How Rocketship Education Is Giving Students In Washington Better Opportunities

A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted just how parents of children who attend Rocketship Education, which has set up charter schools in districts all around the nation, including Washington, DC, are involved in the decision process and in the education process at the school. It talks about two parents who were able to easily navigate through the building of the charter school while it was still under construction. The two parents planned on sending their five year old child to the school, and they were taking tours of the building.

However, they have also done something that is quite unique. They actually interviewed teachers for the school. Before a teacher is able to get a job, they have to go through interviews with the parents. This way, the parents have a say in the matter. In fact, says the principal of the school, the input of the parents is taken into consideration and carries great weight. Sometimes, the opinions of the parents have helped a teacher get a job. Sometimes, it has caused a teacher to not get a job. Smith and Small, the two parents talked about earlier, have already taken part in at least six of these interviews.

Smith was born in Washington, DC. However, he never got a chance to graduate from high school, which is why he wants his daughter to have a better chance than him. Smith said that one teacher had a good background but he did not like her attitude.

Rocketship Education has a unique method of mixing traditional teaching methods with technology and internet based learning. This has managed to let their students accomplish more while keeping costs down at the same time. The good part is that the students have managed to score really high on their tests.

The board in Washington, DC, has voted to allow the school to open up as many as up to eight schools in the district. These charter schools will provide a great alternative to the regular public schools.