Matthew Fleeger And The Current State Of The Oil Industry

In the not too distant past, the oil industry in the United States was in the doldrums. It seemed as if the United States would be entirely dependent on foreign sources of oil for many years to come. However, advances in technology brought the United States to the forefront in world oil production. These technologies made it possible for oil companies such as Gulf Coast Western led by Matthew Fleeger to reach those hard to reach oil deposits. Horizontal drilling and fracking made the oil business boom again.

During the hard times, Matthew Fleeger was able to use his business expertise to keep Gulf Coast Western going, and he was able to keep his employees motivated. One of the ways that Gulf Coast Western was able to survive the hard times was that Mr. Fleeger worked on making the company more efficient. He was able to cut a lot of the overhead in the company without letting employees go in the process. Matthew Fleeger communicated his positive vision for the future with his employees at every opportunity. He let them know that he believed that the oil industry had the potential to start moving forward again.

Right now, the oil market is seeing a tremendous amount of volatility. Matthew Fleeger believes that for the foreseeable future, oil will continue to trade in the $55 to $75 per barrel price range. Oil prices go up and down frequently, and Matthew Fleeger has positioned Gulf Coast Western for this eventuality. The company is not seeking any truly high-risk ventures, and the company is staying efficient.

Matthew Fleeger is also looking for opportunities in the current market. He is seeking to find other companies that can join along with Gulf Coast Western in important business ventures. The company is positioned for maximum flexibility whatever the oil market conditions.