Madison Street Capital Brokers A Significant Acquisition For ARES Securities

Madison Street Capital, a global leader in investment banking, recently advised ARES Securities Corporation to invest in a minority equity and subordinated debt. The client, based in Vienna, is a prominent player in security risk management in addition to providing security software services. Corbel Structured Equity Partners were the source of the minority stakes. The deal was brokered by Madison Street Capital’s top brass.


Madison’s leadership acknowledged ARES Securities’ commitment in the transaction. The managing director noted that ARES is an inimitable provider of top-notch technology and security solutions with a collection of noteworthy clients. He revealed that ARES management challenged them to find the ideal financier of the deal.


In response, ARES thanked Madison’s team for their exemplary work. The whole process, from evaluation to fundraising, was handled professionally and ethically. ARES’ President reiterated that his firm was impressed by Madison Capital’s efforts in identifying the suitable partner. He added that they were enthusiastic and looked forward to the future.


With an aim to create a significant equity value, ARES discovered that collaborating with Corbel was the best option. Corbel was already an established entity in the sector. Hence it had a large number of contacts. By working together, Madison Street would tap into new markets and unearth new opportunities after connecting with Corbel’s existing clients. Additionally, the flexibility of Corbel’s capital solution would sustain the current sales, if not improve them.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an internationally renowned investment banking giant. The head office is located in Chicago, Illinois. The company operates in Asia, North America, and Africa. Its service portfolio includes; financial advice services, valuation services, consultations, and overseeing and managing mergers and acquisition in both individual and corporate institutions. In addition to these, the franchise is engaged in supporting various humanitarian causes. The generous gestures have seen the enterprise gain popularity in local communities.


Madison Street Capital reputation has soared considerably due to the firm’s commitment to upholding integrity and ethics. The company strives to avail to its client the best possible experience. The company takes client seriously, handling them with utmost care as if they were their own. Moreover, Madison Street Capital focuses on assets located in upcoming markets, as these present the best opportunity for multiplying their customers’ revenues. To investors looking for new venture acquisitions or mergers, Madison is an excellent choice. Their proven track record assures prospective clients that they will not be disappointed.


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