Manse on Marsh Introduces Farron Bernhardt As The New CEO


The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility that only wants the best for their residents, and the facility has recently introduced Farron Bernhardt as the new Chief Executive Officer of the community, which was originally announced on PR Web.


Farron Bernhardt has been dedicated to senior housing for over 30 years, and he has held leadership positions at various assisted living communities. He is joining The Manse on Marsh team after serving as the Vice President of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development. The facility chose Bernhardt as the CEO because of his leadership qualities and hard work in the industry.  As their Indeed recruiting page shows, The Manse on Marsh is dedicated to finding the best.


Bernhardt is ready to work with the team to ensure the community is a wonderful place for all seniors. The reason families choose this community is because seniors are encouraged to remain active but still receive the quality care they need. Manse on Marsh has received the Caring Star Award for the second year in a row, and the community was recently named the Best of 2016 by the website The community strives to remain the best assisted living facility on the Central Coast.


Facility owner Chris Skiff is excited to see what enhancements Bernhardt plans to make at Manse on Marsh, and Bernhardt is looking forward to working with the staff and meeting the residents of the community.


AssistedLiving indicates that The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo at 475 Marsh Street. Seniors who reside in the community have access to a range of amenities, including private homes, delicious meals, medication services, housekeeping and reliable transportation. Every senior receives a pendant for calling a nurse or doctor around the clock.


Seniors are encouraged to stay active through various programs and classes. They can take part in sports programs, exercises classes or weekly field trips. Seniors can also participate in arts and crafts, card games and social gatherings. The facility offers a restaurant, library, salon and rooftop lounge to all residents.


The Manse on Marsh takes pride in offering a vibrant lifestyle, with tons of available activities, and quality healthcare to all residents. Farron Bernhardt is just what the community needs to continue their path of excellence.

My Home Is Always Clean Now Because Of Handy Services

Cleaning my home is the last thing that I ever want to do, even though I know I need to do it at least once a week. Sometimes, the entire week will pass before I try to do any cleaning, and then I am overwhelmed by all the cleaning that I need to do. My tub is so old that I need it cleaned every single week to keep it looking fresh. My toilet needs cleaning, I need to vacuum every week, and my windows constantly need to be wiped.

I just couldn’t keep up with the work, so I got to do it for me. The Handy company has been my saving grace because they save me so much time every week. I allow a Handy worker to come in every single Thursday to clean for me, and on Friday and through the weekend, I get to relax and have some time to myself. I don’t do any cleaning anymore unless it’s fixing my bed, which is something that I can definitely handle with my busy schedule. Handy was recommended to me by someone at work because I was constantly complaining about all the cleaning I needed to do.

I thought it was amazing that I found Handy because I had thought of other services around town, but none of them came to be as trustworthy as Handy. Another reason why Handy has been such a benefit to me is because they do other services that I will eventually need in my home, such as painting, plumbing, assembly services, and I may eventually need their moving services as well. I’ve let several family members know that Handy is a great company, so they’ve also signed up for Handy services as well. I couldn’t imagine using any other cleaning service but Handy. Visit


Venturing Into the World of Gooee LED Lighting

LED lighting is taking the World by storm and allowing people to save lots of money when it comes to their electricity bills that they receive every month. One of the main problems that homeowners often face is high electricity bills that they feel they have no control over. In order to have more control over your electricity bill, it is imperative that you switch to better quality electricity and lighting for the home. One of the best ways to get this done is to switch to Gooee LED lighting and to make sure that every single bulb that you are using in your home is actually LED.

Gooee offers a variety of LED lights that you can easily pick and choose for your entire house. This is a wonderful option for homeowners who just want to save a little bit of money and do not want to constantly deal with those ridiculous electricity bills that they have become so used to getting every single month. LED lights are ideal for just about any type of homeowner out there and it can help you to save tons of money in the long run without having you give up on the electricity that you have come to get used to with in the home. It is easier said than done when it comes to shutting off every single light in the house when it is not in use but this is simply not something that a lot of homeowners are able to do so switching to LED lighting by Gooee is a great alternative to this.

Doe Deere: An Eccentric Entrepreneur

Doe Deere, the founder and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics, has made quite the name for herself through her eccentric brand. Her style of rapidly changing hair colors has inspired other women to be creative with their own sense of self. Also known as the “Queen of Unicorns,” Doe Deere recently sat down with Guest of a Guest to discuss her success story that has created confidence for her clients as well.

Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to the U.S. when she was 17, going from New York City to Los Angeles. While she has always been imaginative and inclined to be successful, she never thought her success would be this extreme.

Deere began her career as a musician, which helped her become familiar with the business side of entrepreneurship. He began her first small business as a child in Russia at the age of 13 by selling novelty temporary tattoos to her classmates.

When speaking to other young, ambitious girls who hope to become entrepreneurs themselves one day, Deere thinks the best advice to give is to follow your heart. She believes that every individual has something special and unique about them. This may be a skill or a talent, or perhaps some other quality that is unique to them. When you are able to figure out what it is that you are meant to do, that is when you can begin to grow and reach your highest potential.

Deere encourages people to do what they love and follow their hearts, which then leads to further exploration. She believes in the importance of being in touch with oneself and to really look for what is motivating and fulfilling to you. Even if one may feel different from others while growing up, it is important to realize that everyone is part of one big universe and anything that someone may have a passion for doing, there are others out there who share that passion. This is how Lime Crime was created.

Deere always gravitated towards loud and eccentric colors, but when she was beginning her business, those colors were hard to find, because the makeup industry was focused on a more natural look. Because she was unable to find what she wanted in stores, she decided to create it herself. Deere was surprised to see how many other girls had the same sense of style as she did and therefore gravitated towards her brand. For that reason, her company was profitable. Deere finds fulfillment in the idea that her clients can express themselves.

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New York Real Estate Solutions by Town Residential

Andrew Heiberger founded Town Residential Company in the year 2010 for brokering and development of real estate. The firm makes every effort to become the leading real estate backdrop of New York. The founder members of the company are a group of successful and experienced agents dealing with developments and sale of luxury rentals all over New York. Town Residential firm is guided by strong business standards that have helped in growing to promote the Company’s image as innovate and experienced real estate agents.


The company’s approach has been described as simple but all- encompassing and dedicated to providing equal value to sales of housing, rentals, and new developments. Town Residential provides exceptional services to their customers, expertise, transparency of the information they offer, and professional guidance to all the clients. In partnership with individual real estate agents and companies, Town Residential has managed to develop many modern housing properties in the city of New York. The growth of the company has led to it being branded as the best place to work in by Crain.


The firm also undertakes socially responsible activities such as supporting sports such as running in the city. For example, the company has supported the TSC New York City Marathon by sponsoring some of the athletes. The company also takes part in holiday initiatives around the city such as the “Union Square Holiday Market‘ and Thanksgiving activities.


The past five years have seen Town Residential grow its position in the City of New York as the front-runner in the provision of the most expensive real estate services. The company’s team of representatives is known for their excellent customer services towards the clients to ensure customer satisfaction of response and service delivery.


Town Residential Specialties

Town Residential specializes in the sale of luxury residential and leasing property. The firm specializes in areas such as leasing of premises, marketing, sales, and development of retail and commercial housing projects. The high code of ethics set by the company has promoted the new excellence standards that have facilitated the company’s rapid growth. The specialties can be categorized into three groups that include; brokerage, New York real estate, and new development.


Professionalism is vital to the firm’s culture which has helped in the passing of unique expertise and knowledge within the industry. The firm has a unique culture and a winning formula that has promoted the image and brand name of Town Residential. In recent reports, the corporation has been listed among the top 50 superlative environments to work in the City. The above has been facilitated by the availability of top talents in every town the firm has representatives. The company has many employees in the range of 201- 500 from all its branches.


Adam Goldenberg Building Great Reputation In LA

When you list the top young CEOs in Los Angeles Adam Goldenberg is sure to come up. The CEO has seen a lot of success in his years in LA since his original business, Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg saw a market that was being ignored in gaming and created that gaming network to fill voids in the market. He grew the company until he sold it in 1999 to Intermix media for an undisclosed amount of money.

His next success came in 2006. This was when Goldenberg added to his legacy as a great business leader with the company Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design was one of the top internet brand incubators in the country in the mid-2000s. He ran that business until he founded his latest success story, Just Fab.

JustFab may be his biggest success story yet. This business has a more direct goal compared to some of his previous companies. JustFab is a VIP membership-based company on that is dedicated to clothing and fashion. People can join the membership service to gain access to fashion trends and get them at a lower price. The company received over $50 million in funding in the year 2010 alone. Goldenberg says that there are two keys to his success as a leader in business; paying attention to metrics and great hiring practices.

Read more: JustFab heads toward IPO even as other subscription start-ups struggle


Goldenberg is well-known amongst his staff to pay close attention to the numbers and facts that he is given about any aspect of his company. This could be information regarding how well a certain product is selling. It could also be information about effective a certain marketing platform is. Either way, Goldenberg will heed this information and react to it as quickly as possible. This is a great reflection of the lack of ego that Goldenberg has as a leader.


The hot shot CEO also understands that great employees are the cornerstone of any great business. He is less apt to hire someone based on their educational resume on bloomberg or their work experience and is more likely to look at them as people and just their work ethic and energy about the company that they are working for when looking into hiring someone. He believes that these are the things that cannot be taught when it comes to employees. Everybody starts out with no experience at some point. You can’t teach someone to work hard or be excited about working on a certain project.

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Labaton Sucharow Law Company’s Clients Receives a Huge Price from the SEC.

The Labaton Sucharow is reputable law company that was formed to offer plaintiff representation about five decades ago. The firm has currently developed itself to provide its services to people who volunteer to give critical intelligence to the Securities and Exchange Commission about organizations that do not follow the federal and state securities laws. The company has structured itself well to file litigations, and this has enabled it to offer unparalleled service to its clients. An informant who had hired the services of the company was recently offered a reward of $17 million. This amount was the second largest that any whistleblower has ever been given by the commission.

The SEC used the intelligence that its informant provided to uncover how a frontrunner company in the financial sector was being involved in illegal activities. The Commission only provided a few details about the case to avoid accidental exposure of the identity of its source. It also advises the whistleblowers to hire attorneys for them to maintain their anonymity. Making themselves known to the public will lead to possible blacklisting by the employers. Jordan A. Thomas who has been supervising the legal service that the company offers to its whistleblowers believes that the informant was right to contact the SEC. Mr. Thomas has been in the financial sector for long, and his accomplishments include being on the team that created the protection plan and being the deputy director of the organization.

The SEC has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure that every individual feels comfortable when reporting a case. They do not ask for any consultation fees, and translators are availed to assist foreigners who may have difficulties in speaking and understanding English. The whistleblower protection program also demands that job security should be guaranteed to the informants and a financial motivation, which is approximately a third of the collected sanctions. The Congress passed the Investors Protection Fund, which is devoted to ensuring that the incentives are offered to the whistleblowers in time. $400 has been deposited in the account, and it is regularly replenished.

Labaton Sucharow has specialized in offering legal representation to the whistleblowers. All members of its staff who include attorneys, private detectives, forensic specialists, and financial analysts are committed to ensuring that the clients are given high-quality services. The firm’s customer service has been recognized by various international bodies that deal with legal issues.


Strategies Employed by the Nationwide Title Clearing to Solve the Problem of Title Defects

Securing title deeds has become a serious problem in the real estate business, resulting in the slow transfer of property and trade. To ease this transfer issue and end the title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing has established a website that contains information about property reports. NTC being the top document processing and research company decided to launch a website containing well-detailed property reports to help its clients who may be planning to acquire or sell properties.

Causes of title defects and measures put in place

Wrong wording, failure to include proper signatory, the presence of encumbrances, and failure to follow proper filling procedures are some of the fundamental causes of high rates of title defects. John Hillman, the chief executive officer of NTC, emphasized that these cases are crucial and need to be streamlined before selling or transferring property from one person to another. To assist the public, NTC has availed reports such as tax status reports, encumbrance reports, as well as assignment verification report on the online platform.

Steps put in place to obtain this information online are quite simple and readily available. This information is reliable since NTC has conducted rigorous research prior to posting it online. Part of the research conducted involved human verification of documents and liaising with the counties. This move has given NTC an edge when it comes to serving its clientele in the strictly audited compliance regulations. This company takes great pride in producing accurate reports even when a client places too many orders. Unlike most companies, NTC understands its customers’ needs and works towards addressing them.

Background and services provided by NTC

Nationwide Title Clearing is an award winning and a leading service provider. This private company was established in 1991, and it is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC offers services to investors, mortgage lenders, and residential mortgage servicers. This company is famous for protecting homeowners through providing quality research services and documentation to them. It is also known for liaising with mortgage banks in safeguarding land records in the United States. Ability to preserve land records has enabled NTC to work in close collaboration with the county governments on land related matters. The company has hired over 200 employees, and from time to time, it recognizes employees who excel in their work and rewards them.

Nationwide Title Clearing’s accomplishments

NTC had a successful financial year in 2013, which saw it win several awards and acknowledgments. NTC made it top 20 among the fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay region. The company was listed position 500 out of 2730 U.S-based firms that were going through a fast-paced expansion. It also won the Inc. Hire Power accolade in 2013. The mortgage banking industry in Florida is recording significant growth thanks to NTC’s efforts.

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Shining A Like On The Dark Places With Gooee

Gooee smart lighting is one of the best choices a homeowner can make when they know that they need to get something that will shine a light on that dark driveway, their dark walkway or the lawn where they cannot see anything. No one wants to venture out in the dark, but they need to have lights that will turn on when they need to. Gooee smart lighting ( can be programmed to come on when it gets dark, or they can include their very powerful motion sensors for outdoor lights.

The same could be said for a business where they have hidden spots that are just too hard to see in. These places need to be illuminated, but they need to be hit with the light that comes from the Gooee LED lights. All the bulbs that are in the lights are so strong they can get light into the best places, and the lights will stay on for as long as needed.

Gooee smart lighting comes with a panel that can be programmed, and the lighting is a lot easier for people to get together because it is a few strong lights on a program. There is no need to flood the area with lights because the lights are not that necessary. It makes more sense for people to hire Gooee to give them an installation that will work for anything. They will move in, set up all the lights and leave the house or business ready to get the light into all the dark corners.