Robert Ivy Leads Architects; Receives Coveted Award

His peers know that Robert Ivy is a highly talented architect. Now the Mississippi Institute of Arts has decided that it is time the man is given a rare award. Robert Ivy has been honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, following his work to demystify architecture and make it accessible by a broader spectrum of clients interested in putting up well-planned structures; from residential to commercial enterprises. The Noel Polk Award is a rare and highly prestigious honor that is usually given to highly talented Artists and patrons connected to Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

The First Architect

The Noel Polk Award has never before been given to an architect. Robert Ivy happens to be the maiden architect to have ever received the prestigious accolade. It is an award that has only gone to a few other highly acclaimed artists Some of the people in the hall of fame that Robert Ivy has just joined include Morgan Freeman, who is an actor, Shelby Foote, who is a prolific writer, singer Leonyte Price, Walter Anderson and Eudora Welty; being a mix of writers and musical artists.

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Robert Ivy; His Reputation, Performance, and Legacy

Mr. Carl Elefante is the president of AIA. He points out that the architectural fraternity is impressed with the Award, given to one of their own who they believe has been a true leader and professional. Robert Ivy, has written books, he has also edited the journal produced by the architects and has delivered mind-blowing architectural plans that have impressed his clients and the public over the years. Mr. Elephante says that the architectural fraternity in the US and beyond joins in the celebrations of the award because they know that by honoring Robert Ivy, they, too, have been honored. He observes that the Noel Polk Award is indeed a rare honor. CEO Robert Ivy has also collected numerous other accolades before the latest one. He was designated as the Master Architect by the architectural fraternity called Alpha Rho Chi. He has, therefore, rubbed shoulders with who is who in the world of architectural business.


The institute was begun way back in 1857. The core objective of the American Institute of Architects is to provide useful architectural designs that secure peoples structures for today and tomorrow. It aims to help to establish secure, valuable buildings that can stand the test of time and tide. The organization has over 200 chapters spread out across the USA, Asia, and Europe. It has even recently opened the Canadian Chapter.

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