Personalized Style that Keeps Up with the Latest Trends: Just Fab

JustFab is a full service clothing line that helps its members pick out the latest fashions and piece them together! For the women who is just to busy to shop, JustFab is a dream come true. All you have to do is sign up, take the quiz, and become a member. The benefits of membership allows you to receive personalized styles put together. With a price tag of only 39.95, it is a steal for the peace of mind you get.

You receive a style profile from your quiz. Once you receive it, you get to shop through a personalized boutique of clothes just for you. The more you shop, you become a VIP, and save money. JustFab keeps up with the latest trends in Hollywood with their offices based out of Los Angeles. The company is at the center of style and fashion, which helps them keep up with the latest fashion.

Recently, JustFab was featured on “Project Runaway” as one of their contests. The winner of the contests will have their designs featured and sold on JustFab. This company’s dedication to keeping up with the current styles and trends shows through their involvement with up and coming designers. The pieces on JustFab are the latest in fashion and now that they have teamed up with a modern designer in the making show, they are sure to please.

JustFab is a successful subscription e-commerce company, and it plans to grow and expand in a big way. It announced a merger with another LA-based e-commerce company ShoeDazzle. These two companies could easily profit 300 million in 2014 alone. Read more: @justfabonline and JustFab | CrunchBase

Both companies seek to personalize styles for each customer. With these two fashion giants, the customer will receive high quality clothes and shoes that keep up with the latest in fashion trends. Their goal and mission is to help their customers stay stylish.

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