How Anthony Petrello Has Transformed Houston

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors industry, which is the world’s largest land-based drilling contractor. Petrello has helped this company become one of the most respected in its field and has made a name for himself as a giving philanthropist.

There’s very few areas of the city that haven’t been touched by his giving heart. Just how has this great man helped his big city?

How Has He Helped Houston?

Petrello was one of the major donors to the Texas Medical Center, which is the world’s largest health center for helping people who are suffering from a myriad of diseases. It includes 52 different institutions and is a world-famous medical center that has been providing treatment to the Houston area and the rest of Texas for years.

For example, it has worked with the M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic and the Methodist Hospital to find suitable treatments for those who need it. Beyond that, it has also worked with the Institute for Spirituality and Health and St. Dominic Village. These areas provides a wide variety of major benefits that suit the needs of their clients fully.

With Petrello leading the way, Houston has received one of the finest medical centers in the world and is now a common destination for those who need medical help. Without his millions of dollars in donation, this center would have been an impossibility.

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A Great Example

Petrello’s example of philanthropy is one that everyone in Houston should look to with pride. Those who have benefit from it are happy to get the help they so desperately need. And those in the business world should use him as an example of how to give back to the world in small, but important ways. Philanthropy from those who have the ability to provide it is a great gift.

Hopefully, more people like Petrello will continue to emerge and donate their time and money to Houston. It is truly an amazing city and one that is transforming into the most respected and interesting ones in the nation. A lot of that is thanks to the giving heart of Petrello and others like him.

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