Malcolm CasSelle Brought about Technological Breakthrough

Through virtualization business, people can easily settle transactions as well as exchange assets. Worldwide Asset Exchange is one of the emerging technologies. This trend was the idea of Malcolm CasSelle who also became the chair. Malcolm has been the CIO of OPSkins that majored in online dealings. Malcolm has contributed to the exceptional performance when he was the head and the CTO. He has also had experience in media as the CEO at SeaChange.

He has been on the lead to see the digital industry grow. Some of the companies that have enjoyed his contribution include Xfire, MediaPass and the Groupon’s joint venture. His ambition is to ensure that people have a platform to mingle and share ideas. Malcolm CasSelle is the reason why we are all enjoying Facebook today. He has managed to commit his funds to these social media platforms. Malcolm has managed to accomplish this through the skills he acquired in Computer Science back in Stanford University.

Currently, OPSkins is taking the lead in the selling and buying of virtual assets. Though the management has been encountering some challenges, they have managed to advance to Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is a form of a platform that allows buyers and sellers to do their transactions without face to face contact. Interestingly, most are the times that these two parties are not familiar with each other. Formation of WAX was a way of curbing deception and fragmentation in the business world.

Complains concerning incomplete receipts and delivery issues had been on the rise until when WAX come into operation. When it comes to buying and selling, one of the ways of cost reduction is doing without the intermediaries who act as a link between the buyer and the seller. Another benefit that came with the formation of WAX was the elimination of brokers. They want to ensure that a good relation is created between buyers and seller.

WAX has also managed to solve geographic and FOREX challenges. It had been difficult for parties with different currencies to transact before WAX came into place. WAX Token is the only way out to provide a currency that is similar to all parties involved.

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