How MB2 Dental Solutions Puts Their Affiliates Patients First

MB2 Dental Solutions is one of the most interesting companies in the field of providing business services to dental practices, an industry that is often quite boring and drab. They are based in Carrolton, Texas, and provide their services in six states to date with plans for more in the future. The providers that have partnered with them count over 85 practices so far and counting.

Many dentists love to run a solo practice and avoid the bureaucracy of being a corporate dentist. However, they acknowledge there are benefits to being attached to a large corporation such as economies of scale and having someone else tend to the business side of things. MB2 Dental Solutions is dedicated to giving dentists who own solo practices the best of both worlds. They maintain complete autonomy when it comes to the dentistry they perform while on the other hand they don’t have to deal with the aspects of running a business that they don’t want to deal with.

MB2 Dental Solutions can run pretty much everything outside of the dentist-patient relationship when it comes to operating a dental practice. They can do everything from payroll to IT support to training to marketing and everything in between. The dentists that have affiliated with them really appreciate this because they can bring in more clients, make more money, and not become a businessman on top of being a dentist.

The success of MB2 Dental Solutions, which is privately held, has come to the attention of venture capitalists who want to be part of a very successful company. One of these companies is Sentinel Capital Partners who chose to invest a substantial amount of money in this company in October 2017. They were attracted to the relationship MB2 Dental Solutions has with its affiliates, which is referred to as a “joint venture” model.

One of the partners at Sentinel, Paul Murphy, said that MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that is able to both attract and retain great employees because it is a company that is dedicated to the idea that “patients come before profits”. This focus on their clients and their patients means that MB2 Dental Solutions is doing right by their customers and has the correct focus to attract more affiliates in the future. By doing business the right way the leadership of MB2 Dental Solutions has established a path forward that everyone involved benefits from.


Logan Stout’s IDLife Health Approach Is Beneficial To All

The idea behind the IDLife program is that it takes many different approaches to make sure that you are as healthy as possible. Logan Stout did this because he wanted people to be able to enjoy the options that they had and to be able to get everything that they needed from the experiences that they were a part of. For Logan Stout, giving people the chance to be as healthy as possible has been a positive experience and has been something that he is able to take advantage of no matter what is going on with the different parts of his business.

He knows that MLM can be difficult but he also knows that the IDLife program is something that works so it will always be able to continue profiting in the MLM sector. He also knows the right way to run a business and that having something that everyone wants is the perfect way to profit all of the time.


Since IDLife was recently featured in a top 100 list of MLM companies, it has gained even more traction. The people who may not have known about the company in the past are now able to recognize it easily because of the options that they have. Logan Stout wanted to be sure that people were getting what they could out of the business and that they would be able to be successful with the program that he created and designed so that people could get healthy.

IDLife takes a positive approach to being a healthy person. It has been approved by doctors who are interested in the process and who want to make things better for everyone who is using the program. Logan Stout is constantly bringing change to the program so that even more people will have the options that they deserve. He hopes that people will be able to get more out of the program and that they will continue getting healthy with it. Thanks to Logan Stout, IDLife has been vastly improved and is able to give people what they are looking for with their health.

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