These Tips Will Help You Throw The Perfect Party

Everyone knows that throwing a party can be incredibly stressful. Good hosts are likely to put tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves in order to create a party environment that keeps their friends and family feeling festive and full of happiness.


If you’re not exactly a party-planning expert, there’s still hope. You can always hire one of the several event planners in New York so that you can relax while they handle the big stuff. Twenty Three Layers is one of the very best event planning companies in NYC. This full-service company is composed of expert planners who can help you with decor, creating a menu and even providing a photo booth for your guests.


Alternatively, you can manage to throw your own party without the help of a professional by developing an understanding of party-planning basics. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite party-planning tips from professional party and corporate event planners in NYC who have been through it all.



Create a DIY Bar Area


One of the most common mistakes that hosts make is not thinking the whole beverage aspect through. Guests like to drink and it’s important to find a way to make it easy for them to grab a drink when they want. Rather than having them search through your refrigerator each time they want a refill, simply make a bar area somewhere in your home. This bar can be decorated however you wish and you can get creative with things like mixers, garnishes and glasses.



Make Tasty Yet Simple Appetizers


Another common mistake is trying to serve a meal composed of several courses to a large number of guests. Besides the fact that this is a lot of work, it’s simply impractical to have a large number of guests walk around and mingle with plates and forks in their hands. Instead, go with finger foods. You can still create yummy and satisfying food for your guests without tiring yourself out in the kitchen all day long.



Make a Space for Kids


If your guests have kids, it’s up to you to make sure that they’re entertained while the guests mingle. Get creative and make a space that’s extremely kid-friendly. Stock it with some activities that will keep them satisfied for hours.


Now that you know the basics of party-planning, you’ll be able to throw an unforgettable bash for your friends and family.