Securus Technologies is a primary provider of criminal and civil justice IT solutions that designs products to execute specialized communication needs for corrections industry constituents including inmates, facilities, and the friends and family of inmates. From my research, the company’s history is routed to 1986 with the Tele-Matic Corporation incorporation later on seeing some mergers and acquisition that brought to life Securus Technologies. Over the years, the company has now gained a strategic advantage and executed a radical growth plan by growing beyond offering just its main product and venturing into several complimentary products. This has seen Securus Technologies earn itself a name among the principle innovators of an all rounded Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions.



One such great move by the giant in communication is one in 2016 that saw the company launch a facility that uses technology to solve and avert possible crimes. I have learned that through innovative technologies, Securus have an investigative tool that permits their staff to carry out investigations when a complaint such as that of harassment or a potential hazard to the security of the facility or the society. That is not all, I discovered that the LBS software that is used by Securus has assisted a company recover millions of illegal assets, drugs and cash money that was stolen hence improving security.



In January 2017, Securus was named among finalist in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service under the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category and was named Gold winner in February. In my opinion, the truly deserved this award of because their continued effort in using technology to avert crime. Securus pleased more than 75 judges to beat the over 2,300 nominees of all sizes and from all industries. I would definitely recommend Securus to any company seeking to benchmark for customer service.