Ara Chackerian Does Not Stick To A Strict Schedule

Ara Chackerian is an investor and a philanthropist. He is an entrepreneur and he is someone who has a hard time sticking to a regular schedule each day. He is someone who has made a name for himself, but he has shared that he is not good at using a calendar or living out each day in the same way. Ara Chackerian is someone who has found success, and he is someone who is working for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as a Managing Partner.

When Ara Chackerian was asked about something that he does again and again that has helped him to find success, he had much to share. He mentioned that he is someone who comes up with an idea and then automatically thinks about all of the reasons that the idea is good. He thinks about the positive side of the idea without paying attention to the other side of it. He has learned to look for the truth about any idea that he has and to figure out whether or not that idea is truly going to work out. Visit for more.

Ara Chackerian believes that emotions can influence a person as they are going about their business and that a person should think about that before they make important decisions. He shared that he invested in a company that was run by his friend and that he struggled with his emotions while doing that and as the investment period ended. He shared that it was a mistake for him to be involved in something that was messing with his emotions in that way. Check out for more.

When asked about a favorite book that he has and one that he would recommend to others, Ara Chackerian mentioned The Worry Cure. Ara shared that the book focuses on worrying and why people worry. He believes that the book is important as it helps people find ways to worry a little less.