How This Bank is Helping To Change The Dallas Landscape

Homeownership is something most practical people dream about. There is nothing more rewarding than owning your own home and it can be one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. Unfortunately, many people can’t afford their own home or just can’t seem to get accepted into a mortgage agreement. This can be frustrating especially if you have your heart set on the task at hand, but many Dallas, Texas residents are benefiting from the services provided by three note worthy organizations whom are working hand to hand.

Southern Dallas: Affordable Homeownership
Dallas, Texas is no exclusion when it comes to low income areas. Of course it has it’s fair share of wealthy and middle class neighborhoods, but there are numerous areas of low income or poverty.

NexBank is leading the charge to help people purchase their very own home and is doing this by providing up to $50 Million dollars in loan support. That’s right! $50 Million over a 5 year period of time. The bank is taking it a step farther by paying off the home’s title fees as well as $2,000 in closing costs. Since many deserving people just don’t have the financial backing for purchasing a home, this comes as a blessing in disguise. The banking institution is a successful mortgage, investment, and commercial banking center in the Greater Dallas Area. As of June 30th 2016, this financial institution was reported to have $3.5 Billion in assets. No pun intended, but that surely ” money in the bank.” NexBank is working with two other organization to make this a reality. Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes play an important role also by helping to bridge the gap with their services. These organizations can be thought of as the brains while NexBank can be thought of as the muscle.

This affordable housing program wouldn’t come into fruition without the two and with NexBank currently jumping aboard, the sky is the limit. Over the next 5 years many fortunate people will get to live the true American Dream.