Chris Burch Sees Nihi Sumba Island Come to Life

Chris Burch Develops Nihiwatu

Sumba is a small tropical island in Indonesia. Chris Burch was introduced to Nihiwatu thru Claude and Petra Graves in 2012. In 2016, Nihi Sumba Island, known for its distinct “mortar stone” was being traveled by people all over the world as one of the 50 greatest hotels to visit.

How did Nihiwatu come about?

Chris Burch met with Claude Graves who had already been deeply touched by Nihiwatu and wanted to expand the beach front into a resort.  When they communicated their idea to Chris Burch and asked if he would be willing to join them to expand the are into resort Chris Burch immediately contacted his longtime friend James McBride, hotelier, and invited him to come on board for the project.

Around the same time that the Graves spoke to Chris Burch about the property, Chris took a trip to Sumba with his three sons. The Graves had first contemplated the project back in 1988, the project sped forward once Chris Burch, and James McBride invested $30M into the project and quickly started developing the property.

“Sandalwood Island” or Sumba is 4000 Square miles and about 600K residents. The Portuguese discovered it in the 16th century. The Sumba culture has been sheltered from many Western influences because it was not a heavily traveled vacation spot. Sumba has little natural resources.

Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is a 40-year veteran of investing and entrepreneurship. During that time he has helped 50 companies on the path to disrupting the market by introducing brands that offer new services that bring creative solutions to problems that face people today (  Chris Burch expresses the reason for Burch Creative Capital is to “bring extraordinary possibilities to the world.” Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihi, TRADEMARK, and Cocoon9 are four of the latest additions to the “extraordinary possibilities” offered by Burch Creative Capital.  Learn more about Burch, visit Youtube.


The Real Real And Beauty

For those of you that do not know who or what The Real Real is let me catch you up! The Real Real is a luxury consignment shop that operates online and in brick and mortar locations through out the United states. This amazing company was started right in the home of the CEO Julie Wainwright. This luxury consignment store offers clothes, shoes,handbags, watches, accessories, home decor, and furniture. Everything is top of the line name brand luxury items. So now that you know who they are let’s discuss the new idea they are offering. The Real Real is now offering beauty products in certain locations and on their online store. The Chief merchant of The Real Real says, ” The goal is to really complete the customer journey.” So with that being said it only makes sense that since they offer all other assortments why not finish it off with beauty products. That was a really good call for the luxury consignment store who says, “We want our customers to view us as a trusted destination to find the most covetable selection of luxury products across all categories from luxury to beauty.” You can bet the customers really feel this way! The idea is in the small start off stage but the company plans to move forward and invest even more in the month ahead. Even though the company is consignment with gently used items the beauty products are not. They are the new and the real deal. Keeping inline with the luxury theme the beauty products are of luxury lines as well such as Pai Skincare, Baboo Botanical, Uma Oils, Gap Beauty, and many more. There is no middle man they deal with. They are getting the products straight from the maker themselves. The CEO says, “We are getting beauty and home brands that want to sell new product in our store.” So what are you waiting for? Get out there and take advantage of what The Real Real is offering!

Shows of Austin from The Brown Agency

As a company that has stayed in the headlines and upheld a strong standing in the fashion world, the American Texas modeling and talent business going by the name “The Brown Modeling Agency” has continued to amaze and impress the public and it’s enthusiasts as well as various numbers of other businesses in the fashion world since the summer of 2015. The company originally went by the name “Wilhelmina Austin” as it was founded by the renowned and iconic woman “Wilhelmina Austin”. The company has seen a great upsurge in income as well as development, and continued to be on the rise as (what many have claimed to be) a leading business in the fashion world and its industry. Gaining more momentum to stay at the top of the rankings, the company has since found ways to create stunning and exclusive clothing ideas, as well as bring other concepts for talent to fashion shows for an extravagant event held and managed by the company.




The famous Brown Modeling Agency has worked with multiple other companies partnered for advertisements and recognition, such as the worldwide cosmetics business “L’oreal”, the famous car company “Toyota”, or the computer and device firm, known as “Dell”. With a hand in all advertisements and growing eminence, the fashion firm has also been seen in notorious American fashion show events, such as the fashion weeks from New York and Dallas, and quite possibly in London and Milan as well.


According to Marketwired, the fashion company managed to rise above when being recognized in 2010 at their own personal Dallas, Texas runway show. With high management from partnered companies and exquisite ideas forged from the team, they created such stunning designs with a matchless and youthful touch that could be considered “original” and “distinct” from other fashion shows. This caused them to be seen on news articles and new channels furthering their status in fame.


Brown Agency not only exudes its greatness through the many magazine features and advertisements, but it also aims to show and represent its models and takes pride in the many attributes of its website and business. There are many categories of these fine models and the photography to represent them makes for brilliant stock imagery for the business, only exceeding the professionalism.



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Igor Cornelsen Works With The Facts To Earn His Living

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor with a keen eye for discovering trends and opportunities before they come about. He does his best to not be distracted by other analysts or professors, because he has always found that facts are much better than relying on the opinion of others. One of his favorite web services in Reuters, and he loves the website because the news is simply reported there without bias or opinion. During 2007, he found himself in a situation where he chose to close all of his positions in commodities that he was short. Instead of selling his shares, which were sitting at a high value, he chose to not do this, and he now does the exact opposite.

When asked if there was something that he finds true that no one agrees with him about, Igor Cornelsen commented that he is not aware of anything like this that nobody agrees with him about. He has found that there is always one individual who thinks the same way as himself. He did reveal that there was one time when, despite what everyone else was saying, he was sure that the Euro would hang around until another international currency replaced it. He was correct, and while everyone was touting their surety that the Euro would disappear, he remained firm in his belief that it would not.

Igor Cornelson earned his college degree while studying at the Federal University of Parana where he earned a degree in Economics. He also studied engineering at the university in the beginning but decided to change his major two years into his studies. When he graduated in 1970, he went to work with an investment bank where his calculation skills related to compound interest came in quite handy. He moved on after some time, after earning a solid reputation, and ended up working in Rio as an investment banker. It wasn’t long before he worked his way up through the ranks at Multibanco where he became part of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. To this day, he continues to earn a healthy profit through the decisions he makes.