The WEN Conditioner Experiment: One Woman’s Trial Period of the Product


Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles based stylist has been a major figure in the hair industry for many years. Dean has worked with a number of famous clients. Dean started working on Wen hair to help combat the long lasting effects of shampoos. Dean’s WEN collection on amazon has grown over the years to include different products, such as herbs and botanicals. These products add strength to hair.

Recently, a young woman named Emily McClure decided to try out the WEN Cleaning Conditioner for a week to see how accurate the product is in regards to some of its claims. McClure decided to document on facebook the daily reactions of her hair to the cleansing conditioner.

On the first day, McClure had a busy day, and while taking her shower decided to use the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to start the experiment. After taking a shower and using the conditioner, McClure noticed that her hair felt thicker. She also noticed fewer hair strands falling out in the shower than what usually happens.

On the 2nd day, McClure noticed that her roots were greasy. The next day McClure noticed that her roots weren’t as greasy and that her hair appeared flatter. Overall, McClure felt her hair looked healthy. In general, McClure felt that the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner kept her hair soft. McClure also noticed that her friends noticed a positive difference in her hair after WEN.