InnovaCare Health: Trying to Change the World of Managed Care

Without companies like InnovaCare Health, millions of people would suffer from easily resolved medical care issues. Everyone sees that healthcare is a hot political topic that everyone is arguing the rights and wrongs of, but no one is trying to provide actual solutions.

While politics use healthcare to boast its beliefs and values, InnovaCare Health is actually trying to help people suffering from a complex health care management environment. Currently, the U.S. is in an ever-changing transitional period where health care goes back and forth between quality and affordability. In InnovaCare Health’s opinion, quality should trump affordability.

According to every political discussion, the problem is price. According to those who work in the managed care industry, the problem is quality. Free healthcare doesn’t do anyone good if the quality is below what they need to live long, healthy lives. With a less complex healthcare environment, quality and cost could easily be figured out and resolved. Check out their website


InnovaCare Health is one of the few companies trying to redefine the industry as a whole. It’s not just about making money or giving people quality medical care right now; it’s about permanently solving the issue. InnovaCare wants to create more sustainable managed care models.

Currently, the man leading InnovaCare Health Solutions is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto is CEO and President of the company, earning the position after making InnovaCare the number-one provider of healthcare in Puerto Rico. Of course, it was important to him that InnovaCare Health do everything it could to help people affected by the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico

Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of clinical studies experience and began his career as an internist and pulmonologist in Southern California. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he served in many high-ranking positions at several prestigious medical institutions.

Alongside Dr. Shinto is Chief Administrative Officer Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides worked for InnovaCare Health before Dr. Shinto, but she left InnovaCare to pursue other options. In 2015, she returned and started helping InnovaCare Health build a stronger infrastructure. Unlike Dr. Shinto, she’s not a practicing physician.

Kokkinides’ expertise deals more with working with government programs. She’s also an expert at developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. She specializes in improving efficiencies and strengthening organizational infrastructure. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Review Proves Why Clients of NewsWatch TV are All Smiles

In case you have not yet heard of NewsWatch T.V., Avanca’s Marketing Manager, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, can tell you herself why she highly and happily recommends them. After enlisting the help of NewsWatch T.V., Avanca, a mobile device accessory company, was able to raise a total of $456,561. Avanca’s original goal was $10,000, which means with the help of NewsWatch, the company was not only able to make 29 times its goal amount, but was additionally able to expand its reach to consumers, both online and through broadcast. Avanca’s positive experience with NewsWatch T.V. proves that this television show is the expert in its field.

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Dr. Dov Rand Helping the Old in Innovative Ways

It isn’t uncommon for the older generation to talk about how hard the aging process is; in fact, most of us have probably seen older people who suffer from different ailments and thought ‘Wow. I sure hope that doesn’t happen to me when I’m old.’ But, the reality is, our bodies change as we get older, and, those changes aren’t always pleasant. However, Dr. Dov Rand is on a mission to help the aging generation fight those ailments so that they can continue to live their best life.


After completing his medical training and working at New York’s prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Rand set out on his own and founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center. By using rehabilitative, physical, hormonal, and homeopathic medicine Dr. Dov Rand is able to help the aging generation achieve their optimal health. Some of the main ailments that Dr. Rand can help include, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, mood disorders, fatigue, menopause, and, among others, erectile dysfunction. While Dr. Rand implements many different scientifically proven methods to help his patients, perhaps the three most commonly used treatment methods are hormone therapy, the HCG diet, and lifestyle changes.


Every person’s body is made up of a unique set of hormones, which, unfortunately can often become unbalanced through the aging process. However, the use of bioidentical hormone therapies helps the body maintain its hormonal balance which is critical for overall health.


The HCG diet is a weight loss diet that helps prevent degenerative muscle deterioration; additionally, the diet helps patients relearn proper eating habits, increases energy, resets metabolism, improves insulin levels, and improves overall health. Simply put, the HCG diet is a low-calorie diet. However, Dr. Dov Rand prescribes pharmaceutical grade HCG, a hormone found in pregnant women, for patients to take while on the diet. Taking HCG is what decreases the loss of muscle that often happens with low-calorie diets.


Lifestyle changes is also huge when treating aging patients. As individuals age, they become more stagnant, which decreases health. It is a well-known fact, however, that movement of the body is important for mental, cardiovascular, and physical health; this is precisely why Dr. Rand implements lifestyle changes that include the implementation of yoga, healthy eating, strength training, and/or cardiovascular training.


While some might think these processes seem extreme or unnecessary, overall patients have been very happy with the results they have seen by taking, listening to, and following Dr. Dov Rand’s advice.


Economy Will Stagnate According To Stansberry Research

The United Nations has recently sent a representative to investigate poverty in America. The Trump administration pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council after hearing about this investigation. And the investigation turned up some incredibly alarming results. As it turns out, America is in dire straits when it comes to the lowest level of our socioeconomic strata.

A large swath of the American population is not even able to withstand a $400 crisis. A broken leg or car could put a family into bankruptcy. The statistics are startling. More than 23% of Americans have no money available in their bank accounts. More than 22% of American families do not have enough savings to cover three months worth of expenses. And 71% of Americans can’t cover six months of expenses.

Stansberry Research shows that the money moving around the economy will slow to a crawl because the Federal Reserve has begun raising rates and repealing the 2008 stimulus programs. Credit is becoming more difficult to get so families have begun tightening their budgets. That means less spending at the middle and lower class levels which will absolutely stagnate the economy.

I love reading these Stansberry Research articles. They see things that I simply can’t see and they always get me thinking about my next financial move. This company performs all sorts of research on money movement, the stock market and the economy. You can read some of their articles for free. You also have the choice of paying for their more in-depth analysis.

I’ve begun to make different investment decisions after reading the Stansberry Research article about the stagnation of the economy. I’m now watching the Federal Reserve closely as they begin to play around with interest rates while repealing any stimulus. I now know that the next economic downturn is inevitable and will be a bad one.


This can only end poorly with so much wealth concentrated at the top. No amount of stimulus will shock the economy back to life when there is no money in the middle and lower classes. And there can be no spending as credit tightens, according to Stansberry Research.


Jeffrey Aronin: Making An Impact

All of us on this planet have a unique and special talent or skill that we possess. Some of us are entertainers others or Ashley some at Educators and some more healers. some of our jobs on this planet however, or to just help others find their place. everyone that has ever been successful has had someone help them get to where they are today. this is something that the individual Jeffrey Aronin understand and is committed to doing. for over 20 years this man has dedicated himself to investing as an entrepreneur into biotech in healthcare companies and corporations.

Jeffrey Aronin is the chairman and CEO of paragon bioscience. he is trying to use his knowledge of Industries is entrepreneur gifts to build a platform for creative and successful biotech companies.  Aronin always so strong about Healthcare in the medical world. Who witnessed the power of pharmaceuticals first-hand as a physician once use medicine instead of brain surgery to cure a young boy of seizures. that that experience and others liked it show different learning what was important to him and what he wanted to focus on in life. he wanted to bring together science and entrepreneurial company building to create something greater than the two by themselves. that is where paragon biosciences came to be.

Paragon truly wants make an impact on the world. Not only does its company focus on investing and starting up other medical base companies. have actually took it upon themselves to find what needs to be done. They focus on diseases and sicknesses that have the highest need for treatment and with the least amount of remedies. they said it what caused it and what’s new solutions can be made to cure them. medicine and the creation of it can be a long and hard process with many trials and errors. Jeff Aronin that’s stuck through the process and this company is on their way to helping save lives in the future. Jeffrey Aronin Is happy with a growth of his company. He looks forward to making a bigger impact.