The Importance of a Wikipedia Business Page

The Interface Archive is an institution run by volunteers that is based in Brooklyn and it is very close to Morbid Anatomy Museum. Some two weeks ago, the museum happened to host a swap meet with artful bones being hawked. A group of Wikipedia editors visited the archive to carry out a Wikipedia edit-a-thon. The theme of the event was something to do with art and feminism. A restatement of the main objective for the day was the first thing done in the edit-a-thon. The objective was to deal with gender gap that is evident in Wikipedia. This was to be done by improving the coverage given to women in the arts. It is shocking to learn that over 90% of Wikipedia editors are male and that women only account for less than 5% of its super-users. Causes like neglecting some topics that involve women has been suggested to be among the causes of these statistics.

The Importance of Wikipedia Pages

Many people are seeking information online about different subjects. Wikipedia has been instrumental in the provision of information and it sees many users visiting the website. Wikipedia is a very important tool for online marketing through improving an individual and business reputation. In the search engine results, Wikipedia always appears among the first five results. It is a trusted source of knowledge and many users will definitely visit your Wikipedia page. Your personal reputation as well as the online presence of your business is boosted.

Wikipedia is an important tool for marketing because you can create and edit the information about your business on its website. Having a Wikipedia page increasing the traffic accessing the information about your business and this translates in increased sales.

Why Hire Wiki Writers

Everything written in Wikipedia is supposed to be referenced from reliable sources, explicitly follow Wikipedia’s manual of style and should be formatted correctly. All this has to be done for your page to be approved in order to appear in the search engine results. All this can be done by the best professional Wiki experts for hire from a Wikipedia editing service such as Get Your Wiki. At Get Your Wiki, when they make a Wikipedia page for you or your business you will also get a monitoring service to update Wiki pages as new information arises to make sure that it is not malicious or misleading. They can translate your page to any language with the help of professional translators.