Discover Brian Bonar’s Exclusive Restaurant Bellamy

Bellamy. One word says it all when describing culinary expertise in San Diego. The restaurant in downtown Escondido is quickly becoming a staple to the area by offering some of the finest dining cuisine hosted in the area. Bellamy is headed up by acclaimed chef Patrick Ponsaty who heralds from Toulouse France.

With a background reminiscent of the gîtes of France, Ponsaty brings his own take on the menu harkening to refined and delicate foods. He comes to San Diego armed with a prestigious title of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France of 2012 under his belt. He also ranked third overall in the world National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry of Paris.

Bellamy is entering the market as a culinary delight. So far, it has gained accolades due to its elegant menu. Some of its most notable offerings are its bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels, duck sauvage, Spanish hare and wild boar. If you’re thinking about dessert, consider the Farm beet sorbet with its deep magenta hue and rich, lush taste.

Or, you can try the frilly macarons, delectable bite-sized treats to close off any meal. One thing you will find is that Ponsaty can bring his tight connection with French cuisine to an updated, delicious and diverse menu.

The establishment of Bellamy in San Diego can be attributed to Scotsman Brian Bonar. As an entrepreneur, Bonar has long been in the thought process of introducing a fine restaurant. His small culinary empire in North County began with the bistro Bellamy and is evolving quickly due to the level of excellent cuisine he is bringing to the city and beyond.

He first situated Ponsaty to head up the restaurant due to their mutual desire to bring eclectic foods to the table.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

By posting an award-winning chef to the position, he managed to solidify the restaurant’s footing in the culinary landscape of San Diego. Due to the quality and unique menu, it hasn’t taken long for the restaurant to take foot.

Since 2010 Brian Bonar has served as the Chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc. Having honed his business skill, he consistently maintained a love of the culinary arts. It was here that he found his passion and decided to combine his business acumen with his love of gastronomic pursuits.

He also holds the title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, in Cardiff Wales, UK. He earned his BSC in the major of mechanical engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, along with both an MBA and PhD concentrating on International Business Development Studies.

Though his accomplishments are impressive, Mr. Brian Bonar has always stayed true to his love of food. The restaurant Bellamy is just one of the most recent accolades he has achieved. In his free time, he also is active with The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Hopefully this dynamic leader will continue to develop eateries for the San Diego area community for years to come.