Jeff Herman Defender of Sexual Abuse Victims

Corey Feldman, known for his acting in the Goonies, recently took up a common cause with Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the USA Team volleyball, to show their strong support for the upcoming vote on the Child Victims Act; 76% of New Yorkers are in favor of the bill, There has been a lot of controversies raised over the Child Victims Act with strong supporters and those who would wish it not pass. Timothy Cardinal Dolan calls the bill “toxic” and raises a flag to the Governor and state lawmakers to not give the law since it would awaken old cases against the Church.

With the new law, survivors could wait as long as year 50 to produce a civil suit against sexual abusers, while those who have suffered criminal acts of sexual abuse would have until the age of 28. Presently civil cases of sexual abuse are allowed up until five years after the crime.
The current statute of limitations for civil lawsuits allows legal actions relating to sexual abuse crimes to be brought to court within five years of the offense.
Cuomo has added the bill to be considered by the legislation this year. The Child Victims Act has come before the New York Legislators several times in recent years only to be passed over.
Jeff Herman is a 20-year veteran Lawyer with numerous successful cases won for his sexually abused clients. Jeff Herman represents child abuse victims in every state for the Constitution and Puerto Rico. Jeff Herman serves a wide variety of sexual abuse cases, whether Hollywood Sexual abuse, campus sexual abuse or clergy abuse. Herman recently won a 100 Million dollar settlement against the Catholic Church for sexual abuse representing one of his clients. Jeff Herman is a strong advocate for supporting children’s safety and protecting them from sexual predators. Jeff Herman’s law firm has a team of lawyers who all specialize in sexual abuse. Lastly, Jeff Herman has a dedicated investigative unit of investigators, military special forces, detectives whose purpose is to find evidence for those victims represented by Herman Law.

The Life of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinian who was brought up in Kuwait. He was born in a family of eight children. He holds two PhDs and also a master’s degree. He is also a teacher by profession. He is a renowned medical expert who has practiced medicine for the past 47 years. He studied at the University of Cairo in Egypt. He then did his internship in England after which he migrated to the United States where he did his residency in surgery and specialized in pediatric surgery at the USA Board Certified. He also has a wife, and they had four children who have followed in his footsteps in the medical world, other than one who opted to be a lawyer.



During his practice, he has patented two inventions and also has also made many new pediatric surgical procedures. He has operated on many children over the year and also participated in medical missions where he has performed complex surgeries on underprivileged kids. He first realized that he wanted to be a doctor when he was in High school in Kuwait. In an interview, he says that the first thought that he wanted to be an engineer like his older siblings. He then realized that he did not like working outdoors. That is when he realised that he could work better indoors with the more relaxed condition and that is why he decided that he wanted to become a doctor, to work in air-conditioned rooms.



He also said in the interview that his most significant mentor was Dr. H Biemann Othersen who was a pediatric surgeon in the USA. He trained Saad to be the surgeon that he is today in Charleston. In the interview, he stresses that fact that every goal that you want to achieve you can, all you need to do is insist on your goal.



He then stated that some of the things he used to do to prepare for surgery. He always ensures that he reviews the medical record of the patient. He then considered all the surgical procedure that would entail. If he was going to perform complicated surgery, he said that he used to ensure that he had a good night sleep before the surgery. He provided that there was no personal talk in the operation room. He did not list to loud music in the operating room.



Dr. Saad did well in medical school and never at any time failed. He graduated with honors after being second in his graduation year. He says he didn’t have a choice but to be the best in school because he was from a low-income family. He believed passing the exams was going to be the road t his success in his life. Learn more:


Desiree Perez Is On The List!

Desiree Perez, Roc Nation’s Chief Operations Officer, makes the list of Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music. The exclusive list includes the who’s who in today’s music entertainment industry-inclusive of trendsetters, innovators, negotiators, and other key contenders. The noteworthy Desiree Perez has operated with Roc Nation, a leading music and entertainment label founded by Shawn Carter, alias Jay-Z, since 2009. The savvy businesswoman has orchestrated numerous deals for the mogul garnering his corporation millions in revenue. Desiree Perez, also known as Dez Perez in the music circuit, led initiatives such as Sprint’s $200 million capital venture with TIDAL, the robust streaming service sparked by Roc Nation. On the heels of that deal, artist Jay-Z’s 4:44 album reached platinum peak due to further promotional initiatives put in place by Ms. Perez and the Roc Nation Family. The 4:44 Tour grossed 21 percent higher sales than the previous 2013’s Magna Carter Tour. In addition, the shrewd negotiator has assisted in structuring the Beyonce Formation Stadium Tour. She has also heavily collaborated on the promotion of Rihanna’s Anti Tour with Samsung, which postured the singer as an A-list entertainer. Dez Perez has recently teamed up with superstar Mariah Carey for Time’s Up, the anti-sexual harassment movement. Ms. Perez extended her support as a consultant for the initiative, and she recently appeared at the Golden Globe Awards dressed in black as a display of her backing the cause. COO Desiree Perez is at the top of her industry, she steadily sets trends, she innovates remarkable strategies and negotiates deals fiercely. It is no surprise that she has landed as one of Billboard’s Women in Music.

About Desiree Perez:

Paul Mampilly: American investment guru

Paul Mampilly is a respected American investment guru with over 25 years of experience trading in the stock markets. Paul who is also a senior editor at Banyan Hill has recently given his opinion about investment in cryptocurrencies. In an article published late last year, he compared investors in the cryptocurrencies to those who invested in the technology stock of 1999. The two investment are similar in all aspects. The mode of execution is also the same for the two. Paul Mampilly witnessed the 1999 stock bubble happen, and he is confident to say that cryptocurrency investment is a bubble that will soon burst.

In 1999 when the technology bubble happened, Paul Mampilly had stayed out of the investment just like he has done with cryptocurrencies. He does not own even a single Bitcoin or any other digital currency out there. He has his reason to believe that this is a bubble that will explode sooner than later. Paul Mampilly in his article, he has detailed how the stock bubble happened and why he believes that what happened then will happen again with the cryptocurrencies.The technology stocks had gone up by huge percentages just like Bitcoin and others today. The prices kept going up, and every time they increased a new batch of investors would be drawn into the investment. No investor wants to miss out on something that was gaining at the rate the stocks were gaining, or the cryptocurrencies are doing right now. As investors try to make some quick money in such investment, they fail to take note that they might be entering right at the end of the trend.

Many new investors are easily drawn in when the prices start going up rapidly. In an attempt to make quick profits new investors will join at just any point and without even conducting some research to know what are the market expectations. One thing with bubbles is that they draw investors in and then keep on giving false signals that the stock will keep going up. Investors hold on to their investments even as prices go down. With the hype surrounding bubble investments, every investor is always looking for prices increases and not decreases. So, when prices are going down, investors keep buying the idea that they will go up again. By the time, they wake up and realize the investment is going down, all their money is gone, and there is nothing to salvage.For Paul, Mampilly advice should be followed keenly by any investor who has invested in cryptocurrency. The same fate that fell the technology stocks is likely to happen again, this time in the cryptocurrencies industry.

Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Recently, Sussex Healthcare announced that Amanda Morgan-Taylor was joining their organization as the new Chief Executive Officer. She is already in the process of taking a close look at the organization and implementing strategies to hire new workers for their care homes.

Sussex Healthcare is located in Sussex, UK. Sussex Healthcare is also an award winning organization that provides the highest quality care to individuals residing in their care homes. In fact, the organization has provided quality care to the residents in their homes for over 25 years of experience. The healthcare organization specializes in taking care of the elderly, dementia patients, Alzheimer patients, including adults with disabilities.

More About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an independent organization that supplies important support services to the elderly, and adults with disabilities in the United Kingdom. The organizations has 20 care homes and hires doctors, nurses, and personal caregivers to take care of the individuals that are in the care homes. The well trained staff has the knowledge that is required to take care of patients with dementia, Alzheimer, disabilities, and neurological problems. The organization provides around the clock support for their patients in a comfortable setting.


Careers At Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an excellent starting point for a recent school graduate that would like to start a career in an industry that really requires the best workers that really enjoy providing care to people that makes their life just a bit easier. Sussex Healthcare is an excellent career jump starter for any individual that is returning to the workforce or that would simply like a change in careers. It’s easy to join their talented team. Simply visit their job website and browse the current jobs list for job opportunities that match your interest or background. Visitors to the job website are also encouraged to sign up with their email address at the site for job alerts. The job alerts will provide updates about the organization, along with current job opportunities.

Current Job Openings
Here is a partial list of current job opportunities at Sussex Hea
– Deputy Care Home Manager
– Registered Mental Health Nurse
– Care Assistants
– Team Leader
– Senior Care Assistant
– Domestic Assistant
– Driver
– Administrator
– Dental Receptionist
– Activity Assistant

Ready for a change to a very satisfying and fulfilling career? Join Sussex Healthcare today.

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Ara Chackerian Does Not Stick To A Strict Schedule

Ara Chackerian is an investor and a philanthropist. He is an entrepreneur and he is someone who has a hard time sticking to a regular schedule each day. He is someone who has made a name for himself, but he has shared that he is not good at using a calendar or living out each day in the same way. Ara Chackerian is someone who has found success, and he is someone who is working for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as a Managing Partner.

When Ara Chackerian was asked about something that he does again and again that has helped him to find success, he had much to share. He mentioned that he is someone who comes up with an idea and then automatically thinks about all of the reasons that the idea is good. He thinks about the positive side of the idea without paying attention to the other side of it. He has learned to look for the truth about any idea that he has and to figure out whether or not that idea is truly going to work out. Visit for more.

Ara Chackerian believes that emotions can influence a person as they are going about their business and that a person should think about that before they make important decisions. He shared that he invested in a company that was run by his friend and that he struggled with his emotions while doing that and as the investment period ended. He shared that it was a mistake for him to be involved in something that was messing with his emotions in that way. Check out for more.

When asked about a favorite book that he has and one that he would recommend to others, Ara Chackerian mentioned The Worry Cure. Ara shared that the book focuses on worrying and why people worry. He believes that the book is important as it helps people find ways to worry a little less.


Adam Milstein Keeps Himself Actively Involved in the Community

One of the most important things for an individual to do is keep himself busy and active in what he is doing for his community. For one thing, there will always be some kind of issue to resolve for the community. At the same time, it does not hurt to take a break every now and then. If one does not take a break, then he is going to burn himself out from his activities. One of the best things that Adam Milstein has done was learn his limits. He has taken the time to figure out when he needs to take a break.

One thing that can happen when people do not find a balance is that they will start to fall apart. For instance, people will start being irritable if they don’t get the rest they need. Of course it also helps to do work that is fulfilling. Adam Milstein is fulfilled with the type of work he does. He also keeps in mind that too much of anything is going to be a bad thing. Therefore, he makes sure that he has some time for his family so that he will always have the motivation he needs to move forward.

Adam is always involved in his community with his family foundation. He is also involved in talking to people on stage and giving his advice. There are plenty of people that are trying to move forward with some kind of goal. Adam Milstein has a lot to say when it comes to setting goals and fulfilling dreams. He can also reach out to people when they are faced with some kind of discouragement or opposition. After all, Adam Milstein himself has had to deal with some kind of resistance when he was pushing towards his goals. The most important thing to do is believe in what is being done enough to push forward.

Clayton Hutson: at the SD11 Forefront

The SD11 has finally made its debut with front man Aaron Lewis and the band Staind. Clayton Hutson was able to take DiGiCo’s SD11 on the road to casinos and small arenas. All seats were sold-out stages ranging from churches, honky-tonks, 50,000 seat arenas, festivals, and 700-seat casinos. This tour featured Lewis in a stripped down version featuring his country album, Town Line.


Clayton Hutson is a long-time user of DiGiCo consoles. He has used almost every console that the company has came out with. He has used the SD7, SD8, and D5. The D5 was the first hand-built platform for Marilyn Manson ten years ago. Clayton Hutson was highly interested in getting the small SD11 for the Aaron Lewis outing. He ordered it as soon as it came out, and it arrived halfway through the tour.


For this expedition, Clayton Hutson was the Production Tour Manager and the FOH/Monitor engineer. The SD11 was very compact and easily stored away for the trip. At only 19 inches and audible sound, it was a perfect solution.


On show day, Hutson was able to get the console working within 15 minutes. Hutson did both monitors and FOH for the guitars of Ben Kitterman and Lewis’ vocals. Even though this tour was a smaller production, it still had some challenges. There is still demand for perfection on all sonic performance levels. What goes on onstage has to be tailored to what goes on in the house, you work with what you are given.


The SD11 is no different than other DiGiCo  platforms. The EQ reacted the same as it would with the SD7. Clayton Hutson has found himself relying on DiGiCo for his professional career and sound qualities. The SD11 was truly impressive in its small package.


Since he was young, Clayton Hutson has been into music. After many years of dedicating his time to it, he has turned his passion into a career. He has worked with several celebrities including Guns N’ Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, and Pink. For his company, he is the production manager and live sound engineer. He and his team offer show producing, monitor engineering, logistics management, production designing, rigging, and stage management. They give onsite execution and budget friendly options, making it a one stop shop for event needs. Learn more:

Aloha Construction, Best Construction Around!

Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies around. They have two office locations. One of the offices is located in Lake Zurich, IL and their other office is located in Bloomington IL. Even though their offices are located in IL, they also service clients that are located in some areas in Wisconsin as well. Aloha Construction has received great reviews from satisfied customers. They have also received great ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Aloha Construction has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and other news papers as recognition for doing a great job with all of their serves.

Aloha Construction knows that as a customer your home is your prize possession. Because of this all of the company’s employees are licensed and insured. This means that if an employee ever damages anything while on your property it is totally covered because they all have insurance. All employees have also been trained by Vinyl Siding Institute. Even after receiving training from this institute staff members were forced to demonstrate several times that they are capable of doing the jobs correctly. Aloha Construction has several guidelines in place to ensure that they are giving all customers the best services within the state.

Another reason why Aloha Construction is one of the best is because they are very understandable. When it comes to home improvement, things can get expensive because making safe improvements could be costly. Aloha does not want money to be a reason why you can’t commit to your home improvements. Because of this Aloha has special financing in place that allows their customers be able to receive home improvements even though they don’t have all the money at the specific time.

Aloha specializes in roofing and siding projects. To ensure that your home is safe and comfortable to live in the company comes and and does free property inspections. During these inspections you will be notified if there is anything wrong with your home. If these is something wrong, Aloha will notify you how much it would be to get the problem fixed. Call Aloha today for a free inspection!

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How Rocketship Education Is Giving Students In Washington Better Opportunities

A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted just how parents of children who attend Rocketship Education, which has set up charter schools in districts all around the nation, including Washington, DC, are involved in the decision process and in the education process at the school. It talks about two parents who were able to easily navigate through the building of the charter school while it was still under construction. The two parents planned on sending their five year old child to the school, and they were taking tours of the building.

However, they have also done something that is quite unique. They actually interviewed teachers for the school. Before a teacher is able to get a job, they have to go through interviews with the parents. This way, the parents have a say in the matter. In fact, says the principal of the school, the input of the parents is taken into consideration and carries great weight. Sometimes, the opinions of the parents have helped a teacher get a job. Sometimes, it has caused a teacher to not get a job. Smith and Small, the two parents talked about earlier, have already taken part in at least six of these interviews.

Smith was born in Washington, DC. However, he never got a chance to graduate from high school, which is why he wants his daughter to have a better chance than him. Smith said that one teacher had a good background but he did not like her attitude.

Rocketship Education has a unique method of mixing traditional teaching methods with technology and internet based learning. This has managed to let their students accomplish more while keeping costs down at the same time. The good part is that the students have managed to score really high on their tests.

The board in Washington, DC, has voted to allow the school to open up as many as up to eight schools in the district. These charter schools will provide a great alternative to the regular public schools.