Big Move For Trucept Heralds Brian Bonar Influence

In late 2016, it was announced that Trucept was moving its main office to Florida, particularly to Tampa. This surprised many in the financial industry, as Trucept had been centered in the same area for so long.

Many experts worried if they were going to be able to keep their incredible business packages for new and old employees: thankfully, it appears that no one will lose any previously held benefits.

One of the key players in this move was Brian Bonar. This business specialist helped transform Trucept and every business he touched into major players in their field. Understanding this man and his influence can help you better understand just how big this move could be for Trucept.

Who Is Brian Bonar?

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar was, until very recently, the president and CEO of Trucept, Inc. Although he recently retired to enjoy a much needed vacation, he was a key player in the financial industry and in the ascent of this particular company.

After receiving undergraduate and MBA and doctorate degrees (from Staffordshire University), he started his career at IBM. From there, this technological engineer went on to get involved in QMS and engineering, working with over 100 different people during his tenure.

After mastering his position here, he moved on to become executive in a variety of firms, including his biggest, Trucept and later with Dalrada Financial Services. Mr. Bonar’s biggest specializes remain mergers and acquisitions, which are fueled by his friendly and creative personality.


His skills lie heavily in communication and working with companies to achieve a buyout package that is fair and reasonable. Mr. Bonar isn’t interested in bulldozing his competition but in finding useful compromises that work for everyone.

What Does This Move Mean For Trucept?

Moving to Florida for its main office is a bold move for Trucept and one that could have only attempted after Bonar’s skilled leadership. Basically they are moving away from their comfort zone of Texas and California and to a whole new area of business.

While much of their actual transactions take place on the East Coast, they’ve remained a Texas and California-bound business for years.

Expanding to Florida and settling here could open up a whole new world of operation for Trucept. With the Texas and California offices doing their thing on the West Coast, Trucept can start investing in businesses on the other side of the country.

This transcontinental business model could help transform them into an already bigger player in the financial field. While the full benefits remain to be seen, it’s easy to predict bigger and better things for this rapidly growing and fascinating company.

And they have Mr. Bonar to thank for taking them to the cusp of this moment and then giving them the chance to fly on their own.