Whitney Wolfe, The Relationship Guru Has Created A Revolution In Online Dating

Whitney Wolfe speaks passionately on matters concerning relationships. She does not have any interest in being in a relationship and living lustfully. She, however, has a lot of attention in helping people find the right connections. Her passion has seen the birth of something aimed at assisting people to get into satisfactory relationships. One of the results of her undying love for relationships is a dating site known as Bumble. There are many dating apps today, but this one dramatically differs from the rest.

Whitney is also very passionate about women empowerment. She has therefore invested much of her time in creating something more natural that would help women get into right relationships. With her Bumble application, She has disabled the men’s account so that she can prevent them from spamming women. In this space, women are given the opportunity to initiate. Women are for sure at ease with approaching the man. They prefer making an indication of the man they want. In the event they are lucky, they, therefore, end up in a relationship they are satisfied with.

Bumble has proven to be the dating application needed by both men and women. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in creating good relationships for both genders. There have been a lot of setbacks when it comes to the older dating site applications. Many men have complained continuously of how these dating apps make it impossible for them to find someone. Similarly, the women also have their troubles. Whitney Wolfe’s application has benefited both men and women. The distinguishing trait possessed by Whitney Wolfe is the fact that while she promotes and supports women empowerment, she is also keen on giving the right men some recognition.

Anyone who needs an account at Bumble can get one quickly by ensuring that the information they give is correct. It shouldn’t be what they think the other person would want. Afterwards, it is essential for one to put a picture. Having an avatar is necessary so that the other party has an idea of how the person they are talking about looks like.

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Whitney Wolfe Revamps Online Dating With Bumble

What She Wants To Change

Whitney Wolfe believes there is a serious problem in online dating. She clearly wants to change the way we look at online dating and give women a chance to empower themselves. This is exactly what Bumble does. It gives women the right to make the first move in all dating situations. This means that many of the issues affecting online dating, such as sexual harassment, are easily handled in Bumble. Given the fact that millions are using the platform it seems she has succeed.

The Difference Bumble Makes

Bumble is making a difference by changing the dating dynamics we are used to. Traditionally, we are used to men making the first move in all interactions between men and women. Whitney Wolfe wanted to do something about this in her dating app. She considered many possible solutions, but the one that stood out the most was the possibility of giving women the power to choose when things start. The approach seems to be just fine with the users of Bumble. Less than 15 of all users have reported any sexual harassment on the online dating platform in the years it has been around.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe a young entrepreneur who has made headlines for her ability to generate success with apps and other online entrepreneurial options without any of the difficulties many people often see. Prior to the creation of Bumble as a young college graduate, she was working for Hatch Labs on the Tinder dating app. She used her experience with this dating app to create Bumble as a competitor with Tinder with a focus on female empowerment. Since her decision she has been hailed as one of the greatest examples of a young businesswoman proving herself. Learn More.