Jason Halpern Succeeds in Real Estate

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Real estate is a competitive industry and to succeed you have to be outstanding. There are many real estate developers, but Jason Halpern has stood as the best real estate developer. He is also a successful agent as well as an investor who is known for his hard work and dedication. He has a real estate firm that has stood out from the rest because of the quality services people get from the company.

Under his strong leadership, the company has been able to acquire loyal clients. The loyal customers are happy with his work always respecting his decisions because he knows their needs.JMH Development is a developing firm that is owned by Jason Halpern. The company is well-known and respected in the world of real estate development because of doing work that is unique.

JMH Development is a firm that is always working to ensure they are innovative.Uniqueness and innovation are important regarding real estate industry. Clients are happy to work with someone who has creative ways, and that is what Jason Halpern loves. His firm has a specialty in massive projects which are for a commercial and residential purpose.

JMH Development has managed to carry out various projects because of the dedication and hard work of Jason Halpern. He has put a lot of efforts to the company that no one can achieve. The company is different from other real estate entrepreneurs across the United States. The difference is because the company stands for innovation and it is always adding new things in the market. It establishes property which is of high value in the market and as such people are happy with the work.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

At the moment JMH Development is developing unique projects in places such as Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami Beach. In these areas, there is a high demand for property, and the market competition is high. However, Jason’s company has achieved a competitive advantage over the other businesses, and he is enjoying a monopoly in the market. The company works with customers as if they are partners.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

As a client, you will be treated with respect and welcomed to work with great minds like Jason Halpern. The people who have already sought the services of the company have given positive reviews. They are also happy to work with someone who is dedicated and ready to tackle their needs.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern is someone who has been able to stand out from the crowd.It is because of his background which enabled him to learn a lot of things concerning real estate even when he was a boy.Halpern is also a talented businessman and knows how to deal with developing a business.

He has grown JMH Development and worked with different clients who are happy with his work. That is the reason his company has been able to acquire customers who are loyal. Also, Jason Halpern has a passion for building and creation of attractive buildings and homes.

The Highlights of Wikipedia Wessex

Some of the highlights of the Wessex Institute of Technology include location, Board of Directors, Research, Publishing WIT Press, Design and Nature among other info. Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the forests area known as Ashhurst Lodge in central southern England.

There are 14 members of the Board if Directors. One of the board members graduated from Wessex Institute of Technology. Only one of the members is a woman.

Wessex Institute Technology gets the funding for their programs from many counties all over the world. Italy and Spain funded the most projects for the school.

Wessex Institute of Technology publishes 12 journals. Many of these journals have to do with nature, environment, architecture, and science.

Wessex Institute of Technology has many seminars and a publication about Design and Nature. Many builders are interested in designing buildings that get along well in nature.

Tammy Mazzocco a Leading Female Entrepreneur in the Real Estate Business

The real estate business is male dominated, but Tammy Mazzocco is doing well in the industry. Her career in the property markets began at Edward’s Realty Company where she worked as an office secretary. Tammy Mazzocco worked under Mike Zelnik a very accomplished realtor. Her team comprised of 9 dedicated agents and she learned great lessons from each. For seven years Tammy managed condos at Scotland Yard Condominiums and in 1995, she received her license (http://www.homes.com/real-estate-agents/tammy-mazzocco/id-629647/) and became a certified real estate agent. Scotland Yard’s manager and owner of a leading properties management firm Cook Realty Ken Cook was supportive he gave Tammy the most vital lessons on how to succeed in the real estate business.

When Tammy left Scotland Yard, she joined T&R Properties a company that manages multiple properties. In 1998 Tammy Mazzocco was privileged to work with Joe Armeni a leading RE/MAX producer. Tammy was Joe’s personal assistant and working with him inspired her to take real estate business more seriously, and in 2000 Tammy Mazzocco started working with Judy Gang of Judy Gang Associates a firm based in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy was the most supportive person who motivated her in a very friendly and personal level. When things got too tough, Judy encouraged her to press on. Tammy today sells residential properties in Fairfield, Delaware, Licking and Franklin counties in the central area of Ohio.

The real estate career has become so fulfilling for Tammy Mazzocco, and she has a lot of passion for what she does. Her success has not come quickly to bring any idea to fruition she researches thoroughly before executing her plan, through this she has reduced chances of failure to a significant percentage. Tammy Mazzocco works on set goals, and she plans clearly on how she will achieve them in a given period. Tammy’s clients are always her priority, and she accords them respect and guides them on the best products in the properties markets. Tammy Mazzocco has always offered her customers satisfactory services, and through this, she has got many referrals and repeated businesses. Check out Tammy Mazzocco’s social pages on Facebook and Tumblr to learn more about her..

Bruce Levenson Still Making High Scores At Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson’s latest project is Do Good Institute, a wing of the University of Maryland that he and his wife Karen started about 5 years ago. Since selling the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 2015, Levenson has begun to make Do Good Institute the new focus of his endeavors. The way this institute works is by teaching students how to lead non-profit organizations and letting them put their ideas to work. In fact some students have even taken certain ideas such as cutting down on food waste to turn it into an entrepreneurial idea befitting a non-profit food bank. Levenson is enthusiastic about what business-minded non-profit leaders can do as he himself has been a part of such efforts with Hoop Dreams and Community Foundation of Washington.

Bruce Levenson comes from a Jewish background and was raised by an average middle class family in a suburb of Washington D.C. He completed a bachelor’s degree at Washington University and later got his J.D. at American University’s College of Law. His passion was in journalism and he was both a contributor and editor at the Washington Star paper for a few years. But then he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own private newspaper and explored the oil and banking industries. They became such successful publishers that they were able to turn their paper into a major media company known as Unified Communications Group (UCG). Levenson also started another company under UCG’s wing that became TechTarget. Source: brucelevenson.com

In 2004 Levenson entered the NBA owners’ circle when he and Peskowitz bought most of the Atlanta Hawks’ shares along with their arena and training facilities. He owned the Hawks for about 12 years and was their representative on the NBA’s Board of Governors, but then he chose to sell the team in 2015, reports ESPN. Levenson still loves basketball and has helped launch some youth basketball tournaments over the years. He also supports Jewish and Israel public relations groups including BBYO, Birthright Israel and SEED Foundation.


CTRMA -Article Recap

One of the fundamental challenges facing many cities around the world including Austin, Texas is traffic congestion. As communities continue to grow exponentially, the available spaces including roads are increasingly becoming congested. Therefore, the need to decongest traffic is not only an urgent matter but also a critical issue that requires a multifaceted solution.

One such organization actively engaged in decongesting traffic in Austin is Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). While recognizing that traffic congestion is impossible to completely eradicate, CTRMA has employed strategic measures that incorporate old and new technologies such mobile applications in its efforts towards decongesting the city.

Under its current Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, CTRMA has successfully launched technology-based projects. These include incorporation of technology into toll lanes systems and use of mobile applications to manage road usage. The authority has also incorporated smart technologies such as fiber cables to facilitate communication between the roads and the vehicles. It also actively engages the local communities to embrace using bikes and walking as a means of transport.

CTRMA: Embracing Innovative Technology and Professionalism

One of the key pillars of CTRMA’s success is seamlessly merging the existing traffic congestion solutions with innovative ones. By incorporating technology into the current system, CTRMA has managed to add one of the most important success factor to traffic decongestion: flexibility of the existing infrastructure.


By using mobile phone applications to manage traffic routes usage, the authority is tapping into one of the most commonly available technology today: mobile phones. This helps users to seek alternative routes while commuting or opt for carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Smart technology, as Mr. Mike Heiligenstein holds, will ensure that the transport system can meet the demands of the future.

Additionally, CTRMA has expanded the capacity the existing infrastructure including toll and non-toll lanes by introducing new lanes. To further reduce the number of vehicles on the road, CTRMA has launched biking lanes, which can also be used for walking by pedestrians. Others such as pedestrian bridges and elimination of frequent stops on the highways will ensure that the transport system is efficient.


Currently headed by Mr. Heiligenstein, CTRMA is an agency founded in 2002 with the primary role of merging technology with the current transport system solutions to produce multifaceted transport management systems. Its jurisdiction is confined to Travis and Williamson counties.

Its seven-board membership is drawn from the two counties while the chairman is a state governor appointee. Mr. Heiligenstein is a veteran in public service, with over two decades of experience. His expertise and experience played a key role in his appointment to head several local and national committees operating within the transport sector.

Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://ibtta.eventsential.org/Speakers/Details/22280


Securus Technologies is a primary provider of criminal and civil justice IT solutions that designs products to execute specialized communication needs for corrections industry constituents including inmates, facilities, and the friends and family of inmates. From my research, the company’s history is routed to 1986 with the Tele-Matic Corporation incorporation later on seeing some mergers and acquisition that brought to life Securus Technologies. Over the years, the company has now gained a strategic advantage and executed a radical growth plan by growing beyond offering just its main product and venturing into several complimentary products. This has seen Securus Technologies earn itself a name among the principle innovators of an all rounded Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions.



One such great move by the giant in communication is one in 2016 that saw the company launch a facility that uses technology to solve and avert possible crimes. I have learned that through innovative technologies, Securus have an investigative tool that permits their staff to carry out investigations when a complaint such as that of harassment or a potential hazard to the security of the facility or the society. That is not all, I discovered that the LBS software that is used by Securus has assisted a company recover millions of illegal assets, drugs and cash money that was stolen hence improving security.



In January 2017, Securus was named among finalist in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service under the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category and was named Gold winner in February. In my opinion, the truly deserved this award of because their continued effort in using technology to avert crime. Securus pleased more than 75 judges to beat the over 2,300 nominees of all sizes and from all industries. I would definitely recommend Securus to any company seeking to benchmark for customer service.