Shows of Austin from The Brown Agency

As a company that has stayed in the headlines and upheld a strong standing in the fashion world, the American Texas modeling and talent business going by the name “The Brown Modeling Agency” has continued to amaze and impress the public and it’s enthusiasts as well as various numbers of other businesses in the fashion world since the summer of 2015. The company originally went by the name “Wilhelmina Austin” as it was founded by the renowned and iconic woman “Wilhelmina Austin”. The company has seen a great upsurge in income as well as development, and continued to be on the rise as (what many have claimed to be) a leading business in the fashion world and its industry. Gaining more momentum to stay at the top of the rankings, the company has since found ways to create stunning and exclusive clothing ideas, as well as bring other concepts for talent to fashion shows for an extravagant event held and managed by the company.




The famous Brown Modeling Agency has worked with multiple other companies partnered for advertisements and recognition, such as the worldwide cosmetics business “L’oreal”, the famous car company “Toyota”, or the computer and device firm, known as “Dell”. With a hand in all advertisements and growing eminence, the fashion firm has also been seen in notorious American fashion show events, such as the fashion weeks from New York and Dallas, and quite possibly in London and Milan as well.


According to Marketwired, the fashion company managed to rise above when being recognized in 2010 at their own personal Dallas, Texas runway show. With high management from partnered companies and exquisite ideas forged from the team, they created such stunning designs with a matchless and youthful touch that could be considered “original” and “distinct” from other fashion shows. This caused them to be seen on news articles and new channels furthering their status in fame.


Brown Agency not only exudes its greatness through the many magazine features and advertisements, but it also aims to show and represent its models and takes pride in the many attributes of its website and business. There are many categories of these fine models and the photography to represent them makes for brilliant stock imagery for the business, only exceeding the professionalism.



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