Best Eco-Travel Destinations

Whether you head towards towards Africa or our State of Alaska, is the website to explore to truly experience our earth in natural wildness. There is no better site in which to peruse exciting excursions to the outlier regions of the world, and travel for a purpose: to observe and preserve our environmentally-endangered species and terrain.


We must contribute to the ecological life of our planet, Earth. When we can “walk the land” (any endangered area and wildlife area) in search of the wild non-human life among us, it is a eco-conscious effort.


African terrain can be explored for about a month for less than $3000 USD. Botswana bush trips of educational value and instructive guidance will inspire “urbanites” as well as “ruralites” in their exploration of the need for planet sustainability. Botswana 28-day trail trips with tent accommodations are for true explorers. Researching habitats, species, and their movements in your up-close observations, and photographing opportunities are meaningful and exciting.


Alaskan terrain can be explored for about a month for around $4000 USD, at the Sportsman Lodge, for fly fishing at Bristol Bay. A small craft flies out to carry you on a fishing at Kvichak (pronounced kwee-jack). Fresh wild Halibut, Salmon, and when “in season,” King Crab legs make for a scrumptious feast of seafood fare. What you catch can be processed, vacuum-packed, and shipped to anywhere in the “lower 48” to your home.


These eco-travel destinations provide pleasure by entering a new locale, experience, and sometimes into a remote area of the world. They also provide education as to the impact of our living style, offering “green” and more compensation in our co-existence of mankind with nature. These travel destinations are organized to focus on awareness and proactive steps people can take to provide support to our future generations of life.


We are coming upon a dilemma; it includes using eventually no fossil fuels, geo-warming progression and evolution, and the true desire to preserve known endangered species inhabiting our planet. The best way to understand and contribute is going on an eco-travel destination!


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