A Quick Introduction To Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist of Indian descent. He founded the QI Group of companies and serves as executive chairman of the group. Mr. Eswaran’s conglomerate group is involved in numerous industries that include retail, finances, and hospitality.

Perhaps, the most well known venture of Vijay Eswaran is the company, QNET. It is one of the world’s largest and most profitable direct selling companies.

Vijay Eswaran founded QNET in 1998 as a direct selling company. It would shake up the direct selling industry with a new concept that Vijay Eswaran launched.

At QNET, Vijay not only focused on direct selling through salesman who would interact directly with people but through the then rapidly growing platform of e-commerce.

Today QNET shows strong sales in both online sales and in direct marketing sales. This dual approach to sales and marketing has helped QNET break into the direct selling market and become a global leader in sales in this sphere.

Speaking to Entrepreneur Middle East Magazine, Vijay Eswaran described how getting established into the direct selling industry in Asia was very tough at first. He lacked the connections and capital needed to enter the market successfully. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

Persistence along with innovation were two things that helped QNET and Eswaran break into the market.

A book sold at the Amazon Store says that Vijay Eswaran and his partner decided to set themselves apart from other direct sellers by focusing on precious metals and numismatics or collectible coins. This was a market that was not very crowded and had a niche market with a high demand.

The decision proved to a good one, as it helped to establish QNET as a brand name and helped with sales. Vijay Eswaran also acquired the rights to sell Sydney Olympic Games commemorative coins as a bid to increase recognition of his company and to be able to offer an exclusive product only available through QNET.

QNET is now one of the top 40 direct selling companies in the world. This has been accomplished, despite shareholder conflicts and attacks on his reputation. Vijay Eswaran and his QI Group show that persistence, innovation and a focus on people can bring great success despite the odds.

Seasoned Lawyer Karl Heideck Is A Leading Philadelphia Litigator

Karl Heideck Is A Leading Philadelphia LitigatorThe litigation attorney is a vital component of the U.S. judicial system. In basic terms, a litigation attorney represents clients of different types in lawsuits on the federal and state levels.

In this day and age, many litigation attorneys actually narrow the scope of their practices to serve as litigators on either the federal or state level. Although there is a great deal in common with both the federal and state court systems, there are also some fairly significant differences.

The typical litigation attorney is associated with a large law firm, a government agency, a corporation, some type of organization, or is part of a smaller legal practice. Some large firms maintain specific departments comprised of litigation attorneys.

Many individuals interested in becoming litigation attorneys start planning for this career course in law school. They elect to participate in moot court programs as well as in the law clinic. A law school law clinic gives a student, in his or her third year of study, to obtain real-life, hands-on courtroom experience before becoming a lawyer.

Many litigators begin their professional career working in the criminal justice system By working in a city, state, or federal prosecutor’s office, these newer attorneys have the opportunity to spend what can amount to be a good amount of time in the courtroom. Working for a public defender also provides a similar opportunity.

Karl Heideck is a skilled itigation attorneyKarl Heideck is a skilled, experienced litigation attorney, working for clients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. Heideck graduated from Temple University School of Law about 10 years ago. Prior to Temple, he obtained a BA from Swarthmore College, with a degree in English language and literature.

In addition to litigation cases, Heideck practices in the employment, commercial, and products liability arenas as well. He is also experienced in regulatory compliance and risk management.

Arthur Becker’s Insights on a Working Business Approach

Arthur Becker shed some light on his way of conducting business. He talked about his unwavering passion in business. Mr. Becker noted that when working for NaviSite and ZINIO, he got largely involved in technology and real estate. After the sale of NaviSite, he decided to venture into real estate. He started by developing condominiums in New York City and Miami. He had been acquitted with early stage Bio Tech companies. It is here that he was captivated by the changing patterns in Biotech merged with remarkable economic opportunities and the ability to positively change people’s lives. This prompted him to pursue a career in the Biotech field. See, arthurbeckerstudio.com

Actualization of business concepts

Arthur Becker actualizes his business ideas by working with people he highly regards in his line of work. He has learned not to repeat past mistakes for his company to forge forward. He further explained that his ability to cultivate and grow management talents had played a significant role in making his business a success. Mr. Becker advised entrepreneurs to stay determined, listen to people they work with, observe changing market trends, and be versatile with their business plans. He noted that his potential is fully utilized when he successfully coordinates and manage experts and other employees at work.

According to Arthur’s statement on Ideamensch, a business strategy that can help a business to thrive needs to show all stages of the business, identify the best human resource, bring them on board with the plan, and work hard to actualize the plan. He noted that his major regret was neglecting school during his second year in college to focus on his construction company. His biggest challenge has been balancing his passion and critical thinking.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur is one of the executive heads of Madison Partners, LLC, a New York-based real estate and early Biotech firm. He previously worked for ZINIO as the chairman for three years. Becker later joined NaviSite, a company that supplies internet technology services, as the CEO. He was a senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion Company (http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/vera-wang-and-husband-arthur-becker-separate-after-23-years-2012117) for seven years. Since 2011, he has been a private investor in real estate business. Mr. Becker did his BA degree at Bennington College between 1969 and 1972. He later joined Tuck School of Business where he did a business course.


Madison Street Capital Brokers A Significant Acquisition For ARES Securities

Madison Street Capital, a global leader in investment banking, recently advised ARES Securities Corporation to invest in a minority equity and subordinated debt. The client, based in Vienna, is a prominent player in security risk management in addition to providing security software services. Corbel Structured Equity Partners were the source of the minority stakes. The deal was brokered by Madison Street Capital’s top brass.


Madison’s leadership acknowledged ARES Securities’ commitment in the transaction. The managing director noted that ARES is an inimitable provider of top-notch technology and security solutions with a collection of noteworthy clients. He revealed that ARES management challenged them to find the ideal financier of the deal.


In response, ARES thanked Madison’s team for their exemplary work. The whole process, from evaluation to fundraising, was handled professionally and ethically. ARES’ President reiterated that his firm was impressed by Madison Capital’s efforts in identifying the suitable partner. He added that they were enthusiastic and looked forward to the future.


With an aim to create a significant equity value, ARES discovered that collaborating with Corbel was the best option. Corbel was already an established entity in the sector. Hence it had a large number of contacts. By working together, Madison Street would tap into new markets and unearth new opportunities after connecting with Corbel’s existing clients. Additionally, the flexibility of Corbel’s capital solution would sustain the current sales, if not improve them.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an internationally renowned investment banking giant. The head office is located in Chicago, Illinois. The company operates in Asia, North America, and Africa. Its service portfolio includes; financial advice services, valuation services, consultations, and overseeing and managing mergers and acquisition in both individual and corporate institutions. In addition to these, the franchise is engaged in supporting various humanitarian causes. The generous gestures have seen the enterprise gain popularity in local communities.


Madison Street Capital reputation has soared considerably due to the firm’s commitment to upholding integrity and ethics. The company strives to avail to its client the best possible experience. The company takes client seriously, handling them with utmost care as if they were their own. Moreover, Madison Street Capital focuses on assets located in upcoming markets, as these present the best opportunity for multiplying their customers’ revenues. To investors looking for new venture acquisitions or mergers, Madison is an excellent choice. Their proven track record assures prospective clients that they will not be disappointed.


For more information, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.