





The two officers have made InnovaCare Health the leader in healthcare throughout the North America. The company focuses on its two main branches, the Medicare Advantage Programs and the Provider Networks. Currently, InnovaCare Health has over 200,000 registered clients. The company is committed to increasing its PMC Medicare Choice and the MMM Healthcare.


Click here: https://hired.com/company/innovacare-health



Dick and Betsy DeVos

The DeVos are popularly known for their push for institution and policy change, especially in education and labor. They are major funders of Republican politics and are strong advocates of school-choice policies.

Dick DeVos is the oldest son of Amway co-founder, Rich DeVos, chief executive of The Windquest Group and an experienced pilot. Betsy DeVos is widely known for her push for the adoption of charter schools, and through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they have both contributed to education initiatives by funding programs and offering scholarships to charter schools. Michigan remembers Dick for promoting the 2012 state law on labor that disbanded union membership as a mandatory requirement for employment.

The effect on their community, through their family foundation, has reached great lengths. Over the last two decades, the foundation has funded initiatives in leadership, culture, health, human services, churches and education transformation to the tune of $138.7 million. They are credited as major contributors, in the building of a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids under the Spectrum Health System where Dick DeVos is chairman of spectrum’s corporate board.

The DeVos’ legacy has revolved around education reform, and they founded the Great Lakes Education Project to push for school choice initiatives. Dick DeVos co-founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, alongside his wife, Betsy, highlighting their commitment towards championing ideologies in education, specifically the embracing of charter schools. The academy is at the Grand Rapids International Airport, where Dick DeVos is recognized for turning around fortunes of the airport and spurring economic growth of the region. Because of his efforts, he was appointed a member of the Federal Aviation Authority Management Advisory Council.

The DeVos’ push for education reforms hit a rock in 2000 when a constitutional amendment to allow public funds to sponsor students attending charter schools was defeated at the ballot. Their advocacy, however, continued to gain momentum in other states and later saw adoption in twenty-four other states. Dick DeVos, on his part, has experienced some personal defeats having lost the governor’s election to Jennifer Granholm in 2006.

Ideologies that the DeVos advocate for are unpopular with a section of the public and this came to haunt Betsy DeVos during her appointment as the Education Secretary. Her approval at the Senate was closely contested because of her stand on charter school initiatives and their effect on traditional public schools. This is despite President Trump saying that it was one of the motivations behind her appointment.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

OSI Group expansion plans in the past three years

OSI Group, the leading food production company in the world is trying as much as possible to bring order in the good business by ensuring that everyone around the world has access to quality food. The role of this company for the past one century has been to serve the customers, and they have done it perfectly. At no point has this company failed to deliver to the people no matter what. The company has consistently worked on developing processed foods which are affordable and which meet the taste and preferences of the customers. The company is working on taking their food products to all countries around the globe. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

Local expansion

OSI Group has been expanding over the years, and that is the reason that they are in 17 counties. However, even as they expand to more countries around the globe, there has been a concentration on the internal market. The company has been doing very well in trying to come up with a plan that will see their customers in North America benefit from their products. To ensure that there is sufficient food products for this market, the company has purchased a production plant that was previously owned by Tyson Foods with the aim of using it to produce more and deliver more to clients in North America.

International Growth

OSI Group has also been working on international expansion. In the past three years, OSI has made two significant acquisitions in Europe. They have acquired Baho Foods and another company known as Flagship Europe. The two companies will assist OSI in expanding its influence in Europe. The acquisition took place in 2016 and has kept the company in the line of productivity. The company now enjoys many customers from Europe than it used to be before. The other companies have also benefited from the resources shared by OSI.

Expansion of existing facilities

OSI Group has made another significant decision in growing its operations further. It has expanded its facility in Toledo, Spain with the aim of meeting the demand of the consumers. There is a double production of chicken products in this company following the expansion. The company aims to ensure that there is sufficient products in the market to meet the increasing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. In the past one decade, there has been a significant increase in demand for chicken products. The percent increase now stands at eight percent.

To know more click: here.

Neurocore Enhances Brain Mapping with Biofeedback in Their Breakthrough Brain Training Programs

In the past couple of decades a lot of research has been done on the connection between a person’s brain and their emotional state. An article online highlighted some aspects associated with the discovery of electronic brain waves, which actually dates back to more than a century ago. The most common method used to map the electrical activity of the brain is the EEG. The progress researchers have made in this particular field have helped organizations such as Neurocore find better ways to treat conditions involving mental health.

EEG technology is able to pick up the electrical impulses running through the brain in a manner that allows medical professionals to see how this activity changes when a person’s focus is altered. This process was originally designed to help in the detection of epilepsy. A significant advancement in EEG technology took place when a man named Hans Berger decided to use his son as a test subject in neurology. The observations he recorded subsequently led him to publish the first work in the use of EEG technology as it related to neurophysiology.

Neurocore Brain Training centers have taken the method of brain mapping and combined it with the self-training method of biofeedback. This combined process is referred to as neurofeedback. This process allows their team of specialists to assist patients in learning how to control basic bodily functions such as blood pressure and heart rate. It has also been used to improve the performance of memory and allow for a better night’s sleep. On a deeper level, neurofeedback is used to help patients improve their attention in order to control or overcome life impairing conditions such as anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Neurocore offers two brain training programs. Their core program enhances the natural abilities of the brain to help it become stronger. Utilizing the newest technology this type of training is used to help patients overcome migraines, improve poor memory and decrease anxiety. They also offer a memory boot camp program specifically designed to target the process of memory loss due to aging. This program utilizes cognitive training exercises on a one to one level in a relaxed environment.