The Life of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinian who was brought up in Kuwait. He was born in a family of eight children. He holds two PhDs and also a master’s degree. He is also a teacher by profession. He is a renowned medical expert who has practiced medicine for the past 47 years. He studied at the University of Cairo in Egypt. He then did his internship in England after which he migrated to the United States where he did his residency in surgery and specialized in pediatric surgery at the USA Board Certified. He also has a wife, and they had four children who have followed in his footsteps in the medical world, other than one who opted to be a lawyer.



During his practice, he has patented two inventions and also has also made many new pediatric surgical procedures. He has operated on many children over the year and also participated in medical missions where he has performed complex surgeries on underprivileged kids. He first realized that he wanted to be a doctor when he was in High school in Kuwait. In an interview, he says that the first thought that he wanted to be an engineer like his older siblings. He then realized that he did not like working outdoors. That is when he realised that he could work better indoors with the more relaxed condition and that is why he decided that he wanted to become a doctor, to work in air-conditioned rooms.



He also said in the interview that his most significant mentor was Dr. H Biemann Othersen who was a pediatric surgeon in the USA. He trained Saad to be the surgeon that he is today in Charleston. In the interview, he stresses that fact that every goal that you want to achieve you can, all you need to do is insist on your goal.



He then stated that some of the things he used to do to prepare for surgery. He always ensures that he reviews the medical record of the patient. He then considered all the surgical procedure that would entail. If he was going to perform complicated surgery, he said that he used to ensure that he had a good night sleep before the surgery. He provided that there was no personal talk in the operation room. He did not list to loud music in the operating room.



Dr. Saad did well in medical school and never at any time failed. He graduated with honors after being second in his graduation year. He says he didn’t have a choice but to be the best in school because he was from a low-income family. He believed passing the exams was going to be the road t his success in his life. Learn more: