Michael Zomber Is A Japanese Antique Expert

Japan has a rich and honorable culture. Many people around the world have been thrilled to learn about the many varied aspects of Japanese culture. The culture of Japan is one that extends back many centuries. Since the opening of Japan to westerners in the mid-eighteenth century, many people have studied it in great detail. One of the foremost experts on Japanese armor and Samurai swords is Michael Zomber. Zomber has long been considered an expert in this field that many people have turned to for help in figuring out how to add to an existing collection or start one of their own.

His History and His Passion

Zomber has long been a fan of this culture. To that end, he has spent many years visiting many areas of Japan and speaking with local experts about all aspects of Japanese Samurai culture. He has a passion for this subject for many reasons. Like so many others, he has come to admire the skilled craft that goes into the making of such objects. His passion was sparked even further as he began to research the history of this region in great detail and explore the impressive work of those who have taken ordinary metal and turned it into something extremely special.  This has led him to explore the subject in even greater depth as he continues to expand his understanding of the subject.

His Written Works

As part of his work in this field, he has not only chosen to help people discover if a sword they own is authentic, he has also taken his passion for the field to the world of ancient Japan to the modern world with his writings.  It also includes a published historical novel about this period in time. His many fans have found his history fiction lively and engaging as well as full of wonderful details. He has helped many people learn even more about this fascinating period of time when this unique culture was in full bloom. Since then, he has continued to write about this period and continued to help fans learn even more about this particular culture and how it has continued to develop to the present day.  You can find all of Michael’s books on Amazon.  Other than that, be sure to follow Mr. Zomber on Facebook.