The Chainsmokers’ musical journey.

The Chainsmokers is an American band made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo met in an art gallery. Both Alex and Taggart have always loved music, and their passions lead them to establish a band which has emerged a great success in the entertainment industry.

Alex and Andrew first grew their friendship, the two would meet up for coffee, and they discovered they had a lot in common and shared similar goals in life. Having similar visions in life was one of the signs that they would work together.


The duo majors in electropop, a genre that is gaining popularity by the day. Many music lovers are embracing the fresh and new sound by the Chainsmokers. However, the journey has not been easy. When Andrew was in college, he colleagues made fun of him, because of his taste in music, but the perception of electropop has changed.


To make the listening experience better, Chainsmkoers have used personal life stories to write their songs, by writing some of the things they go through as young musicians, they can create a personal feeling between them and their fans.


Key lessons learned from the chainsmokers.


The chainsmokers are a great inspiration to young people as well as upcoming artists, they have overcome all odds and managed to emerge a great success.


One of the critical lessons before joining a group is to identify whether your dreams are compatible, one of the unique things about the Chainsmokers is their friendship, before becoming a group, the two first shared and their goals were compatible making the journey more bearable.


Believe in yourself, for Alex Pall quitting his job to become a musician was not easy as he took music as a hobby and not a career. However, he took the bold step and quit his job to follow his passion. Taggart on the other was ridiculed for his taste in music, this must have been very hard for Andrew, but he chose to ignore the negativity and concentrate on what he wanted to achieve in life.


The Chainsmokers have proven to be unique in their work, and are a promising group. All we can do now is wait for future projects and wish them all the best as they wow us with their productions.

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