OSI Group Drive For Quality Food Earns Them Success

OSI Group may not be a well-known company, but in the food industry it’s one of the top-notch companies. The Illinois based company is one of the leading meat processors providing quality food to retailers for over a hundred years.

OSI Group’s quality food and relationship with retailers has led them to become a successful company with a billion dollar revenue. OSI Group’s success has grown so much that they’ve purchased other food companies. One of the first companies OSI Group purchased was Baho Food, which was acquired in early 2016. The acquisition of Baho Food, which is a Dutch company, allowed OSI Group to expand their food market in Europe.

Baho Food wouldn’t be the only company OSI Group acquired in 2016. Later that year, they purchased Flagship Europe, a company much like Baho Food. Flagship Europe would allow OSI Group to not only broaden their reach in Europe, but they’d also step into new innovative products such as sauces, frozen foods, and other meats.

Aside from their billions in revenue and their recent acquisitions, OSI Group has received numerous awards for their service. Their most recent award was the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The prestigious award recognized OSI Group’s dedication to environmental management, which garnered OSI a five-star rating.

With their aim for providing quality food and their strive for making environmental and innovative changes, it’s no surprise that OSI is one of the leading food industry companies in the world.

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