Academy of Art University Produced Yet Another Successful Alumnus

“Avengers: Infinity War” was the highest-grossing film released in 2018. This superhero movie featured an impressive ensemble cast of actors. It also required just as an impressive team of animators to bring it to life. Maybe not surprisingly Jan Philip Cramer, a head of Animation at Digital Domain and Academy of Art University alumnus, served as a supervisor of that team.

Academy of Art University is a San Francisco-based and privately owned art school. It was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, an artist himself. Its state-of-the art campus provides the latest technology used by professionals in many artistic fields. That technology and, most importantly, a staff of outstanding experts provided a solid foundation to many successful careers of Academy’s alumni, including Cramer’s. That impressive staff includes Tim McGovern, Academy Award-winning visual effects director; Victor Huang, founder of Garage Studios Ltd; and Tom Bertino, an animator.

Avengers: Infinity War wasn’t the only movie to which Cramer lent his considerable talents. Other movies include “Avatar” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. He will also be involved in future projects including “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “Captain Marvel”. These talents and Cramer’s success in visual arts led to his membership at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Academy’s graduates were also involved in other blockbuster films such as “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and Cramer wasn’t the only Academy’s alumnus recognized for their impressive work in the artistic field. These alumni include: Rick Baker, winner of an Academy Award for Best Makeup; Chris Milk, music video director; Deanne Fitzmaurice, a Pulitzer Price-winning photographer and many more.

It’s probably not surprising that Academy or Art University produced so many successful alumni in so many different professions. It offers an impressive array of undergraduate programs in 22 departments including, but no limited to Acting, Animations and Visual Effects, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Picture & Television, Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media. In addition to the undergraduate degrees, Academy also offers graduate programs, continuing education, pre-college programs and social media center.

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Reasons that People Need Financial Planners like Richard Dwayne Blair

Not everyone is able to handle their finances in a wise way. In fact, one of the common issues is people living beyond their means. In some cases, people pay for items that they want even if they can’t afford it. Then there are some cases where people are forced to live beyond their means because of factors they did not anticipate or could not control. This is where financial planners like Richard Dwayne Blair become helpful. He understands finances and how they work. He is also able to look at the situation from the right viewpoint so that he can come up with a plan that is best suited to his clients.

One of the strengths of Richard Dwayne Blair is that he looks at the individual. He looks at every financial issue on an individual basis so that he will be able to effectively help his client. Another strength is that he is willing to communicate with his clients. It is common for a client to have questions about different issues and concerns. Richard is well educated in everything that is relevant to finances. He is able to provide well thought out and insightful answers to questions that his clients ask him.

One of the common issues that people face when they deal with financial planners is that they often come up with their own plans without actually spending enough time to assess the situation of the client. This can leave the client frustrated and possibly worse off. When clients talk to Richard, they actually feel like he is listening to them. This causes them to trust him more. After all, he takes a three-pillar approach to helping his clients, and this approach is very effective in getting his clients back on track with their finances and achieving financial freedom.


The Rise of Rodrigo Terpins in the Rally Racing Sport

The name Rodrigo Terpins is iconic in the Brazilian sports fraternity. He is known as an achiever and a fan of rally races. Mr. Terpins has competed in several rally races across Brazil, and he is well-known for his participation in the Sertoes Rally. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins’ family loved sports and was inspired by his father, Jack Terpins, who is a former president of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin American Jewish as well as a former basketball player. In fact, Rodrigo’s brother, Michel Terpins, is a decorated rally driver as well, and they race together for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The Terpins brothers have participated in some of the most prestigious rallies in Brazil using both MEM Motorsports and T-Rex. You can visit Ideamensch for more.


Rodrigo Terpins took part in the just concluded Sertoes Rally alongside his co-pilot, Fabricio Manchiana. The 22nd Sertoes Rally edition stretched over two states and covered a distance of approximately 26,000 kilometers. Rodrigo Terpins was racing aboard T-Rex and finished 8th in the overall competition and third in the prototype T1 category. In fact, this event was dubbed the most prestigious in Brazil and drew the attention of enthusiastic fans, rally drivers, and sponsors from all over the world. After the race, Rodrigo Terpins said that he and his co-driver were focused on staying vigilant and adapting to the terrain and their vehicle. Mr. Rodrigo even admitted the results were beyond their expectations.


Rodrigo Terpins went to the University of Sail Hilaire where his sheer hard work and determination earned him vast skills in business management. Rodrigo Terpins leveraged these skills to rise to the position of President while working at Lojas Marisa. In 2008, Rodrigo Terpins decided to form T5 Participacoes, a company that specializes in organizing racing events in Brazil. Even as an executive at T5 Participacoes, Mr. Rodrigo’s heart lies on rallies. Rodrigo Terpins attributes his success as a rally driver to the support of his brother, Michael Terpins. The Terpins brothers are positive about the future of rally sport in Brazil and believe it will once grow to become the top sport in the world.



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Malcolm CasSelle Brought about Technological Breakthrough

Through virtualization business, people can easily settle transactions as well as exchange assets. Worldwide Asset Exchange is one of the emerging technologies. This trend was the idea of Malcolm CasSelle who also became the chair. Malcolm has been the CIO of OPSkins that majored in online dealings. Malcolm has contributed to the exceptional performance when he was the head and the CTO. He has also had experience in media as the CEO at SeaChange.

He has been on the lead to see the digital industry grow. Some of the companies that have enjoyed his contribution include Xfire, MediaPass and the Groupon’s joint venture. His ambition is to ensure that people have a platform to mingle and share ideas. Malcolm CasSelle is the reason why we are all enjoying Facebook today. He has managed to commit his funds to these social media platforms. Malcolm has managed to accomplish this through the skills he acquired in Computer Science back in Stanford University.

Currently, OPSkins is taking the lead in the selling and buying of virtual assets. Though the management has been encountering some challenges, they have managed to advance to Worldwide Asset Exchange. This is a form of a platform that allows buyers and sellers to do their transactions without face to face contact. Interestingly, most are the times that these two parties are not familiar with each other. Formation of WAX was a way of curbing deception and fragmentation in the business world.

Complains concerning incomplete receipts and delivery issues had been on the rise until when WAX come into operation. When it comes to buying and selling, one of the ways of cost reduction is doing without the intermediaries who act as a link between the buyer and the seller. Another benefit that came with the formation of WAX was the elimination of brokers. They want to ensure that a good relation is created between buyers and seller.

WAX has also managed to solve geographic and FOREX challenges. It had been difficult for parties with different currencies to transact before WAX came into place. WAX Token is the only way out to provide a currency that is similar to all parties involved.

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Patience in Success with Louis Chenevert

There is no limit to acquiring knowledge. Every day is a chance to explore and get to learn a new lesson that may change your career. Astute business people ensure they learn something new every day. It is through this accumulated knowledge and ideas that they make the mastermind businesses that leave the world surprised.


Louis Chenevert is among the most discussed successful individuals in the investment industry.

He is also known for his acquisition of resources. What people don’t understand is that this success was a series of many years of learning.



Louis Chenevert began cultivating his skills in HEC Montreal where he studied Production Management. The purpose of Production Management is to help the company produce as efficiently as they can. A company with effective production management produces maximally while minimizing the cost of production.


After gathering the theoretical part of the course, it was time to get practical. With the path that Louis Chenevert took, it was clear he was not ready to waste his knowledge. He landed a job at General Motors. Here, he was dedicated to improving the production of the business, which led to several promotions. By the time he was leaving the company, he was overseeing the production of the industry on a large scale basis.


Louis Chenevert next workplace was at Pratt & Whitney, where he experienced a different field. The Pratt & Whitney is an engineering company. As his custom is, the unit he was assigned began showing tremendous improvement which led to his promotion to the President of the company, in his sixth year in the firm.


For you to get senior positions, you need to know what to focus on doing. Many people don’t know the difference between their worth and what they want. Louis Chenevert’s work was a reflection of his worth. It is his worth that led the UTC to nominate him as the CEO of the firm. They saw the difference he was making in Pratt & Whitney and knew he had the potential to handle bigger responsibilities.


Final Verdict


The secret of a successful career is patience. Remember patience is not about waiting but what you do when waiting, in this case; invest in yourself.

Jeunesse Global Products: Life Changing Experience

Jeunesse Global is a network company that is dedicated to offering personal care items and nutritional supplements. It supplies skin care products, cosmetics, and natural health products around the world. The company claims its products have made a breakthrough to enhance youthful look, utilizing cell renewal methods, and assist the user to focus on their health and extended life.


Jeunesse Luminesce


Jeunesse Luminesce is considered to be the company flagship lineup product. The Luminesce line contains products that have a series of anti-aging creams designed for use in different times of the day. All the products in the line composed of adipose that changes the life experience of an individual. They are derived from adult cell conditioned media which facilitates the growth of new skin cells. Also, it helps to fill wrinkles and enhance the luminescence of the skin. The product line is composed of various products such as cellular rejuvenation serum, advanced night repair, youth restoring cleanser, and essential body renewal.


Jeunesse Instantly Ageless


Instantly ageless performs the tasks of reducing the visible aging impact on your face. These products are micro creams that are specifically designed to target wrinkles. The products do not produce collagen encouraging the skin to heal itself. Particles that form the microcream fill the wrinkles and fine lines in your face. The products have an immediately visible impact that improves the life experience of a person.


Jeunesse Global Nutrition


Jeunesse Global offers a wide range of nutritional supplements that are suitable for individuals with varying lifestyles. For instance, AM and PM nutritional essentials assist in delaying premature aging symptoms. Reserve is another nutritional supplements product that works on a deep level. It strengthens and rebuilds skin cells. Finiti is a multivitamin product that reduces oxidative stress. This product helps to reduce the aging of cells by targeting telomerase enzyme that lengthens skin cells lifespan.


Jeunesse Global Products Company was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. The mission of the company is to have a positive impact on their users. The products help individuals to look and feel younger. This experience empowers individuals to unleash their true potential of leading a healthy life.

The Chainsmokers’ musical journey.

The Chainsmokers is an American band made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo met in an art gallery. Both Alex and Taggart have always loved music, and their passions lead them to establish a band which has emerged a great success in the entertainment industry.

Alex and Andrew first grew their friendship, the two would meet up for coffee, and they discovered they had a lot in common and shared similar goals in life. Having similar visions in life was one of the signs that they would work together.


The duo majors in electropop, a genre that is gaining popularity by the day. Many music lovers are embracing the fresh and new sound by the Chainsmokers. However, the journey has not been easy. When Andrew was in college, he colleagues made fun of him, because of his taste in music, but the perception of electropop has changed.


To make the listening experience better, Chainsmkoers have used personal life stories to write their songs, by writing some of the things they go through as young musicians, they can create a personal feeling between them and their fans.


Key lessons learned from the chainsmokers.


The chainsmokers are a great inspiration to young people as well as upcoming artists, they have overcome all odds and managed to emerge a great success.


One of the critical lessons before joining a group is to identify whether your dreams are compatible, one of the unique things about the Chainsmokers is their friendship, before becoming a group, the two first shared and their goals were compatible making the journey more bearable.


Believe in yourself, for Alex Pall quitting his job to become a musician was not easy as he took music as a hobby and not a career. However, he took the bold step and quit his job to follow his passion. Taggart on the other was ridiculed for his taste in music, this must have been very hard for Andrew, but he chose to ignore the negativity and concentrate on what he wanted to achieve in life.


The Chainsmokers have proven to be unique in their work, and are a promising group. All we can do now is wait for future projects and wish them all the best as they wow us with their productions.

Tony Petrello Shows Application For Nabors Industries Workers Helping Out With Hurricane Harvey

The city of Houston has a long road ahead of itself coming out of the damage of hurricane Harvey with not only the billions of dollars in property destroyed, but also in the effects it’s had on residents. But helping the city on the road to recovery are several companies and their leaders including Nabors Industries and CEO Tony Petrello. Petrello gave over $170,000 matching a fundraiser to help areas that were hit by the storm, and the company’s employees also went out to help with repairs. Petrello even decided to give them compensation for volunteering in the field as well as time to make sure their own homes were alright. A kitchen was even open to cook hot meals for those without power.

Tony Petrello has been leading Nabors Industries in investment strategies and mergers and acquisitions deals since taking over as CEO in 2011. The company has the world’s largest oil drilling land rig fleet and holds a large quantity of offshore modular drilling stations. They also own two advanced M-800 and M-1000 automated rig sets and Petrello has also led a merger with Tesco Corporation which resulted in more rigs now incorporated in the Nabors portfolio.

Tony Petrello was made chief operating officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. Before that he was an attorney who practiced corporate law at Baker & McKenzie for 13 years and was also managing partner of the firm for six years. He studied law at Harvard where he received his JD. Prior to that he graduated with honors with both a BS and a master’s in advanced mathematics from Yale. While attending Yale, he was a top student of mathematics professor Serge Lange. Tony Petrello has several other positions on boards including being a board member of Stewart & Stevenson, Hillcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital’s neurology center.

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Companies Like Market America Work With Travel as Well

It is that time of the year again. The temperature is very hot. At the same time, people are getting ready to travel. One thing that happens a lot in the summer is travel. Market America understands the needs and challenges of travel. Fortunately, the unfranchise product broker is up to the challenge of making sure that customers can find all of their travel needs at the unfranchise website. It makes a lot of sense. For one thing, Market America deals with a lot of industries. Therefore, they are going to have a wide range of products from different brands. Travel is going to be one of the categories for sale.

Among the items that are available in the unfranchise online store are soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and other items that are made for hygienic needs. While a lot of people who travel may just settle for what is offered at hotels, there are some items that Market America carries for people that may have preferences. Therefore, people who may want to smell a certain way might be able to find the type of product that brings them those features that they want from their items. One of the best things for people to be able to do is customize their travel experiences.

One good feature that Market America has for people who shop travel products with them is the ability to save money. Customers will be able to shop for their needs and still have a lot of money left over so that they will be able to shop at their travel destination. One thing people often like to be able to do when traveling is buy souvenirs. It is very common for people to want to bring back something that is going to remind them of their travel vacation.

Aloha Construction-Making Dreams Come True

Aloha Construction’s a recipient of the Torch Award, and they couldn’t be happier. The Award is only given to the most deserving companies that have exercised the very highest standards. To even be considered for the recognition a company must meet six requirements.

They must be committed to ethical practices, enforce and build a culture in the workplace that upholds high ethics and practices. Leadership and unified organization must also be followed as well as a commitment to performance management practices. An organizational commitment to the community must be followed as well as a commitment to ethical human resource practices.

Aloha Construction met all the necessary criteria, and they’re proud to be considered for such an honorable award. Aloha Construction values its employees, clients, and the community as well. They provide high-quality services such as siding replacement, gutters, roofing, and even back their craftsmanship with a 10-year warranty.

Aloha Construction has even recently launched an interior remodeling and restoration division. Their new sector will provide much-needed services such as restoration and damage services, but they will offer a team that is licensed and certified.

Aloha Construction is a proud sponsor of the local hockey team as well as teh Roselle Medinah softball and baseball organizations. They are partners with the Bloomington Boys and Girls clubs and they also donate $5 for every assist that the Illinois State University gets.

Aloha Construction has a charitable branch called the David Farbaky Foundation, named after the founder of the company. Through the branch, they were able to locate a family in need with the help of Omni Youth Services. The family that they were able to help, a mother and her four daughters, took home $7,000 worth of toys after a 60-second shopping spree. They also made to possible for a boy with congenital heart disease to go see a Chicago Bulls vs. Houston Rockets game. It is not all about what they do to help their community, but it is all about giving true hope to those who need it most and making dreams come true that would otherwise remain just dreams.