My Top Four Treats

One of my favorite hobbies is to try different treats or dog foods for my pet. It can get expensive, but only the best for my baby, right?

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Baked Delight’s Stars
The Baked Delight’s Stars are a little different and sort of strange as they are made with chicken and cheese, but my dog ended up loving the flavors together! The chicken is protein, but the cheese adds extra flavor. My girl will jump around the kitchen when I’m in it and do her tricks just to get another one!

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges
These gave my dog strange but good scented breath, surprisingly! The parsley flakes add a great scent when she’s licking all over my face. It’s one of the most bearable dental treats as far as dog breath goes! When she’s licking my face all the time, I want her to have good breath and this definitely helped! Her groomer was surprised at her white teeth, too.

Baked Delight’s Snackers
My girl adores these snacks! They have real peanut butter in the center and a crunchy, baked outer crust to add extra flavor. They’re made with natural and artificial flavors and are fun colors, not that my girl cares because she’s too excited about the peanut butter center! Stores can’t stock these fast enough for me to buy them (when I’m not trying out different flavors)!

Lastly, the Baked Delights Hugs
Beef and Cheese, what could be better? My girl loves these treats because of the savory meat flavor and the cheese is just an extra flavor that she loves. I’ve been able to teach her so many new tricks that I found on Youtube by bribing her with these tiny treats. I went through an entire bag in one day before, which probably wasn’t healthy, but now there’s a new trick every time she gets a treat! It’s funny to watch my girl eat these because of the gooey center. She chews it for so long, which is just pure entertainment for me!

All in all, I love Beneful. Their treats are great for my girl and she’s been so happy with the variety. Now I suppose I should try some of their healthy weight dog food just in case! Next time I go to Wal-Mart, I’ll pick these new products.

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