How Fabletics is Changing Up the Active Wear Game

As a huge fan of working out and staying athletically fit, I was thrilled when about three years ago workout gear started to evolve from drab, functional wear into trend, kind of sexy clothing articles that could easily transition from the gym to my favorite happy hour locale.


However, there was a huge gap in the market. The trendiest of athletic wear was ridiculously expensive. We are talking about $100 minimum for one piece of clothing. Similarly, as a curvier woman, the trendiest workout gear seemed to be one-size and even the “large” top wouldn’t fit around my chest. On the opposite end, clothing from brands sold in your typical “sporting” store felt very drab and didn’t have much transition from things like yoga to activities like biking, hiking or running. It seemed like you needed a different piece for each activity.


Enter my new favorite brand – Fabletics. Founded and spearheaded by one of my favorite actresses, Kate Hudson, the company has been like a breath of fresh air in the active wear market.


So what is so great about Fabletics? First, the company is taking on Amazon in a huge way. If you don’t know, Amazon controls about 20% of the athletic wear market. What you must know, is that things brought on Amazon are often tough to gauge size and can have major flaws such as see-through fabric, poor crafting or they will just not be true to size.


Fabletics has revolutionized the online active wear game with their reverse showroom technique. This means that users come to their website and receive a tailored experience that starts with a Lifestyle Quiz. If you haven’t taken the quiz, I highly recommend it. It is actually pretty fun to evaluate your style and workout preferences. Once you finish, your entire experience with Fabletics is fully customized to your unique style and preferences. This is SO very different from a modern “showroom” or storefront, where everyone that enters receives the same experience.


In a CNBC article published lately, Kate Hudson gave some tips on how her brand achieved such success. One thing that really stuck out was her commitment to utilizing big data to reach customers on a more personal level, hence, the Lifestyle Quiz. She also recommended the importance of looking for marketing opportunities and staying hands on, which is one of the reasons the brand truly shines in a market that was already saturated when it launched three years ago.

Eric Lefkofsky Founds Tempus to Help Treat Cancer

Do most truck drivers have better information to do their jobs than the oncologists who treat cancer patients? That’s what serial entrepeneur Eric Lefkofsky believes after observing the medical system up close when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.Oncologists are trained to treat the cancer, and so they look at the cancer from a strictly biological point of view. What is its moleclar makeup? What is the sequence of its DNA? What kind of cancer drug does that require?However, Lefkofsky says that’s like looking at a puzzle with only half the pieces. The cancer’s genome is important, but so is the patient. Other things about the patient such as their age, other illnesses, other medications and so on may affect the effectiveness of how cancer drugs work.

The only way to know for sure is to store the data and then study the correlations. However, he said in an interview with Fortune Health, that the NCI cancer centers could not tell you how effective a particular cancer drug was on their patients over the last two to three years. If you asked them, they’d want grant money and 90 days to study the question.But, as a high tech entrepeneur, Lefkofsky knows it’s possible to set up databases to store such information and to answer such questions easily. The answers should be at their fingerprints.

That’s why he co-founded Tempus, to set up databases to bring modern data flows to the best cancer treatment.Lefkofsky is most well-known as the co-founder and Chairman of the e-commerce giant Groupon. However, he’s busy with philanthropic work in Chicago. He and his wife manage the Lefkofsky Family Foundation fund to make high-impact contributions to the community. He also serves as trustee for the Chicago Art Institute, the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and World Business Chicago.He’s also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He received the Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. And he wrote the book Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation. That’s based on his experiences bringing disruptive technological breakthroughs to the marketplace.

Whitney Wolfe Revamps Online Dating With Bumble

What She Wants To Change

Whitney Wolfe believes there is a serious problem in online dating. She clearly wants to change the way we look at online dating and give women a chance to empower themselves. This is exactly what Bumble does. It gives women the right to make the first move in all dating situations. This means that many of the issues affecting online dating, such as sexual harassment, are easily handled in Bumble. Given the fact that millions are using the platform it seems she has succeed.

The Difference Bumble Makes

Bumble is making a difference by changing the dating dynamics we are used to. Traditionally, we are used to men making the first move in all interactions between men and women. Whitney Wolfe wanted to do something about this in her dating app. She considered many possible solutions, but the one that stood out the most was the possibility of giving women the power to choose when things start. The approach seems to be just fine with the users of Bumble. Less than 15 of all users have reported any sexual harassment on the online dating platform in the years it has been around.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe a young entrepreneur who has made headlines for her ability to generate success with apps and other online entrepreneurial options without any of the difficulties many people often see. Prior to the creation of Bumble as a young college graduate, she was working for Hatch Labs on the Tinder dating app. She used her experience with this dating app to create Bumble as a competitor with Tinder with a focus on female empowerment. Since her decision she has been hailed as one of the greatest examples of a young businesswoman proving herself. Learn More.

These Tips Will Help You Throw The Perfect Party

Everyone knows that throwing a party can be incredibly stressful. Good hosts are likely to put tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves in order to create a party environment that keeps their friends and family feeling festive and full of happiness.


If you’re not exactly a party-planning expert, there’s still hope. You can always hire one of the several event planners in New York so that you can relax while they handle the big stuff. Twenty Three Layers is one of the very best event planning companies in NYC. This full-service company is composed of expert planners who can help you with decor, creating a menu and even providing a photo booth for your guests.


Alternatively, you can manage to throw your own party without the help of a professional by developing an understanding of party-planning basics. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite party-planning tips from professional party and corporate event planners in NYC who have been through it all.



Create a DIY Bar Area


One of the most common mistakes that hosts make is not thinking the whole beverage aspect through. Guests like to drink and it’s important to find a way to make it easy for them to grab a drink when they want. Rather than having them search through your refrigerator each time they want a refill, simply make a bar area somewhere in your home. This bar can be decorated however you wish and you can get creative with things like mixers, garnishes and glasses.



Make Tasty Yet Simple Appetizers


Another common mistake is trying to serve a meal composed of several courses to a large number of guests. Besides the fact that this is a lot of work, it’s simply impractical to have a large number of guests walk around and mingle with plates and forks in their hands. Instead, go with finger foods. You can still create yummy and satisfying food for your guests without tiring yourself out in the kitchen all day long.



Make a Space for Kids


If your guests have kids, it’s up to you to make sure that they’re entertained while the guests mingle. Get creative and make a space that’s extremely kid-friendly. Stock it with some activities that will keep them satisfied for hours.


Now that you know the basics of party-planning, you’ll be able to throw an unforgettable bash for your friends and family.


OSI Group Drive For Quality Food Earns Them Success

OSI Group may not be a well-known company, but in the food industry it’s one of the top-notch companies. The Illinois based company is one of the leading meat processors providing quality food to retailers for over a hundred years.

OSI Group’s quality food and relationship with retailers has led them to become a successful company with a billion dollar revenue. OSI Group’s success has grown so much that they’ve purchased other food companies. One of the first companies OSI Group purchased was Baho Food, which was acquired in early 2016. The acquisition of Baho Food, which is a Dutch company, allowed OSI Group to expand their food market in Europe.

Baho Food wouldn’t be the only company OSI Group acquired in 2016. Later that year, they purchased Flagship Europe, a company much like Baho Food. Flagship Europe would allow OSI Group to not only broaden their reach in Europe, but they’d also step into new innovative products such as sauces, frozen foods, and other meats.

Aside from their billions in revenue and their recent acquisitions, OSI Group has received numerous awards for their service. Their most recent award was the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The prestigious award recognized OSI Group’s dedication to environmental management, which garnered OSI a five-star rating.

With their aim for providing quality food and their strive for making environmental and innovative changes, it’s no surprise that OSI is one of the leading food industry companies in the world.

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