Oncotarget Rises as a Mega and a Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal

Getting resources from the website or library to support a study can sometimes be hectic. The most affected group includes those involved in science related studies. Most scientific materials available online require one to follow a complicated process or even to pay a fee. This has significantly affected the flow of information and knowledge and the scientific research in general. It is due to these limiting factors that led to the development of oncotarget. Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal with free access. It usually publishes scientific journal articles on a weekly basis and ensures that the published journals are easy to print on special demand. Among all journals in Oncology published in 2015, Oncotarget was ranked number one.

The primary mission of the journal is to make scientific studies and results to be rapidly and widely available. The journal maximizes the impact of the research by adopting insightful reviews that will allow exceptional discoveries to be shared efficiently and faster. The journal has helped researchers from different regions to contribute to the growth and progress of science. The focus is mainly based on improving human health; hence, the ultimate goal of the journal is to have life without disease. The growth and widespread of the journal has in the recent years been tremendous due to leadership offered by some of the most prominent scientists. They have helped eliminate the border between different specialties. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

One of the articles published in the journal is “A nutritional perspective on cellular rejuvenation” authored by Patricia huebe, Anke Schloesser, and Gerald Rimbach. The article focuses on the concept of aging processes and human lifespan, which are closely related to the state of human cells. They explain that dietary macronutrients have a significant impact on the human lifespan. Additionally, they explain that the interplay between nutrition, metabolism and reproductive behaviour as well as their engagement with energy and glucose metabolism can have cellular biological effects. The effects may be positive or negative on the state of health, and this is why high-calories diets that are mostly consumed in the US have been associated with a wide variety of health problems.

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