Jeffrey Aronin: Making An Impact

All of us on this planet have a unique and special talent or skill that we possess. Some of us are entertainers others or Ashley some at Educators and some more healers. some of our jobs on this planet however, or to just help others find their place. everyone that has ever been successful has had someone help them get to where they are today. this is something that the individual Jeffrey Aronin understand and is committed to doing. for over 20 years this man has dedicated himself to investing as an entrepreneur into biotech in healthcare companies and corporations.

Jeffrey Aronin is the chairman and CEO of paragon bioscience. he is trying to use his knowledge of Industries is entrepreneur gifts to build a platform for creative and successful biotech companies.  Aronin always so strong about Healthcare in the medical world. Who witnessed the power of pharmaceuticals first-hand as a physician once use medicine instead of brain surgery to cure a young boy of seizures. that that experience and others liked it show different learning what was important to him and what he wanted to focus on in life. he wanted to bring together science and entrepreneurial company building to create something greater than the two by themselves. that is where paragon biosciences came to be.

Paragon truly wants make an impact on the world. Not only does its company focus on investing and starting up other medical base companies. have actually took it upon themselves to find what needs to be done. They focus on diseases and sicknesses that have the highest need for treatment and with the least amount of remedies. they said it what caused it and what’s new solutions can be made to cure them. medicine and the creation of it can be a long and hard process with many trials and errors. Jeff Aronin that’s stuck through the process and this company is on their way to helping save lives in the future. Jeffrey Aronin Is happy with a growth of his company. He looks forward to making a bigger impact.