EOS Makes Waves by Focusing on the Senses

Twenty years ago, when a person needed to ease the pain of chapped lips they did not have very many options. Even within the options they did have, they were pretty similar, long cylinder tubes filled with flavors that were not all that fabulous. In 2009, three men set out to change all of that, creating the company Evolution of Smooth, otherwise known as EOS. They felt that other lip balm makers were being lazy- focusing on gaining followers simply by lowering their prices on Amazon or offering incentives instead of looking for innovative ways to change their product.

According to Evolution of Smooth Canada, after realizing that lip balm was mostly used by women, they brought in a clay artist to help them make the shape of the tube and insisted they focus on all of the five senses, including the sound the lid makes when it closes. They also struck a chord with today’s modern woman who is eco-friendly, keeping the price (https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html) similar to that of the other brands and using organic ingredients. Adding emotional involvement, they used the tagline, “The lip balm that makes you smile”.

Their plan worked. They are now ranked number two in the industry with Burt’s Bees ahead and their predecessors behind them. They also kept to their beliefs, making sure that the sense of smell happens with each and every tube. There are a multitude of flavors, one does not have to pick between original, cherry, or mint. Instead, they can have flavors like summer fruit which combines favorites of the summer including strawberries, blueberries and peaches. Not feeling summer? Try Vanilla Bean. Each of these different flavors comes in different colors. Nevertheless the same great feel and look is bound to happen and yes, the sound of the lid closing too. You’re encouraged to visit the evolutionofsmooth.ca website and Facebook page for more information.