‘Beneful’ Info for Dog Lovers!

Since its creation in 2001, Nestle Purina’s dry dog food brand ‘Beneful’ has been a welcome choice for many pet owners. This brand has been one of the top selling dog food brands in Wal-Mart, fed to at least fourteen million dogs each year. The company boasts the health benefits in their dog food, and their marketing record proves that they are definitely the real deal as a dog food company.

Between the companies dedicated employees and its well known gold standards, it seems like Beneful would be the go-to choice for pet owners who treat their dogs like family. However, in spite of all their wonderful qualities, it seems as if Beneful has come under scrutiny in recent months. There was enough concern that a class action suit was filed against Nestle Purina in 2015. It was comprised of people concerned with the contents within the dog food, some of which involved the use of Propylene Glycol, unnecessary food dyes, and the presence off mycotoxins. A Huffington Post writer, Carlotta Cooper, wrote a detailed article on this, covering a more in-depth look into the subject. To read the entire article, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carlotta-cooper/beneful-revisited_b_9851634.html.
Luckily for Beneful, most of these allegations hold no basis when it comes to pet health. There has been no evidence found to justify the cause for legal action, according to Dr. Janet Jackson, Vice President of PetCare Nutritional Research. As of right now, Nestle Purina PetCare is refusing to settle.
Yet, despite all of this, the company has decided  to take initiative and reformulate their Beneful line. Juli Plassmeyer, Vice President of Marketing, stated “We are always listening to dog owners’ feedback and finding new ways to evolve and improve our food.”. The changes included removing the sugar from the recipe, reducing the dye amounts, replacing the Propylene Glycol with a vegetable-based glycerin, and pressing a heavier emphasis on  the use of real meats in the dog food. All of these changes, but the company still promises to deliver the same textures that both people and dogs have come to know and love.
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Love in a Bag: Purina Beneful Dry Dog Foods

Purina has been making dog food for decades and they are leaders in the pet food industry. They employ veterinarians and researchers who are constantly looking for the healthiest and tastiest ingredients to incorporate into their Beneful and other excellent PurinaStore pet food varieties. Their employees are dedicated and feed their own dogs Beneful dog food everyday. Beneful is available on WalMart Stores in both dry (https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/) and wet food and savory snacks, too. They know the best ingredients go into their food because they make it.
For example, their Beneful Healthy Puppy dry formula is a complete nutritionally balanced tasty blend of soft and crunchy morsels. It’s easy for puppies to chew with just the right amount of crunch for their growing strong teeth. It contains DHA and vegetables for development of puppy’s brain and vision. Its high quality chicken protein helps develop healthy muscles and energy for puppy’s everyday growth needs. The Beneful Dry Original Blend With Beef keeps your fully grown adult dog thriving and healthy. The beef flavor dogs love combined with just the right amount of vegetables and anti oxidants that come together in a yummy blend of soft and crunchy tenders. A Beneful Healthy Weight dry formula is available similar to the Original Blend but with high protein chicken to provide 10% less calories with all the nutrition.

Many dog owners love to reward their dogs with treats to show them extra love, but more importantly, for training purposes. Encouraging good behavior with treats is the best and fastest way to promote desired behaviors in a pet.

Beneful makes a full extensive line of dog food varieties and treats to meet all dogs needs and tastes while being 100% completely nutritionally balanced. They all contain all the nutrients a dog needs to grow healthy and strong while also providing dogs a tasty meal they’re sure to love.