Jeff Herman Defender of Sexual Abuse Victims

Corey Feldman, known for his acting in the Goonies, recently took up a common cause with Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the USA Team volleyball, to show their strong support for the upcoming vote on the Child Victims Act; 76% of New Yorkers are in favor of the bill, There has been a lot of controversies raised over the Child Victims Act with strong supporters and those who would wish it not pass. Timothy Cardinal Dolan calls the bill “toxic” and raises a flag to the Governor and state lawmakers to not give the law since it would awaken old cases against the Church.

With the new law, survivors could wait as long as year 50 to produce a civil suit against sexual abusers, while those who have suffered criminal acts of sexual abuse would have until the age of 28. Presently civil cases of sexual abuse are allowed up until five years after the crime.
The current statute of limitations for civil lawsuits allows legal actions relating to sexual abuse crimes to be brought to court within five years of the offense.
Cuomo has added the bill to be considered by the legislation this year. The Child Victims Act has come before the New York Legislators several times in recent years only to be passed over.
Jeff Herman is a 20-year veteran Lawyer with numerous successful cases won for his sexually abused clients. Jeff Herman represents child abuse victims in every state for the Constitution and Puerto Rico. Jeff Herman serves a wide variety of sexual abuse cases, whether Hollywood Sexual abuse, campus sexual abuse or clergy abuse. Herman recently won a 100 Million dollar settlement against the Catholic Church for sexual abuse representing one of his clients. Jeff Herman is a strong advocate for supporting children’s safety and protecting them from sexual predators. Jeff Herman’s law firm has a team of lawyers who all specialize in sexual abuse. Lastly, Jeff Herman has a dedicated investigative unit of investigators, military special forces, detectives whose purpose is to find evidence for those victims represented by Herman Law.