MB2 Dental Provides A Way For Dentists To Get The Buying Power of A Corporate Dentist Office

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and an active practitioner in dentistry. MB2 Dental is a company that allows dentists to consolidate their business practices and improve operating standards while maintaining a private practice. MB2 Dental can offer services for human resources, accounting, finance, credentialing, compliance, IT, billing, and collections. Additional services include marketing, recruiting, procurement, business development, and training.

Dr. Villanueva was tired of seeing all the corporate dentists enjoy the economies of scale and get discounted prices on supplies and services. So, he decided to start a company that could bring the two worlds together. Having experienced both kinds of dentistry business models, he knew there had to be a way to get corporate benefits while maintaining a private practice. Thus, MB2 was born and became a dentist-owned firm.

MB2 provides a way for dentists to get the buying power of a corporate dentist office. It also provides a way out from under the minutiae of paperwork and management. However, this does not impact the actual private dentist office. The individual dentist decides which services they want to use and which they are not willing to change. Everything is up to the dentists. They can decide which services they want to take advantage of and what they still want to handle themselves. Some dentists like taking care of part of the day-to-day processes and others just want to focus on the clinical portion of the business.

Additionally, the dentists can choose to partner together. This might be done because one dentist has a specialty service that another dentist could take advantage of. The two locations would determine how they run. The dentists would make joint decisions, based on whatever agreement they put together, and decide what MB2 services to take advantage of.

Dr. Villanueva is a determined dentist who tries to take a vacation and not take himself too seriously – his employees shoot each other with nerf guns in the office. His idea of building his business on the people in it and not the physical requirements is what drives him forward. He believes that the company is successful because it focuses on the individual dentists and allows them to express themselves in the manner they want. Building a business allowing dentists to work together was a dream that Dr. Villanueva was able to bring to fruition successfully.

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How MB2 Dental Solutions Puts Their Affiliates Patients First

MB2 Dental Solutions is one of the most interesting companies in the field of providing business services to dental practices, an industry that is often quite boring and drab. They are based in Carrolton, Texas, and provide their services in six states to date with plans for more in the future. The providers that have partnered with them count over 85 practices so far and counting.

Many dentists love to run a solo practice and avoid the bureaucracy of being a corporate dentist. However, they acknowledge there are benefits to being attached to a large corporation such as economies of scale and having someone else tend to the business side of things. MB2 Dental Solutions is dedicated to giving dentists who own solo practices the best of both worlds. They maintain complete autonomy when it comes to the dentistry they perform while on the other hand they don’t have to deal with the aspects of running a business that they don’t want to deal with.

MB2 Dental Solutions can run pretty much everything outside of the dentist-patient relationship when it comes to operating a dental practice. They can do everything from payroll to IT support to training to marketing and everything in between. The dentists that have affiliated with them really appreciate this because they can bring in more clients, make more money, and not become a businessman on top of being a dentist.

The success of MB2 Dental Solutions, which is privately held, has come to the attention of venture capitalists who want to be part of a very successful company. One of these companies is Sentinel Capital Partners who chose to invest a substantial amount of money in this company in October 2017. They were attracted to the relationship MB2 Dental Solutions has with its affiliates, which is referred to as a “joint venture” model.

One of the partners at Sentinel, Paul Murphy, said that MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that is able to both attract and retain great employees because it is a company that is dedicated to the idea that “patients come before profits”. This focus on their clients and their patients means that MB2 Dental Solutions is doing right by their customers and has the correct focus to attract more affiliates in the future. By doing business the right way the leadership of MB2 Dental Solutions has established a path forward that everyone involved benefits from.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Music Career, Business, and Charity Work

Diversity is among the remedies to success. Most individuals fail to diversify their interests due to time constraints. However, Dr. Avi is a success story as far as diversity is concerned. Over the years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has successfully managed to combine his passion for charity, business, and music.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Charity Work


As a professional dentist, Dr. Avi has encountered difficult dental cases. Throughout his career, he has come to contact with children suffering from facial deformities. In fact, he partners with Operation Smile, an international NGO that provides free surgical operations to children with facial deformities. In line with this, Dr. Avi has launched Go Fund Me to raise funds towards Operation Smile. As an active philanthropist, Avi hopes to raise at least $2,000 dollars towards Operation Smile foundation.


Business Ventures


Mr. Weisfogel owns Dental Sleep Masters, a medical facility based in 2014. The facility devotes to helping dental professionals develop their businesses. Dental Sleep Masters connects oral healthcare practitioners with sleep disorder patients. Besides, the facility has high-quality equipment used to treat sleep apnea patients. With an extensive background in healthcare, Dr. Weisfogel offers consultancy services to help sleep apnea patients secure treatment as soon as they are diagnosed.


Music Endeavors


Dr. Avi’s entrance into music got everyone by surprise. His favorite music genre is hip hop. Dr. Avi taps every available opportunity in the world of music. Since his entry into the world of music, Dr. Avi has built a fanatical following on Soundcloud. His music not only motivates and inspires listeners, but has dope beats. Although Dr. Avi is a late entrant into the musical world, his presence shakes up the status quo. He looks forward to releasing more hit songs in the future.


When he is not in music, Weisfogel enjoys other hobbies. He likes watching his favorite New York football giants on Sundays. In an effort to advance his skills in music, Dr. Avi is pursuing videography and photography. Being a talented man, Dr. Avi runs Dental Sleep Masters while releasing hit songs. He has earned several accolades including the best dentist for multiple years.