Touching Hearts With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has been known for many outstanding roles in the show entertainment industry, such as American idol, On Air with Ryan, Live with Kelly and Ryan,but the most unnoticed facet of his endeavors I admire is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has been known to be a non-profit organization devoted to empowering our children through radio broadcast media and giving them behind the scenes insight. One of the first initiatives the Ryan Seacrest foundation has set in place is to build broad cast media centers. The centers are named Seacrest Studios. All of centers are built inside of children’s pediatric hospitals. Each patient gets to explore the fun creative dimensions of radio, new media and television.

The centers have been developed to empower and build confidence within the patients and families that are there for a longterm stay. In unique way each individual patient is given a chance to smile and laugh about there media engagements and accomplishments. The Ryan Seacrest foundation believes the privilage of having access to media experiences will create invigorating journeys that empower the optimistic thought process during treatment procedures.

The importance of reaching out the community around the centers is imperative. Getting students involved from journalism school gives the access to the opportunity of gaining broadcasting experience. Ryan’s noble decision to create these centers should be an example of how most successful people should invest in giving back to those less fortunate.

Being an iconic public figure can be challenging at times. Everyday isn’t the best when it comes to dealing with your innermost feelings. That’s why I commend Ryan Seacrest for basing his foundation around bringing true cheer to children who desperately need the encouragement. I understand Ryan’s radio broadcast and host entertainment positions are great achievements, but his foundation has become the highlight of another person’s life.

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The Ideology Behind Guilherme Paulus’s Entrepreneurship Success

The concept of entrepreneurship is based on the idea of finding a gap in the market and fulfilling it for a profit. When talking about successful entrepreneurs in Brazil who have utilized the concept to become what they are today, Guilherme Paulus can’t miss in the list.

Guilherme Paulus is a hotelier and international entrepreneur who runs the Brazilian tour company called the CVC Brasil Operadora and the GJP Hotels and Resorts. These brand of hotels and resorts are situated throughout Brazil. He started his career when he joined IBM where he worked as an intern, the man now regarded as the most influential businessman in the country.

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The idea of starting the CVC Company was conceived by then the state deputy Carlos Vicente Cerchiari whom they met on a ship and expressed his interest in beginning a tourist agency in Santo André. Guilherme Paulus proposed to come in with work and him with the real investment. The idea was implemented by opening a store in a little street next to an exit of cinema where they operated as partners for four years before Paulus went his way. That marked the onset of his entrepreneurship journey and a take-off into something beyond his imagination.

Guilherme Paulus has a unique way of giving life his ideas; he starts by first putting it into action. For him, one will never realize whether something is a noble idea or not before you set it into practice, thus bringing ideas to life is a matter of faith. As an entrepreneur, he recommends that to make a dream a reality, passion counts a great deal. Work hard, take the clients needs, changes, and behavior keenly as many entrepreneurs end up not having the proximity to the periphery of their businesses.

Paulus considers technology as one of the exciting trends in life that attract his attention. The pace at which information is exchanged makes him understand the needs of his clients quickly and act even faster than before. Technology has also enhanced understanding and responding to market trends as required as it cuts the distance between change, information and action remarkably.

Tony Petrello Shows Application For Nabors Industries Workers Helping Out With Hurricane Harvey

The city of Houston has a long road ahead of itself coming out of the damage of hurricane Harvey with not only the billions of dollars in property destroyed, but also in the effects it’s had on residents. But helping the city on the road to recovery are several companies and their leaders including Nabors Industries and CEO Tony Petrello. Petrello gave over $170,000 matching a fundraiser to help areas that were hit by the storm, and the company’s employees also went out to help with repairs. Petrello even decided to give them compensation for volunteering in the field as well as time to make sure their own homes were alright. A kitchen was even open to cook hot meals for those without power.

Tony Petrello has been leading Nabors Industries in investment strategies and mergers and acquisitions deals since taking over as CEO in 2011. The company has the world’s largest oil drilling land rig fleet and holds a large quantity of offshore modular drilling stations. They also own two advanced M-800 and M-1000 automated rig sets and Petrello has also led a merger with Tesco Corporation which resulted in more rigs now incorporated in the Nabors portfolio.

Tony Petrello was made chief operating officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. Before that he was an attorney who practiced corporate law at Baker & McKenzie for 13 years and was also managing partner of the firm for six years. He studied law at Harvard where he received his JD. Prior to that he graduated with honors with both a BS and a master’s in advanced mathematics from Yale. While attending Yale, he was a top student of mathematics professor Serge Lange. Tony Petrello has several other positions on boards including being a board member of Stewart & Stevenson, Hillcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurology center.

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Aloha Construction-Making Dreams Come True

Aloha Construction’s a recipient of the Torch Award, and they couldn’t be happier. The Award is only given to the most deserving companies that have exercised the very highest standards. To even be considered for the recognition a company must meet six requirements.

They must be committed to ethical practices, enforce and build a culture in the workplace that upholds high ethics and practices. Leadership and unified organization must also be followed as well as a commitment to performance management practices. An organizational commitment to the community must be followed as well as a commitment to ethical human resource practices.

Aloha Construction met all the necessary criteria, and they’re proud to be considered for such an honorable award. Aloha Construction values its employees, clients, and the community as well. They provide high-quality services such as siding replacement, gutters, roofing, and even back their craftsmanship with a 10-year warranty.

Aloha Construction has even recently launched an interior remodeling and restoration division. Their new sector will provide much-needed services such as restoration and damage services, but they will offer a team that is licensed and certified.

Aloha Construction is a proud sponsor of the local hockey team as well as teh Roselle Medinah softball and baseball organizations. They are partners with the Bloomington Boys and Girls clubs and they also donate $5 for every assist that the Illinois State University gets.

Aloha Construction has a charitable branch called the David Farbaky Foundation, named after the founder of the company. Through the branch, they were able to locate a family in need with the help of Omni Youth Services. The family that they were able to help, a mother and her four daughters, took home $7,000 worth of toys after a 60-second shopping spree. They also made to possible for a boy with congenital heart disease to go see a Chicago Bulls vs. Houston Rockets game. It is not all about what they do to help their community, but it is all about giving true hope to those who need it most and making dreams come true that would otherwise remain just dreams.

Info on Equities First Holdings within Australia

A bit of detail on Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings happens to be a a provider of alternative shareholder financing. This is a fairly useful company for those who are within the business or are planning on getting in big business. Requiring a good shareholder is ideal to help keep better track of money and help better maintain a financial situation. This company is stated to have completed a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited for funding reasons. This company has become a widespread within India and Australia within 2016. Though it was fairly recent, this company still manages to uphold its business and satisfy many customers.

The funding that was used was meant to help support projects that was going on with India, which indeed raised around $30 million dollars over time. This truly ensues the clients that they are in proper hands with this company, it has been within business for over a decade and promises to guide the clients through the process when it comes to financial management. As stated this company is located with Australia along with India and a number of other countries. A truly good opportunity to take part of when I business.


Investment Tips to Learn From Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the king of shopping malls in Brazil and he has successfully established the biggest shopping mall in the country. The Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil has gained a lot of fame worldwide due to its unique set up as well as the vast number of people that go shopping there. At the shopping mall, there is a vast number of activities that take place that make it fun for you to go shopping at the latter. People interested in holding official conferences can also seek the services at the mall as they got spacious and quite rooms for serious business.

Roberto gained his entrepreneurial skills from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa, where he received his bachelor`s degree in Business Administration. He has always had a passion towards business since he was young, and he has luckily lived up to his dream. He started his career at Café Santa Rosa, which was a firm that majored in the manufacture and sale of products across the broader parts of the country. His passion towards being a business owner saw him quit his job to start up his now fully developed venture.

The Manaira shopping mall consists of close to 280 stores, which entail colleges, theatres, entertainment rooms as well beauty parlous. A lot of fun goes down at the shopping mall and it is one single place that gives you an opportunity to meet and socialize with new people from the broader parts of Brazil. Besides, it is also known to have the biggest hall in the country. The Domus hall is the center of attraction to many people, particularly those that seek to hold official meetings at the latter.

Santiago is a go-getter and does not turn back when it comes to implementing his goals. Despite achieving a major success with his Manaira Shopping Mall, he also went ahead to set up a smaller Manaira mall, which has also gained a lot of fame and a vast number of customers. His positive attitude has been associated with his major successes and a vast number of individuals have strived to emulate him.

Besides being a hard worker, Roberto is also innovative and likes to share ideas that are unique and not similar to others. He has also strived to help other entrepreneurs develop their firms through his passion to share his expertise on the best strategies they can employ to achieve success. Through his many investments, he has created job opportunities for the people of Brazil and as a result, helped many people strive through the hard economic times in the country. His dedication towards his work has seen Manaira shopping mall gain many customers and he looks forward to serving them better in the coming years.


Sahm Adrangi Issues Report

When looking to invest in the stock market, taking the necessary steps to protect your investment is very important. For those that are looking to improve their diligence and protect their assets, one individual to take financial and investment advice from is Sahm Adrangi, who is currently the head of Kerrisdale Capital.

Sahm Adrangi will frequently provide insight into stocks that appear to be overvalued or company investments that do not seem right. Over the past few months, he has issued a report on Eastman Kodak, which is best known for being the creator of the Kodak line of cameras. This company has historically been considered a stable company and has not seen too much volatility in the stock price. However, in 2017 the company saw a big pop in the share price when they announced that they were going to release a new digital coin.

Similar to other companies that announced that they were going to have an Initial Coin Offering, the share price of Eastman Kodak increased substantially over a two-week period. While Sahm Adrangi believes that there is potential for digital coins and currencies as a whole, he does not believe that this move necessarily made sense for Eastman Kodak and he believed that the share price was way too high.

One of the reasons why Adrangi believes that the share price was too high is that there may not be a real need for Kodak to even have a coin. Sam Adrangi does not necessarily think that Kodak is going to benefit from having a coin and the company that is creating the coin does not have the best reputation.

Overall, Sahm Adrangi believes that the share price of the stock of Eastman Kodak will decline once the hype behind the coin is over. This could lead to a drop in price that is below where Kodak was even before they released news about the coin. What is concerning is whether the company has invested heavily in the coin to the point where they could have wasted a lot of money that could have been invested in other areas.

Billionaire Wes Edens Amasses Enormous Returns in Alternative Assets

Successful billionaire Wes Edens, Founder of Fortress Investment Group and sitting chairman amasses enormous returns with alternative assets investments under management is creating a portfolio that is one of the largest and most respected within the investment industry. Wes Edens is the Chief Investment Officer at Fortress and currently is the Head and President of Private Equity. Since December 2017, Wes Edens has held the position of Co-Chief Executive Officer as well. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance. He also completed his education with a Master’s in Business Administration from Oregon State University as well.

Over a long illustrious career at various appointments within numerous financial investment firms, Wes Edens has produced a track record of profitable investment management that has provided a platform and foundation for an illustrious career in the investment markets. Currently, as a founder of Fortress Investment Group a company that is leading the industry in the alternative asset management area, Wes Edens is providing a blueprint for other investment firms to follow as a catalyst and trailblazer in profitable returns on investment in alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group specializes in distressed, illiquid credit Investments, and undervalued assets, which is a market that has become a renowned leader and investor that has established a track record for generating top-tier returns on investments for all of his clients and other institutional investment partners.

The company currently employs over 500 professionals that are dedicated to providing the highest level of insight and analysis on opportunities both domestically and globally within the credit and distress cycles around the world. Wes Edens has become renowned for his leadership and advancement within this realm of investment and become the go-to investor in the world by evaluating and acquiring these alternative assets. Through the leadership of Wes Edens, Fortress provides loans and funding for middle market companies that invest in alternative asset industries and numerous classes of assets they provide the necessary capital to expand into areas that are not AAA in status. In fact, Fortress has made substantial returns by investing in rescue, distressed environments, refinancing, buyouts, and growth environments that can seem risky but the rewards are very high and lucrative. The leadership of successful billionaire Wes Edens has provided Fortress Investment Group with a strong foundation and profitable returns on investment through investments in alternative assets.


Julia Jackson: The Best Taste in Wine

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson, the youngest daughter of Jess Jackson was born in San Francisco, California in 1988. Jess Jackson has prominent name in the wine field by building an empire with the Jackson Family Wines. The family wineries are located in several locations that are across the world. The Cambria Estate that is connected to the Jackson Family Wines was created in 1987. The Cambrie Estate Pinot Noir which is a part of Julia`s Vineyard was voted Wine of the Year by Wine Enthusiast in 2010. Before the success of being successful in the wine business. Julia Jackson attended Scripps College. Julie attained her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art.

Julia JacksonJulia had founded her nonprofit organization in 2014. The foundation is called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The program celebrates women by encourage them of overcoming their hardships in life. They celebrate the women as Warrior Women and the Warrior Women are inspiring to other women within the community. The Cambria Seeds of Empowerment gives awards annually by grants that are in the amount $ 100,000. The Jackson Family Wines has a variety of wines from Champ de Reves, Edmeades, Carmel Road, Byron, Arrowood and many more wines in their many winery.

The Incredible Achievements of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the CEO as well the president of Nabors Industries Ltd. located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors deals with oil and gas drilling contracts. Nabors is having it’s headquartered offices in Houston and will buy Tesco Corp also located in Houston in a whole-stock transaction. The deal is to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017. In Aug 2011, Tesco common stock was worth $4.62 per share placed on the closing price of Nabors shares. The deal between the two companies is that each outstanding share of Tesco common stock will correspond to 0.68 Nabors common shares. Once the arrangement is made, the shareholders of Tesco will acquire about ten percent of Nabors shares.

If this understanding fails to close by Feb. 14, 2018, Tesco will have to part with $8 million and pay Nabors. The payment in accordance to filing with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. The deal favors the two companies as it merges Nabors’ rig equipment subsidiary with Tesco’s rig equipment rental, manufacturing and aftermarket service business. Tesco will also benefit Nabors with their tubular services business. Nabors is positive about this whole pact, and they believe it will bring them success.

Anthony Petrello said in a press release that operating synergies would rise from $20 million in the first year to $30 million up to $35million. He also stated that the transaction would speed up the strategy presented at Nabors Analyst Day done in November 2016. Nabors has their financial adviser as intrepid partners and Stikeman Elliott LLP, Milbank, & McCloy LLP, Hadley and Tweed as legal counsel. Tesco has J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as the financial advisor and Norton Rose Fulbright as the legal adviser. Nabors has also built a joined investment with Saudi Aramco and a union with Weatherford International Ltd.

Petrello is a man who understands that success does not come without effort. He struggled throughout his life to get to where he is currently. Petrello admires strong work ethic and intelligence. He was a mathematical scholar at Yale then Later joined Harvard Law School. He changed from mathematics to human science. Petrello is a successful man who appreciates his labor.

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