OSI Group McDonalds: Past, Present, and Hints of Future

OSI Group McDonalds started out as Otto and Sons, a small company of German meat distributors within the Chicago metropolitan area. They started coincidentally near the same time as Ray Kroc did when the first McDonald’s corporation was created, and “the rest is history” as they say. But in 1975 the growth became so exponential that it actually became bad for business to hold on to the mom-and-pop-shop sounding name, and so they renamed themselves to OSI Group.

Armed with such a professional name to match such a professional organization, OSI Group McDonalds hired a new Chief Executive Officer by the name of Sheldon Lavin to help better facilitate the growth of the company in 1975. Sheldon helped Chief Operating Officer David McDonald , the man behind the curtains, to get this company going global. More about of OSI Group Mc Donalds at Forbes

David himself was just a local Iowan farmer boy himself who grew up on a farm with a passion for agricultural life so much that he attended Iowa State University to further his education of the field. It was because of this hard work and passion that he was able to continue the traditions and values of hard work instilled within the blood of Otto and Sons with OSI Group McDonalds.

Now currently, OSI Group McDonalds has a presence in over 17 countries globally and around 20,000 employees working between all 65 corporate locations. Their most recent expansion has been into the Asian markets, with the formation of OSI Asia in Taiwan. And in the recent past, they have expanded into Europe by the acquisition of the Creative Foods Group and Baho Group, from funds secured by successful American endeavors alongside McDonalds and other successful corporations.

The company has come a long way since the cornfield days of Iowa and the meat-packing company of German immigrants, and yet they have shown the world their true colors in a show of continued family-first business moves. For more information on OSI Group McDonalds, visit their website at http://www.osigroup.com/

OSI Group Drive For Quality Food Earns Them Success

OSI Group may not be a well-known company, but in the food industry it’s one of the top-notch companies. The Illinois based company is one of the leading meat processors providing quality food to retailers for over a hundred years.

OSI Group’s quality food and relationship with retailers has led them to become a successful company with a billion dollar revenue. OSI Group’s success has grown so much that they’ve purchased other food companies. One of the first companies OSI Group purchased was Baho Food, which was acquired in early 2016. The acquisition of Baho Food, which is a Dutch company, allowed OSI Group to expand their food market in Europe.

Baho Food wouldn’t be the only company OSI Group acquired in 2016. Later that year, they purchased Flagship Europe, a company much like Baho Food. Flagship Europe would allow OSI Group to not only broaden their reach in Europe, but they’d also step into new innovative products such as sauces, frozen foods, and other meats.

Aside from their billions in revenue and their recent acquisitions, OSI Group has received numerous awards for their service. Their most recent award was the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The prestigious award recognized OSI Group’s dedication to environmental management, which garnered OSI a five-star rating.

With their aim for providing quality food and their strive for making environmental and innovative changes, it’s no surprise that OSI is one of the leading food industry companies in the world.

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