Interesting Facts about Town Residential You Should Know

Finding the right real estate agents in New York is of particular importance. One may end up finding a hidden gem for a great bargain. One such real estate agency in New York is Town Residential. The company has been in the New York real estate landscape for quite a while now. They have helped many people find their dream homes.

History of Town Residential

The company has not had decades to build its name. In fact, the company was founded in 2010. However, the small leadership team behind the company has turned it into one of the most reputable real estate firms in New York. The company has a major emphasis on the quality of its employees. As a result, most people who work here can give their all to the success of the company. The leadership team comprises of people with vast experience in New York real estate. It is what has allowed them to build one of the best luxury real estate companies in the city.

What Sets Town Residential Apart

The leadership team has played a major role in the success of the company. However, specializing in the luxury market has also been a major part of their success. The company puts all its efforts into only finding the best for its clients. The company deals with the sale and leasing of residential apartments. Also, it deals with the marketing, sale, and leasing of commercial and retail properties. However, they always maintain their uncompromising principles. Thus, any property one gets from Town Residential is usually high-end.

The Leadership Team Behind Town Residential

The executive team behind any company is important. For one to understand how awesome Town Residential is, they need to learn about the quality of the top leadership behind it.

Andrew Heiberger

Mr. Heiberger is one of the most successful people in the New York real estate landscape. He has founded some successful real estate companies in his life. For instance, has been the CEO of Citi Habitat and Buttonwood Development, both of which are Manhattan-based real estate firms. Currently, he is the CEO of Town Residential. He is also an attorney, and he serves on the New York Real Estate Board. He has earned numerous accolades for being successful at such a young age.

Jacqueline Pestana
She is part of the top leadership at Town Residential. She serves in the position of Chief Operating Officer. She has over fifteen years of experience in New York Real Estate. Her experience has made her an important part of the driving force behind the success of Town Residential. She has a background in accounting. Her first entry into the real estate industry was with Citi Habitat. She has a reputation for being able to handle any situation in a professional manner.


Building a successful company like Town Residential has not been without its share of challenges. However, the experience and commitment to quality are what has kept the company going.