My Home Is Always Clean Now Because Of Handy Services

Cleaning my home is the last thing that I ever want to do, even though I know I need to do it at least once a week. Sometimes, the entire week will pass before I try to do any cleaning, and then I am overwhelmed by all the cleaning that I need to do. My tub is so old that I need it cleaned every single week to keep it looking fresh. My toilet needs cleaning, I need to vacuum every week, and my windows constantly need to be wiped.

I just couldn’t keep up with the work, so I got to do it for me. The Handy company has been my saving grace because they save me so much time every week. I allow a Handy worker to come in every single Thursday to clean for me, and on Friday and through the weekend, I get to relax and have some time to myself. I don’t do any cleaning anymore unless it’s fixing my bed, which is something that I can definitely handle with my busy schedule. Handy was recommended to me by someone at work because I was constantly complaining about all the cleaning I needed to do.

I thought it was amazing that I found Handy because I had thought of other services around town, but none of them came to be as trustworthy as Handy. Another reason why Handy has been such a benefit to me is because they do other services that I will eventually need in my home, such as painting, plumbing, assembly services, and I may eventually need their moving services as well. I’ve let several family members know that Handy is a great company, so they’ve also signed up for Handy services as well. I couldn’t imagine using any other cleaning service but Handy. Visit


Strategies Employed by the Nationwide Title Clearing to Solve the Problem of Title Defects

Securing title deeds has become a serious problem in the real estate business, resulting in the slow transfer of property and trade. To ease this transfer issue and end the title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing has established a website that contains information about property reports. NTC being the top document processing and research company decided to launch a website containing well-detailed property reports to help its clients who may be planning to acquire or sell properties.

Causes of title defects and measures put in place

Wrong wording, failure to include proper signatory, the presence of encumbrances, and failure to follow proper filling procedures are some of the fundamental causes of high rates of title defects. John Hillman, the chief executive officer of NTC, emphasized that these cases are crucial and need to be streamlined before selling or transferring property from one person to another. To assist the public, NTC has availed reports such as tax status reports, encumbrance reports, as well as assignment verification report on the online platform.

Steps put in place to obtain this information online are quite simple and readily available. This information is reliable since NTC has conducted rigorous research prior to posting it online. Part of the research conducted involved human verification of documents and liaising with the counties. This move has given NTC an edge when it comes to serving its clientele in the strictly audited compliance regulations. This company takes great pride in producing accurate reports even when a client places too many orders. Unlike most companies, NTC understands its customers’ needs and works towards addressing them.

Background and services provided by NTC

Nationwide Title Clearing is an award winning and a leading service provider. This private company was established in 1991, and it is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC offers services to investors, mortgage lenders, and residential mortgage servicers. This company is famous for protecting homeowners through providing quality research services and documentation to them. It is also known for liaising with mortgage banks in safeguarding land records in the United States. Ability to preserve land records has enabled NTC to work in close collaboration with the county governments on land related matters. The company has hired over 200 employees, and from time to time, it recognizes employees who excel in their work and rewards them.

Nationwide Title Clearing’s accomplishments

NTC had a successful financial year in 2013, which saw it win several awards and acknowledgments. NTC made it top 20 among the fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay region. The company was listed position 500 out of 2730 U.S-based firms that were going through a fast-paced expansion. It also won the Inc. Hire Power accolade in 2013. The mortgage banking industry in Florida is recording significant growth thanks to NTC’s efforts.

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