How Construcap Is A Leader In Brazil’s Real Estate Economy

Construcap is a company that specializes in energy and building industries in Brazil. Even though this company is not the only one of its kind in the industry, it has managed to earn the trust of most of the clients in Brazil. All its operations go through an established management system or (IMS). Since the company is ISO certified, it employs management systems in management, environment, energy and other departments to ensure quality and efficiency in its operations.

Services Offered

Construcap serves many sectors in the Brazilian economy. Both residential and commercial sectors rely on the services offered by Construcap. The construction industry is another sector that utilizes the services that this company offers. Some of the services the company offers in the construction and industrial sectors include civil engineering, electro-mechanics, building, design and structured projects.

Its Subsidiaries

Construcap has many small enterprises affiliated to them. InovaSaude is one of the most successful affiliates of Construcap. Through InovaSaude, they have been given a contract to build healthcare facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There will be clinics in Sao Paulo, San Jose Campos, and Sorocaba. Not only will this affiliate build the healthcare facilities, they will also buy all the needed medical equipment for the clinics. The contracts states that for the next 17 years, any non-medical service will be under the management of InovaSaude.

Undergraduates’ Opportunities

Construcap takes in interns who want to acquire practical skills in construction and energy. This applies to both undergraduates and fresh graduates. The internship program helps to train the interns on the basics of the company’s operations. In addition to this, the interns acquire knowledge that is important for their career development. During the internship period, all interns are given mentors to help during the training.


Construcap is aware that some of its employees are not educated. To eliminate the illiteracy, the firm has training programs to equip employees with writing and reading skills. In addition to the literacy classes, Construcap also runs a series of leadership training sessions for its employees. All these things make the company and its employees stand out in the market.