Bad Haircare 101

Hair is something that just about everyone loves whether they admit it or not. Women on the other hand adore their hair and use it as a weapon in the dating game. That feminine appearance just attracts guys like gnats and even short cut hair has a great unique style of it’s own. The luscious locks come in black, brown, blonde, and red if you didn’t happen to know, but one things for sure and it’s that you must protect your hair if you want to keep it. Knowing your specific climate is a great way to start because warmer climates tend to create frizz action and cooler climates somehow makes your hair become flat with a loss of volume.

Have you ever heard of Chaz Dean? Well, Mr. Dean is one of the top celebrity hairstylists in the world and he has a long history of working in the business. His very own haircare line has made a name for itself thanks to it’s unique properties. Unlike the regular shampoo and conditioners that are full of sulfates, contaminates, and parabens, Chaz Dean has decided to take a much better approach in the quest for beautiful hair. Wen by Chaz is the name and over 16 years it has become one of the best haircare lines,, in the business selling over 40 million units. These products take the guest work out and allows you to easily manage your hair without the side effects. Hazards of bad hair maintenance? See below:

  • The Use of Dyes and Perms
  • Overwashing
  • Not Taking The Weather Into Consideration
  • Lack of Hair Maintenance

WEN by Chaz is the brand of the present and future, but Chaz Dean is the man of the hour.

For more information, visit the wen website or Twitter account. Also, see the company’s crunchbase page.