Ted Bauman Explains The Plight Of The American Middle Class

Ted Bauman has given excellent information regarding protecting wealth. Taxes on corporations and on the wealthy, are about to be decreased by the Trump/Ryan plan. An individual’s disposable income is reduced by taxes, and 15 to 25 percent of a middle-class household’s income goes to payroll and income taxes. According to an article by Matt Taibi written in 2008, powerful investment banks are vampires. The wealth of the middle class is being sucked up by the wealthiest households in the United States through credit markets. The process is mostly invisible, with health care being the exception. People are assuming the costs of medical care, education and housing reflect this demand.

Cheap credit in the United States is inflating the cost of education and housing. If these were funded by cash, the prices would decrease substantially. The economy of the United States is based on debt more than any other economy across the globe. The debt is due to the massive lending, and the lending is due to the debt, forming a circle. In the last thirty years, the wealthiest households have placed their money in consumer lending markets on sovereignsociety.com. This excess money has penetrated the entirety of the United States consumer markets. The amount of money loaned is causing consumers to raise the priced of goods because the supply has been fixed.

As the prices fueled by debt continue to rise, the flow of money for interest payments increases from the borrowers to the lenders. The funds must be used, so they go back into the lending markets according to talkmarkets.com. This causes more debt by creating more credit, the prices for borrowing increase, leading to even more borrowing. As the rates rise, disposable income decreases. This can derail any recovery in the future. The cycle of debt, lending and high interest from middle income Americans must stop. This would be like a tax cut but instead of enlarging the deficit, the prices for education and housing would decrease.

According to Ted Bauman, these issues are not discussed due to the individuals who will receive the largest tax cuts when the Trump/Ryan plan goes into effect. These are the same vampires who originally used interest to suck away the wealth of the middle class. Ted Bauman has written numerous articles since 2013 when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editor for the Plan B Club, the Bauman Letter and the Alpha Stock Alert. His specialties include low-risk strategies for investments and asset protection. He lives with his family in Georgia.

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Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founder Recognized as an Industry Head

Antony Marsala, who is among Madison Street Capital’s founders, recently received a rare mention from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Marsala who also acts as Madison’s Chief Operating Officer was named in the 2015 40 Under Forty List. This is an honorable mention, with those mentioned being individuals who have made notable contributions to the industry. An individual’s contribution to the fields of business evaluation, M&A transactions and litigation consultancy is accessed before he or she is honored.

Those who are honored must be below 40 years and are selected by an executive panel. The panel comprises staff members from NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CIT). In 2015, the quality available was overwhelming due to the huge strides made by young business executives. The program itself is designed to give young business leaders an opportunity to nurture their leadership skills. By recognizing the contributions that they make at their places of work and at the local community, the young executives are given the impetus to work even harder.

The inductees were chosen from an original list of 125 nominees. The will be featured on major press releases and blogs. This will go a long way in enhancing their status in the corporate world. Marsala’s inclusion in the list is not surprising because he has been spearheading Madison Street Capital’s forays into overseas markets. He singlehandedly helped the firm to set up operations in Africa, Europe and Asia. His position as Chief Operating Officer also puts him in charge of the firm’s analytical and business valuation division.

Madison Street Capital in Brief

The Chicago based investment bank ranks among the most recognizable names in the industry. Despite being in operation for a relatively short time, Madison Street Capital has attracted a huge client portfolio due to its flexible and exceptional services. To offer the best service to its clients, it has partnered with like-minded institutions. it also has talented staff members, who offer judicial investment advice whenever called upon.

Being an investment bank, the firm offers stockbroking services to its clients. It has diversified its interests to include hedge fund and asset management, and other advisory services. This diversification has enabled it to become a leading player within the industry. It uses a cohesive and comprehensive approach to offer pragmatic and real-time advice to its clients. The firm’s global presence is highlighted by the fact that it has been on an aggressive expansion mission, which has seen it open offices globally.

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Martin Lustgarten Wants Florida Residents To Have Happy Dogs In The House

There are a lot of people in Florida who want to have dogs in their homes, and they should think about going through the Little dog Rescue to get a dog. Martin Lustgarten supports the Little Dog Rescue by making sure that he keeps his GoFundMe page open for the charity. He is giving all the money from the page to the charity, and he is making sure that he is able to show people that these dogs need help.

The dogs that are going to be saved as the ones who are on death row in county animal shelters, and the people from the Little Dog Rescue are going to go in and help save those dogs. Those dogs get adopted by loving families like the one of Martin Lustgarten, and they take care of those dogs for life. Martin Lustgarten has a good life with his dogs and family, and he thinks that everyone should be able to get a shelter dog that is going to change their life. There is something very powerful about adopting a dog, and everyone who is adopting dogs or giving though the GoFundMe page is going to help dogs that need to be saved. Dogs will have a chance to make a family happy, and they will be able to give to the Little Dog Rescue as much as they want.

Martin Lustgarten is also an investor who helps clients spend their money around the world, and they are out there trying to make as much money as possible. It is something that they can learn to do from Martin Lustgarten, and he teaches his customers to have a balanced life by working with them on their investments and how they take care of their homes. Someone who was trying to make the most money from their investments can learn from Martin Lustgarten, and they can also learn to give back to the community. The Little Dog Rescue is going to help dogs who need it, and giving to it is going to change the way that Florida residents find their pets.

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