Why Equities Holdings Performs Well With Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has gained much notoriety by helping individuals and businesses reach financial goals with stock-based loans and financial advice. Helping people has been a part of the EFH’s mission since its’ start in 2012. EFH makes an assessment of a stock’s value before they determine if the stock can be used as collateral or not. For EFH’s 15-year anniversary, they announced the generation of $1 billion in customers’ transactions over four years.

EFH’s London office completed nearly 700 transactions. The transactions are factor that influenced the expansion to China and Australia. There are more people in different markets that will have stock-based loans available for them. A good example of a stock-based loan is EFH’s second ever loan repayment. CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) Joel Leonoff had a stock-based loan agreement that lasted for three years. At the end of the loan, Leonoff received over 9 million shares .

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Reasons that People Need Financial Planners like Richard Dwayne Blair

Not everyone is able to handle their finances in a wise way. In fact, one of the common issues is people living beyond their means. In some cases, people pay for items that they want even if they can’t afford it. Then there are some cases where people are forced to live beyond their means because of factors they did not anticipate or could not control. This is where financial planners like Richard Dwayne Blair become helpful. He understands finances and how they work. He is also able to look at the situation from the right viewpoint so that he can come up with a plan that is best suited to his clients.

One of the strengths of Richard Dwayne Blair is that he looks at the individual. He looks at every financial issue on an individual basis so that he will be able to effectively help his client. Another strength is that he is willing to communicate with his clients. It is common for a client to have questions about different issues and concerns. Richard is well educated in everything that is relevant to finances. He is able to provide well thought out and insightful answers to questions that his clients ask him.

One of the common issues that people face when they deal with financial planners is that they often come up with their own plans without actually spending enough time to assess the situation of the client. This can leave the client frustrated and possibly worse off. When clients talk to Richard, they actually feel like he is listening to them. This causes them to trust him more. After all, he takes a three-pillar approach to helping his clients, and this approach is very effective in getting his clients back on track with their finances and achieving financial freedom.


Patience in Success with Louis Chenevert

There is no limit to acquiring knowledge. Every day is a chance to explore and get to learn a new lesson that may change your career. Astute business people ensure they learn something new every day. It is through this accumulated knowledge and ideas that they make the mastermind businesses that leave the world surprised.


Louis Chenevert is among the most discussed successful individuals in the investment industry.

He is also known for his acquisition of resources. What people don’t understand is that this success was a series of many years of learning.



Louis Chenevert began cultivating his skills in HEC Montreal where he studied Production Management. The purpose of Production Management is to help the company produce as efficiently as they can. A company with effective production management produces maximally while minimizing the cost of production.


After gathering the theoretical part of the course, it was time to get practical. With the path that Louis Chenevert took, it was clear he was not ready to waste his knowledge. He landed a job at General Motors. Here, he was dedicated to improving the production of the business, which led to several promotions. By the time he was leaving the company, he was overseeing the production of the industry on a large scale basis.


Louis Chenevert next workplace was at Pratt & Whitney, where he experienced a different field. The Pratt & Whitney is an engineering company. As his custom is, the unit he was assigned began showing tremendous improvement which led to his promotion to the President of the company, in his sixth year in the firm.


For you to get senior positions, you need to know what to focus on doing. Many people don’t know the difference between their worth and what they want. Louis Chenevert’s work was a reflection of his worth. It is his worth that led the UTC to nominate him as the CEO of the firm. They saw the difference he was making in Pratt & Whitney and knew he had the potential to handle bigger responsibilities.


Final Verdict


The secret of a successful career is patience. Remember patience is not about waiting but what you do when waiting, in this case; invest in yourself.



Sahm Adrangi Issues Report

When looking to invest in the stock market, taking the necessary steps to protect your investment is very important. For those that are looking to improve their diligence and protect their assets, one individual to take financial and investment advice from is Sahm Adrangi, who is currently the head of Kerrisdale Capital.

Sahm Adrangi will frequently provide insight into stocks that appear to be overvalued or company investments that do not seem right. Over the past few months, he has issued a report on Eastman Kodak, which is best known for being the creator of the Kodak line of cameras. This company has historically been considered a stable company and has not seen too much volatility in the stock price. However, in 2017 the company saw a big pop in the share price when they announced that they were going to release a new digital coin.

Similar to other companies that announced that they were going to have an Initial Coin Offering, the share price of Eastman Kodak increased substantially over a two-week period. While Sahm Adrangi believes that there is potential for digital coins and currencies as a whole, he does not believe that this move necessarily made sense for Eastman Kodak and he believed that the share price was way too high.

One of the reasons why Adrangi believes that the share price was too high is that there may not be a real need for Kodak to even have a coin. Sam Adrangi does not necessarily think that Kodak is going to benefit from having a coin and the company that is creating the coin does not have the best reputation.

Overall, Sahm Adrangi believes that the share price of the stock of Eastman Kodak will decline once the hype behind the coin is over. This could lead to a drop in price that is below where Kodak was even before they released news about the coin. What is concerning is whether the company has invested heavily in the coin to the point where they could have wasted a lot of money that could have been invested in other areas.


Paul Mampilly: American investment guru

Paul Mampilly is a respected American investment guru with over 25 years of experience trading in the stock markets. Paul who is also a senior editor at Banyan Hill has recently given his opinion about investment in cryptocurrencies. In an article published late last year, he compared investors in the cryptocurrencies to those who invested in the technology stock of 1999. The two investment are similar in all aspects. The mode of execution is also the same for the two. Paul Mampilly witnessed the 1999 stock bubble happen, and he is confident to say that cryptocurrency investment is a bubble that will soon burst.

In 1999 when the technology bubble happened, Paul Mampilly had stayed out of the investment just like he has done with cryptocurrencies. He does not own even a single Bitcoin or any other digital currency out there. He has his reason to believe that this is a bubble that will explode sooner than later. Paul Mampilly in his article, he has detailed how the stock bubble happened and why he believes that what happened then will happen again with the cryptocurrencies.The technology stocks had gone up by huge percentages just like Bitcoin and others today. The prices kept going up, and every time they increased a new batch of investors would be drawn into the investment. No investor wants to miss out on something that was gaining at the rate the stocks were gaining, or the cryptocurrencies are doing right now. As investors try to make some quick money in such investment, they fail to take note that they might be entering right at the end of the trend.

Many new investors are easily drawn in when the prices start going up rapidly. In an attempt to make quick profits new investors will join at just any point and without even conducting some research to know what are the market expectations. One thing with bubbles is that they draw investors in and then keep on giving false signals that the stock will keep going up. Investors hold on to their investments even as prices go down. With the hype surrounding bubble investments, every investor is always looking for prices increases and not decreases. So, when prices are going down, investors keep buying the idea that they will go up again. By the time, they wake up and realize the investment is going down, all their money is gone, and there is nothing to salvage.For Paul, Mampilly advice should be followed keenly by any investor who has invested in cryptocurrency. The same fate that fell the technology stocks is likely to happen again, this time in the cryptocurrencies industry.

Finance Expert Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has recently introduced one of the latest innovations in the stock market. This innovation will help a number of investors significantly increase their profits when they look to invest their money. Paul has recently pitched a service known as Profits Unlimited which is an educational tool to provide investors with valuable information about stock investing. With his information, Paul will be able to help a number of investors experience a positive economic impact on a regular basis. His latest innovation in the stock market will become more profitable than any investment opportunity in the computer, tablet and smartphone combined. According to Paul, a number of experts predict that 50 billion devices will take advantage of a new technology by the year 2020. As a result, investors will be in position to take advantage of rewards that will include profits from a growth of up to 8,000%.

Over the course of his career, Paul Mampilly has been behind a number of newsletters that provided valuable information about finance and investing. He wrote for the Palm Beach Letter. He was also a financial securities trader for Agora Financial as well. These experiences allowed Paul to come up with the knowledge and expertise in the field of finance. He is now using these things to find the most profitable innovations in the financial securities industry. As of today, he is running Profits Unlimited in an effort to provide valuable education and resources for investors who are looking to maximize profits in the stock market.

During most of his career, Paul Mampilly has been a manager of hedge funds and someone who has won numerous awards from events such as the Templeton Foundation investment competition. In recent years, Paul has been visible to many viewers who are interested in the financial markets. He has regularly on television stations such as Bloomberg TV, CNBC and a number of other stations pertaining to the field of finance. As well as being a hedge fund manager and guest on finance news stations, Paul is also the founder of the organization known as Profits Unlimited. As the founder of this entity, Paul Mampilly provides guidance to anyone that is interested in learning about the stock market and how to invest in it as well as getting out once profits are made. Paul has over 25 years of experience in business and finance. Over the course of his career, he has worked at organizations such as Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Ted Bauman Explains The Plight Of The American Middle Class

Ted Bauman has given excellent information regarding protecting wealth. Taxes on corporations and on the wealthy, are about to be decreased by the Trump/Ryan plan. An individual’s disposable income is reduced by taxes, and 15 to 25 percent of a middle-class household’s income goes to payroll and income taxes. According to an article by Matt Taibi written in 2008, powerful investment banks are vampires. The wealth of the middle class is being sucked up by the wealthiest households in the United States through credit markets. The process is mostly invisible, with health care being the exception. People are assuming the costs of medical care, education and housing reflect this demand.

Cheap credit in the United States is inflating the cost of education and housing. If these were funded by cash, the prices would decrease substantially. The economy of the United States is based on debt more than any other economy across the globe. The debt is due to the massive lending, and the lending is due to the debt, forming a circle. In the last thirty years, the wealthiest households have placed their money in consumer lending markets on sovereignsociety.com. This excess money has penetrated the entirety of the United States consumer markets. The amount of money loaned is causing consumers to raise the priced of goods because the supply has been fixed.

As the prices fueled by debt continue to rise, the flow of money for interest payments increases from the borrowers to the lenders. The funds must be used, so they go back into the lending markets according to talkmarkets.com. This causes more debt by creating more credit, the prices for borrowing increase, leading to even more borrowing. As the rates rise, disposable income decreases. This can derail any recovery in the future. The cycle of debt, lending and high interest from middle income Americans must stop. This would be like a tax cut but instead of enlarging the deficit, the prices for education and housing would decrease.

According to Ted Bauman, these issues are not discussed due to the individuals who will receive the largest tax cuts when the Trump/Ryan plan goes into effect. These are the same vampires who originally used interest to suck away the wealth of the middle class. Ted Bauman has written numerous articles since 2013 when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves as the editor for the Plan B Club, the Bauman Letter and the Alpha Stock Alert. His specialties include low-risk strategies for investments and asset protection. He lives with his family in Georgia.

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Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founder Recognized as an Industry Head

Antony Marsala, who is among Madison Street Capital’s founders, recently received a rare mention from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Marsala who also acts as Madison’s Chief Operating Officer was named in the 2015 40 Under Forty List. This is an honorable mention, with those mentioned being individuals who have made notable contributions to the industry. An individual’s contribution to the fields of business evaluation, M&A transactions and litigation consultancy is accessed before he or she is honored.

Those who are honored must be below 40 years and are selected by an executive panel. The panel comprises staff members from NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CIT). In 2015, the quality available was overwhelming due to the huge strides made by young business executives. The program itself is designed to give young business leaders an opportunity to nurture their leadership skills. By recognizing the contributions that they make at their places of work and at the local community, the young executives are given the impetus to work even harder.

The inductees were chosen from an original list of 125 nominees. The will be featured on major press releases and blogs. This will go a long way in enhancing their status in the corporate world. Marsala’s inclusion in the list is not surprising because he has been spearheading Madison Street Capital’s forays into overseas markets. He singlehandedly helped the firm to set up operations in Africa, Europe and Asia. His position as Chief Operating Officer also puts him in charge of the firm’s analytical and business valuation division.

Madison Street Capital in Brief

The Chicago based investment bank ranks among the most recognizable names in the industry. Despite being in operation for a relatively short time, Madison Street Capital has attracted a huge client portfolio due to its flexible and exceptional services. To offer the best service to its clients, it has partnered with like-minded institutions. it also has talented staff members, who offer judicial investment advice whenever called upon.

Being an investment bank, the firm offers stockbroking services to its clients. It has diversified its interests to include hedge fund and asset management, and other advisory services. This diversification has enabled it to become a leading player within the industry. It uses a cohesive and comprehensive approach to offer pragmatic and real-time advice to its clients. The firm’s global presence is highlighted by the fact that it has been on an aggressive expansion mission, which has seen it open offices globally.

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Martin Lustgarten Wants Florida Residents To Have Happy Dogs In The House

There are a lot of people in Florida who want to have dogs in their homes, and they should think about going through the Little dog Rescue to get a dog. Martin Lustgarten supports the Little Dog Rescue by making sure that he keeps his GoFundMe page open for the charity. He is giving all the money from the page to the charity, and he is making sure that he is able to show people that these dogs need help.

The dogs that are going to be saved as the ones who are on death row in county animal shelters, and the people from the Little Dog Rescue are going to go in and help save those dogs. Those dogs get adopted by loving families like the one of Martin Lustgarten, and they take care of those dogs for life. Martin Lustgarten has a good life with his dogs and family, and he thinks that everyone should be able to get a shelter dog that is going to change their life. There is something very powerful about adopting a dog, and everyone who is adopting dogs or giving though the GoFundMe page is going to help dogs that need to be saved. Dogs will have a chance to make a family happy, and they will be able to give to the Little Dog Rescue as much as they want.

Martin Lustgarten is also an investor who helps clients spend their money around the world, and they are out there trying to make as much money as possible. It is something that they can learn to do from Martin Lustgarten, and he teaches his customers to have a balanced life by working with them on their investments and how they take care of their homes. Someone who was trying to make the most money from their investments can learn from Martin Lustgarten, and they can also learn to give back to the community. The Little Dog Rescue is going to help dogs who need it, and giving to it is going to change the way that Florida residents find their pets.

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