New York Real Estate Solutions by Town Residential

Andrew Heiberger founded Town Residential Company in the year 2010 for brokering and development of real estate. The firm makes every effort to become the leading real estate backdrop of New York. The founder members of the company are a group of successful and experienced agents dealing with developments and sale of luxury rentals all over New York. Town Residential firm is guided by strong business standards that have helped in growing to promote the Company’s image as innovate and experienced real estate agents.


The company’s approach has been described as simple but all- encompassing and dedicated to providing equal value to sales of housing, rentals, and new developments. Town Residential provides exceptional services to their customers, expertise, transparency of the information they offer, and professional guidance to all the clients. In partnership with individual real estate agents and companies, Town Residential has managed to develop many modern housing properties in the city of New York. The growth of the company has led to it being branded as the best place to work in by Crain.


The firm also undertakes socially responsible activities such as supporting sports such as running in the city. For example, the company has supported the TSC New York City Marathon by sponsoring some of the athletes. The company also takes part in holiday initiatives around the city such as the “Union Square Holiday Market‘ and Thanksgiving activities.


The past five years have seen Town Residential grow its position in the City of New York as the front-runner in the provision of the most expensive real estate services. The company’s team of representatives is known for their excellent customer services towards the clients to ensure customer satisfaction of response and service delivery.


Town Residential Specialties

Town Residential specializes in the sale of luxury residential and leasing property. The firm specializes in areas such as leasing of premises, marketing, sales, and development of retail and commercial housing projects. The high code of ethics set by the company has promoted the new excellence standards that have facilitated the company’s rapid growth. The specialties can be categorized into three groups that include; brokerage, New York real estate, and new development.


Professionalism is vital to the firm’s culture which has helped in the passing of unique expertise and knowledge within the industry. The firm has a unique culture and a winning formula that has promoted the image and brand name of Town Residential. In recent reports, the corporation has been listed among the top 50 superlative environments to work in the City. The above has been facilitated by the availability of top talents in every town the firm has representatives. The company has many employees in the range of 201- 500 from all its branches.