InnovaCare Health: Trying to Change the World of Managed Care

Without companies like InnovaCare Health, millions of people would suffer from easily resolved medical care issues. Everyone sees that healthcare is a hot political topic that everyone is arguing the rights and wrongs of, but no one is trying to provide actual solutions.

While politics use healthcare to boast its beliefs and values, InnovaCare Health is actually trying to help people suffering from a complex health care management environment. Currently, the U.S. is in an ever-changing transitional period where health care goes back and forth between quality and affordability. In InnovaCare Health’s opinion, quality should trump affordability.

According to every political discussion, the problem is price. According to those who work in the managed care industry, the problem is quality. Free healthcare doesn’t do anyone good if the quality is below what they need to live long, healthy lives. With a less complex healthcare environment, quality and cost could easily be figured out and resolved. Check out their website


InnovaCare Health is one of the few companies trying to redefine the industry as a whole. It’s not just about making money or giving people quality medical care right now; it’s about permanently solving the issue. InnovaCare wants to create more sustainable managed care models.

Currently, the man leading InnovaCare Health Solutions is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto is CEO and President of the company, earning the position after making InnovaCare the number-one provider of healthcare in Puerto Rico. Of course, it was important to him that InnovaCare Health do everything it could to help people affected by the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico

Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of clinical studies experience and began his career as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he served in many high-ranking positions at several prestigious medical institutions.

Alongside Dr. Shinto is Chief Administrative Officer Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides worked for InnovaCare Health before Dr. Shinto, but she left InnovaCare to pursue other options. In 2015, she returned and started helping InnovaCare Health build a stronger infrastructure. Unlike Dr. Shinto, she’s not a practicing physician.

Kokkinides’ expertise deals more with working with government programs. She’s also an expert at developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. She specializes in improving efficiencies and strengthening organizational infrastructure. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Jeunesse Global Products: Life Changing Experience

Jeunesse Global is a network company that is dedicated to offering personal care items and nutritional supplements. It supplies skin care products, cosmetics, and natural health products around the world. The company claims its products have made a breakthrough to enhance youthful look, utilizing cell renewal methods, and assist the user to focus on their health and extended life.


Jeunesse Luminesce


Jeunesse Luminesce is considered to be the company flagship lineup product. The Luminesce line contains products that have a series of anti-aging creams designed for use in different times of the day. All the products in the line composed of adipose that changes the life experience of an individual. They are derived from adult cell conditioned media which facilitates the growth of new skin cells. Also, it helps to fill wrinkles and enhance the luminescence of the skin. The product line is composed of various products such as cellular rejuvenation serum, advanced night repair, youth restoring cleanser, and essential body renewal.


Jeunesse Instantly Ageless


Instantly ageless performs the tasks of reducing the visible aging impact on your face. These products are micro creams that are specifically designed to target wrinkles. The products do not produce collagen encouraging the skin to heal itself. Particles that form the microcream fill the wrinkles and fine lines in your face. The products have an immediately visible impact that improves the life experience of a person.


Jeunesse Global Nutrition


Jeunesse Global offers a wide range of nutritional supplements that are suitable for individuals with varying lifestyles. For instance, AM and PM nutritional essentials assist in delaying premature aging symptoms. Reserve is another nutritional supplements product that works on a deep level. It strengthens and rebuilds skin cells. Finiti is a multivitamin product that reduces oxidative stress. This product helps to reduce the aging of cells by targeting telomerase enzyme that lengthens skin cells lifespan.


Jeunesse Global Products Company was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. The mission of the company is to have a positive impact on their users. The products help individuals to look and feel younger. This experience empowers individuals to unleash their true potential of leading a healthy life.

Heal N Soothe Deals With Pain Naturally

Heal N Soothe is not a temporary pain reliever. It is meant to deal with the core problem by healing the body from the inside out. It is a natural method of keeping pain at bay and is made from ingredients such as ginger, which is an antioxidant, turmeric extract which eliminates free radicals which cause pain and swelling, and Boswellia extract which also is an anti-inflammatory. Bromelain reduces pain and inflammation while citrus bioflavonoids prevent damage to the body by protecting it from oxidative damage. Devil’s claw, rutin, Mojave yucca root, also help to reduce pain and inflammation and rutin even helps the body to produces collagen which is known for its youthful and strengthening properties.

Heal n Soothe is not just a bunch of health-promoting ingredients thrown together. They are powerful in their combination, but they all have something to bring to the table. Heal n soothe actually help to produce systemic proteolytic enzymes which work very hard in the body to fight inflammation and pain while “fixing’ the body at the same time. These enzymes cleanse the blood, strengthen the immune system, and improve the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Heal n soothe helps to reduce the number of inflammation-causing enzymes in the body by neutralizing them. This helps he body to be able to regenerate and heal by creating new and healthy cells. The body is also able to heal more quickly from things like injuries, sprains, surgery, bruises, and joint pain.

Heal n soothe gets rid of the pain and does not simply mask the pain and inflammation. It also rewinds some of the damage caused by daily life such a muscle and joint pain caused by wearing out and tears. Heal n soothe is a natural remedy and does not have the many side effects that pain medications tend to cause. Some prescription drugs have even been found to be harmful to the body and come with high risks.

Heal n soothe offers a membership program known as the Smartchip program and new members get to try the product for free for a month. This product is meant to be taken daily, and all it takes is one to two supplements per day to feels the benefits of this powerful yet natural product. Since it is a natural product, Heal n soothe does not contain any ingredients that have come from animals.