Construcap: Achieves Platinum LEED Certification with the Construction of the Arena Mineirao

Only two Platinum certification seals have been issued in the last decade. Both of these certifications have been awarded to sports arenas. The latest project was completed in 2013 by Construcap for the building of the Arena Mineirao in Brazil. The second Platinum Certification seal was issued in the United States to the University of Texas. Only buildings built with the highest level of sustainable construction are provided the Leed Platinum certification seal.

In order to be considered for lead certification, companies must register their project on the LEED Online platform . After a project has been registered, every step of the project must follow the principles outlined by the platform. Each project certification must be approved by the US Green Building Council also known as USGBC.

There are two main components of the LEED assessment system. Prerequisites and credits. Prerequisites are mandatory and apply to the sustainable design or the green building component of the project. While credits are optional and are only required if a company chooses to earn additional points. There are several assessment categories in a sustainable building project. The maximum that a company can earn is 110 points. The minimum earning potential to earn a reward is 40 points. 50 points is considered a LEED Silver project and LEED Gold projects must accumulate more than 60 points. Platinum, the highest LEED project status is was obtained by The Arena Mineirao project. Companies must earn more than 80 points to receive Platinum Certification.

The goal of building a green building was reached due to several factors. The architecture of the building was designed to improve the flow of air and utilize less energy. The company also built a system to capture and store rainwater, which will be utilized for the arenas toilets and urinals. This portion of the project will help to reduce water usage by 70%.

Construcap is a leading Brazilian construction Company. The company has completed projects in a variety of sectors including gas, oil and commercial buildings. Established over seventy years ago, the company has been listed as one of the best companies in Brazil by Exame Magazine in 2012.